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Create metin2 site on localhost



Hi ..
I do not understand much of the area of websites, mainly metin2, was wondering how I would test a site for metin2 in localhost mode (in the address bar type localhost using xampp) without me this error as image ...
I want to test a site like funcionabilidades pages, check icons etc without opening the server ... just using the site ... how?

Translation: I want to test a site without having to open the server every time I want to fix / test my site, and at the end of all this I can work with the server with it on, but do the test, with only a local server off. ..

Thank you





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Omg... Noobs

Xamp doesnt have support.. for a long time.

Your function is new.. for this program.. The program is old.

I prefer for you: WebServ... is so much better than this "program"


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Paste your config.php maybe there is wrong thing in config.php


Best Regards




Look in your config.php at line 16, maybe you found your problem or show us your config file in this thread.


Kind regards


My Config.php (all)

	| Datenbank Connection Details
		$mysql_host 	= "MY IP END .100";
		$mysql_user 	= "MY USER";
		$mysql_pass 	= "MY PASS";
		$mysql_db	= "MY DB";
	| Datenbank Verbindung herstellen
		mysql_connect($mysql_host, $mysql_user, $mysql_pass) OR
		die("Es konnte keine Verbindung zur Datenbank hergestellt werden.<br /> Fehlermeldung: ".mysql_error());	
		mysql_select_db($mysql_db) OR
		die("Die Datenbank konnte nicht benutzt werden.<br /> Fehlermeldung: ".mysql_error());

(Edited the ip field, user and password for database security)


This error happens because my server is down when linked works perfectly, but I wanted to test my website without having to turn on the server every time, one that I think it unnecessary, since I will not tamper with the website and yes the server. If I turn on my website without the config.php is possible that there is an error in the future after I deploy this file again?. (I like in your comments, thanks for the help)

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 mysql_connect($mysql_host, $mysql_user, $mysql_pass) OR
        die("Es konnte keine Verbindung zur Datenbank hergestellt werden.<br /> Fehlermeldung: ".mysql_error()); 



^This option is chosen, which means that you might not typed in the correct data. 


Now you can check whether the IP, the User or the Password is incorrect.


Just add the following lines to your config.php.inc file and remove the one I quoted above.



 mysql_connect($mysql_host) OR
        die("IP wrong);

mysql_connect($mysql_user) OR
        die("Username wrong);

mysql_connect($mysql_pass) OR
        die("Password wrong);
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