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c++ A small fix for read etc_drop_item.txt

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What's the issue?

SYSERR: Aug 22 18:36:42.624296 :: ReadEtcDropItemFile: No such an item (name:  Èò»ö  ´ó±â+) SYSERR:  
Aug 22 18:36:42.624379 :: Boot: cannot load ETCDropItem: locale/germany/etc_drop_item.txt

Some people fixed it long time ago by replacing the column name from item_proto (which is korean) with vnum.


If you want to do it like this and don't want the source change (from below) or you don't have the source code of your game core, you can use a update query and copy the vnum to name just if the vnum from item_proto exists inside of mob_proto.drop_item by a specific mob.

UPDATE player.item_proto SET name = vnum
	WHERE vnum IN (SELECT drop_item FROM player.mob_proto WHERE drop_item >= 10);  
# Affected rows: 83  
# Time: 35.919ms

How can i know where the items are dropped?

So, the structure of etc_drop_item.txt is based on dropping a item with a probability from a specific mob where that mob have the item vnum attached in column mob_drop -> drop_item.

SELECT DISTINCT locale_name, vnum, drop_item FROM player.mob_proto where drop_item >= 10;
locale_name vnum drop_item
Wolf 102 30028
Alpha Wolf 103 30069
Alpha Blue Wolf 105 30027
Grey Wolf 106 30070


 Default structure:

item_proto.name prob
늑대발톱 2.0
늑대발톱+ 2.0
늑대털 2.0
멧돼지의 어금니 2.0

 With the fix you can use both of methods:

item_proto.[name or vnum] prob
30028 2.0
30069 2.0
30027 2.0
멧돼지의 어금니 2.0




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