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[C++]Sharing libraries, LUA functions



GoodDay M2D.

I've compiled successfully a .cpp file using G++ in VirtualBox.

But when i've tried to call one function it return an error.




#include "./src/lua.h"
#include "./src/stdafx.h"
#include <sstream>
#include "./src/constants.h"
#include "./src/questmanager.h"
#include "./src/questlua.h"
#include "./src/questevent.h"

namespace quest
	int _ciao_mondo(lua_State* L)
		ostringstream s;
		combine_lua_string(L, s);
		return 0;
	void RegisterGlobalFunctionTable(lua_State* L)
		extern int quest_setstate(lua_State* L);

		luaL_reg global_functions[] =
			{	"ciao_mondo",_ciao_mondo	},
			{	NULL,	NULL	}
		int i = 0;

		while (global_functions[i].name != NULL)
			lua_register(L, global_functions[i].name, global_functions[i].func);

quest used to call the function

quest prova begin
 state start begin
  when 9006.chat."LIBRARY TEST" with pc.is_gm() begin
   ciao_mondo("TEST-> ")

LUA error

Link -> http://puu.sh/a84jk/54b3ac6df6.jpg


Code used to load the library:

env LD_32_PRELOAD="/usr/home/game/libs/libfoo.so"

Code used to compile the library:

g++ foo.cpp -o libfoo.so -shared -fPIC


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I don't know Q_Q

Maybe the sources found on RaGEZONE?


Someone did that and share on epvp and other forums.


Best Regards


Do not be sorry, be better.

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