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Assassin's Creed Armors


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Great job looks like ingame, but how I can fix problem with hair? Just I want destroy hair if I use this costume.. Because with hair is bugged..

Edit: Here my bug screenshot -> https://ctrlv.cz/WyUF
btw. I have a idea.. Anyone has idea how to block hairstyles (costume + normal just all hairstyle) with this costume? Via c++ or python, like lc_text: "This is not possible use with your costume." if someone want use new hairstyle???

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1 hour ago, Jawwad said:


I could make it like this and give you an another hairstyle like this:



It shows something like:





But with texture, of course.

Good idea! Just this solved all problems in one with old system!

If you have time make it, still waiting.. This is rlly not bad idea create hair + body..

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