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[question] mysql_query insert into



Hi, we're working on a system and it requires inserting into the database. I've used the standard query to insert into the table but in putty it states it cant find those columns :unsure:.


putty output



mysql_query("INSERT INTO player.Blablabla (`X`,`Y`,`Z`) VALUES("..pc.get_name()..", "..X..", "..Y..");")



function mysql_query(text)
    local tmp=number(11111111,99999999)
    os.execute('mysql -u root -p -N -e '..string.format("%q",text)..' 2>&1 > /tmp/'..tmp)
    local res,i={},1
    local f,e=io.open("/tmp/"..tmp)
    if f then
        local line=f:read("*l")
        while line do
            string.gsub(line,"([^t]+)t*", function(s)
        os.execute("rm /tmp/"..tmp)
        res[1] = {(e or "WTF??")}
    return res

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Not sure if it'd solve your problem, but you could try with these functions (from Mijago):

mysql_query = function(query)
    if not pre then
        local rt = io.open('CONFIG','r'):read('*all')
        pre,_= string.gsub(rt,'.+PLAYER_SQL:%s(%S+)%s(%S+)%s(%S+)%s(%S+).+','-h%1 -u%2 -p%3 -D%4')
    local fi,t,out = 'mysql_data_'..math.random(10^9)+math.random(2^4,2^10),{},{}
    os.execute('mysql '..pre..' --e='..string.format('%q',query)..' > '..fi) -- für MySQL51
    -- os.execute('mysql '..pre..' -e'..string.format('%q',query)..' > '..fi) -- für MySQL55
    for av in io.open(fi,'r'):lines() do table.insert(t,split(av,'t')) end; os.remove(fi);
    for i = 2, table.getn(t) do table.foreach(t[i],function(a,
        out[i-1]               = out[i-1] or {}
        out[i-1][a]            = tonumber( or b or 'NULL'
        out[t[1][a]]           = out[t[1][a]] or {}
        out[t[1][a]][i-1]      = tonumber( or b or 'NULL'
    end) end
    return out
function split(str, delim, maxNb)
    if str == nil then return str end
    if string.find(str, delim) == nil then return { str } end
    if maxNb == nil or maxNb < 1 then maxNb = 0 end
    local result = {}
    local pat = "(.-)" .. delim .. "()"
    local nb = 0
    local lastPos
    for part, pos in string.gfind(str, pat) do
        nb = nb + 1
        result[nb] = part
        lastPos = pos
        if nb == maxNb then break end
    if nb ~= maxNb then result[nb + 1] = string.sub(str, lastPos) end
    return result
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Have you ever tried with the BlackYuko's Mysql_Query?
It uses a C/C++ file to manage your query.
I've found it very useful because i use a lot of SELECTs, and it returns an 2D array.

I don't know if i can link it here.

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upon doing that then, checking the table is there. it is. my current mysql query returns as an array for selecting, but never used it to insert


also the columns are there, so no idea, this is checking via putty so my only assumption is the query isnt the right syntax for the function.

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Answer sent in PM, but let it be here for the community:


I think the problem is the ` char in (`X`,`Y`,`Z`), it means "execute a command" in shell.




$ uptime
1:26AM  up 732 days,  8:29, 1 user, load averages: 0.38, 0.31, 0.22

$ uname -srp
FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE amd64

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Answer sent in PM, but let it be here for the community:


I think the problem is the ` char in (`X`,`Y`,`Z`), it means "execute a command" in shell.


unfortunately that doesn't work :/ primarly because what you're referencing there are column titles ` are used to reference column titles and ' to reference values in mysql

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