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good day


I want to copy this system metin2 Hispano 


i work the  quest and python lack the effects, c/u what does it his way


quest duelo begin
state start begin
when kill with npc.is_pc() begin
pc.setqf("estado", pc.getqf("estado")+1)
if pc.getqf("estado") == 1 then
pc.setqf("asesinatos", pc.getqf("asesinatos")+1)
chat("He tio, pero si has hecho un *FristKill*")
elseif pc.getqf("estado") == 2 then
pc.setqf("asesinatos", pc.getqf("asesinatos")+2)
chat("He tio, pero si has hecho un *DoubleKill*")
elseif pc.getqf("estado") == 3 then
pc.setqf("asesinatos", pc.getqf("asesinatos")+4)
chat("He tio, pero si has hecho un *TripleKill*")
elseif pc.getqf("estado") == 4 then
pc.setqf("asesinatos", pc.getqf("asesinatos")+7)
chat("He tio, pero si has hecho un *MultiKill*")
elseif pc.getqf("estado") == 5 then
pc.setqf("asesinatos", pc.getqf("asesinatos")+15)
chat("He tio, pero si has hecho un *UltraKill*")
pc.setqf("estado", 0)
chat("Se han reseteado tus kills con exito.")
# sistema de rachas jfirewall
"Fris" : self.__Rachas,
"Double" : self.__double,
"Triple" : self.__triple,
"Multi" : self.__multi,
"Ultra" : self.__ultra,
# sistema de rachas end
def __Rachas(self):
def __double(self):
def __triple(self):
def __multi(self):
def __ultra(self):
chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_EMOTICON+12, "", EmoticonStr+"name.mse")
chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_EMOTICON+13, "", EmoticonStr+"name.mse")
chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_EMOTICON+14, "", EmoticonStr+"name.mse")
chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_EMOTICON+15, "", EmoticonStr+"name.mse")
chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_EMOTICON+16, "", EmoticonStr+"name.mse")


paste the efect in:

d:/ymir work/effect/etc/emoticon/

credtis: python and quest jfirewall


thank Tico correct quest


pd: c/u designs its effects



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That is the horriblest way to do the duel system i ever seen.

1) You are setting:

pc.setqf("asesinatos", pc.getqf("asesinatos")+1)

Is it usefull for something? Do you use any check on it?


2) After the Ultrakill the system count return 0 and start again.. If you are doing a long series of kill you ll do multiple pentakill wtf?


3) There isn't any delay to check the time between kills.In this way i can collect my pentakill in for example 20 day..


4)Quest didn't check if the player is killed during his killing spree.


5)No sounds or any control for the killed player.



Finally i want belive that you describe it as duel kill like to the video one..

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0629 17:26:22160 :: Unable to open file.: ymir work/ui/q.mp3
0629 17:26:22160 :: CSoundManager2D::GetInstance (filename: ymir work/ui/q.mp3)



Put it in , sound.eix/epk

and I think it must be .wav not .mp3

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