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DB Bug



SYSERR: Jun 26 23:43:24 :: pid_init: 
Start of pid: 92479
SYSERR: Jun 26 23:43:24 :: Start: TABLE_POSTFIX not configured use default
SYSERR: Jun 26 23:43:24 :: DirectQuery: AsyncSQL::DirectQuery : mysql_query error: Unknown column 'socket0' in 'field list'
query: SELECT vnum, type, subtype, name, locale_name, gold, shop_buy_price, weight, size, flag, wearflag, antiflag, immuneflag+0, refined_vnum, refine_set, magic_pct, socket_pct, addon_type, limittype0, limitvalue0, limittype1, limitvalue1, applytype0, applyvalue0, applytype1, applyvalue1, applytype2, applyvalue2, value0, value1, value2, value3, value4, value5, socket0, socket1, socket2 FROM item_proto ORDER BY vnum
SYSERR: Jun 26 23:43:24 :: InitializeItemTable: libdb::InitializeItemTable
SYSERR: Jun 26 23:43:24 :: InitializeTables: InitializeItemTable FAILED
SYSERR: Jun 26 23:43:24 :: Initialize: Table Initialize FAILED
SYSERR: Jun 26 23:43:24 :: pid_deinit: 
End of pid
And my db dont start i use vanilla core.
How i can fix this ?
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If you have text protos you have to change a CONFIG setting as the default is to use db I think. Also your item_proto table structure seems to be wrong.



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