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1)How I can make when a player login for first time to get a set of items in the top of the inventory and a set in the bottom of inventory( I want to be space between the sets)

2)Does anyone has item_proto decrypter and crypter for r40k? I try some decrypters but don't work

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For second use dump_proto..

Dump_proto convert your text files (item_proto.txt and item_proto_names.txt) from you db to item_proto for client..

It's best way to make 100% works item_proto..

Dump proto is there somewhere... Just search :)

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For the first one, you can give the item you want at the top and then put a kind of item (like potion, it's must be the same item) at the middle et then put the item you want at the bottom.


Then, use a command quest (pc.removeitem I think) to remove all item of the middle (like potion)

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