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Aruna2 is searching for 3d 'experts'

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Hello dear metin2dev's,


I'm currently looking for someone who is able to create and animate models. Why?

Aruna2 should be something more and currently I'm having a lots of ideas and I'm really inspired from some things...

And for these things I need new monsters to work properly and have animations I'd show. I don't need expert work, but as good as possible ;) If you like Attack on Titan (the manga/anime) then you're welcome! It's one of the sources where I'm getting a lot of ideas... ;)


So please just pm me! We're a really small team so someone new would fit perfectly ;)


Currently we've this place free for someone. Language doesn't matter, it's a german server but if it works good we'll expand to english version soon. We'd also chat properly in English.


For those who don't know the project: http://metin2dev.org/board/topic/1723-aruna2-early-access-german-server/


Best Regards,


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Are you kidding me? >.< attack on titan as idea source.. exactly my Idea from two days ago :D

If you need something smaller you can contact me (like treasures and such small stuff (selfmodelled))

I dont think anybody in this section is able to create own animated mobs as its very hard to make it detailed

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