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New face for assassin woman:

Character discharge system hehe A full rectum is a pain of every human in metin2 world. The rectum fills up while consuming all sorts of concoctions. When the rectal index reaches its maximum, the character's stats will deteriorate until he defecates. Shit poses some kind of threat to those nearby. When someone steps in shit, a slowing effect will be applied on them, which will last for a short while. The shit will disappear after a maximum of 30 seconds, time depends on the condition

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2 hours ago, .plechito' said:

How deep are you gonna continue? 👀

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I think I'll end up with knickers or some basic trousers.

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You just need to make an animation like mount attack and you can make it a polymorph globe lel. ( This would be a new way of grinding bosses. )

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4 minutes ago, Tatsumaru said:

Continuation of the warriorcart haha

i want 

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