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New Dungeon - Solitary II

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Interesed to buy if you can make the mobs and the quest for the dungeon, very nice ! good work

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somebody can share world editor source ? i cant build it. +1000 linker errors 

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On ١٠‏/٧‏/٢٠١٧ at 11:47 PM, Ace said:

alle what you Need for create own solitary dungeon is on this pack mates

i have show on the worldeditor tutorial 18 how to create it :)

just leave a like for show me you like my work


do you have this tutorial in the English language? 

+ I need to learn how to create maps. 

+ idk anything about it :D 

SRRY For Bothering. 

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I'm using granny 2.9. your objects are not working in game. can you help me ?

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Download: http://profizockers.com/solitary/solitary
Passwort: 9694101101

for donations: paypal.me/iace
im working hard on my map's. all
my map's are for free, you cant donate
if you want.


Map + Assets: https://mega.nz/file/CjY0yCYL#2OkUzOoIUZVNxA0zYQiudFUqevC6ZzOMJLRqAshnXeA

Environment: https://mega.nz/file/byZGgCJC#QT-2qb9_6bgp86w9GGcsS_0TfhOCWHmU1cflb7Uyejs


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On 4/30/2020 at 11:36 PM, ASIKOO said:


Hi, there is an error. The download that has been uploaded belongs to the first version of this map and not the second one posted by the author years ago. If anyone were to have the second version, which is what is shown in the photos. Sharing would be appreciated: P

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