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Little Stuff on Give Exp

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Hi metin 2 dev , yesterday i was checking how give_exp works.


And i founded a lot of thing that you can manage for your server.


First of all you have to open char_battle.cpp and find

static void GiveExp(LPCHARACTER from, LPCHARACTER to, int iExp)

Well in this function you have all about the single attribution of exp on character.



-1)Change 10% max exp from mob.


Found this:

iExp = MIN(to->GetNextExp() / 10, iExp);

and replace with this if you want to give more of 10%

iExp = MIN(to->GetNextExp() / 5, iExp);

   you can replace 5 with all numbers < 10.


If you want to give less then 10% max exp replace

iExp = MIN(to->GetNextExp() / 20, iExp);

  you can replace 20 with all numbers > 10.


But there is a limit on max exp from mob with the self level.

iExp = MIN(to->GetNextExp() / 1, iExp);

How to solve this?


Just comment the line =D.



-2)Change value of exp ring and his exp rate.


if (to->IsEquipUniqueItem(UNIQUE_ITEM_DOUBLE_EXP))
			iExp += iExp * 50 / 100;

Change UNIQUE_ITEM_DOUBLE_EXP with whatever value you want or open unique_item.h and change value


Change  50 with whatever value you want



if (to->IsEquipUniqueItem(70006))
			iExp += iExp * 75 / 100;
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