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i am looking for someone to trust . noone can guarantee me that you will do the job if i pay you .  i need someone like shogun or someone , to tell me that your are trustable

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In which way are your channels bugged? You can also ask here and we'd help you. For Free.

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We are the tortured.
We're not your friends.
As long as we're not visible.
We are unfixable.

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well they keep getting now after sometime. i get connection refused but everything is setup correctly. I think someone is using a bug to crash the channels. First the channels 1-3 go down the after2 minutes 4



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0008A81D: 8B E9
0008A81E: 95 6A
0008A81F: DC C7
0008A820: FD 05
0008A821: FF 00
000E6F8C: C0 8B
000E6F8D: 74 85
000E6F8E: 15 DC
000E6F8F: 8B FD
000E6F90: 45 FF
000E6F91: F4 FF
000E6F92: 33 25
000E6F93: 05 FF
000E6F94: 18 FF
000E6F95: 14 FF
000E6F96: 6A 7F
000E6F97: 08 83
000E6F98: 75 F8
000E6F99: 18 02
000E6F9A: 8B 7E
000E6F9B: 5D 05
000E6F9C: F8 B8
000E6F9D: 8B 00
000E6F9E: 75 00
000E6F9F: FC 00
000E6FA0: 89 00
000E6FA1: EC 89
000E6FA2: 5D C2
000E6FA3: C3 E9
000E6FA4: 89 7B
000E6FA5: 74 38
000E6FA6: 24 FA
000E6FA7: 04 FF

Apply this Dif to gamefile

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can anyone assist me patch this just tested it on a test server and that code still works can you tell me which dif patcher you use and how to use it to make sure i have done it right

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00080B5C: 8B E9
00080B5D: 95 EB
00080B5E: D8 FB
00080B5F: FD 04
00080B60: FF 00
000D074C: 05 8B
000D074D: F8 85
000D074E: 28 D8
000D074F: 4C FD
000D0750: 08 FF
000D0751: 75 FF
000D0752: 65 25
000D0753: 83 FF
000D0754: C4 FF
000D0755: 24 FF
000D0756: 5B 7F
000D0757: 5D 83
000D0758: C3 F8
000D0759: 8D 02
000D075A: B4 7E
000D075B: 26 05
000D075C: 00 B8
000D0760: C7 00
000D0761: 04 89
000D0762: 24 C2
000D0763: 88 E9
000D0764: E9 FA
000D0765: 5C 03
000D0766: 08 FB
000D0767: E8 FF  

this solves the problem Thank everyone for their help

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