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GF-Like Inventory Slot Marking System

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M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hello everyone. It's a good day to share an old code with you. First of all you need to know: I don't help to install it. Don't even take the contact with me about it. The whole code is written by me, and reversed from official binaries. At the beginning do a backup for your files(srcs+pys) and READ CAREFULLY the readme. W/o brain.exe please close this tab, or your browser, thank you for your underst

Let's start to learn minimal c++ knowledge or use the google.  

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0129 19:54:19095 :: Traceback (most recent call last):

0129 19:54:19095 ::   File "networkModule.py", line 247, in SetGamePhase

0129 19:54:19096 ::   File "game.py", line 99, in __init__

0129 19:54:19096 ::   File "interfaceModule.py", line 352, in MakeInterface

0129 19:54:19096 ::   File "interfaceModule.py", line 181, in __MakeWindows

0129 19:54:19096 ::   File "uiInventory.py", line 266, in __init__

0129 19:54:19096 ::   File "uiInventory.py", line 375, in __LoadWindow

0129 19:54:19096 ::   File "uiInventory.py", line 293, in BindWindow

0129 19:54:19097 :: AttributeError
0129 19:54:19097 :: : 
0129 19:54:19097 :: 'InventoryWindow' object has no attribute 'bindWnds'
0129 19:54:19097 :: 

Hy guys!


I have problem ?


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The system is working great on Martysama's source. I had the problem with the inventory pages at first.

A hint: do not use the edits on the comparable files he is just giving an example of how the files should look like.







Check edits on uiinventory.py.


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Trying to bring the old metin2 to life.


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Got this problem


'NoneType' object has no attribute 'GetInventoryType'


		def CantTradableItem(self, destSlotIndex, srcSlotIndex):
				invenType = player.GetSpecialInventoryTypeByGlobalSlot(srcSlotIndex)
				if invenType == player.INVENTORY_TYPE_INVENTORY:
					itemInvenPage = srcSlotIndex / player.INVENTORY_PAGE_SIZE
					localSlotPos = srcSlotIndex - (itemInvenPage * player.INVENTORY_PAGE_SIZE)
					(specialSlotStart, specialSlotEnd) = player.GetSpecialInventoryRange(invenType)
					specialInventorySlot = srcSlotIndex - specialSlotStart
					itemInvenPage = specialInventorySlot / player.INVENTORY_PAGE_SIZE
					localSlotPos = specialInventorySlot - (itemInvenPage * player.INVENTORY_PAGE_SIZE)
				self.lockedItems[destSlotIndex] = (invenType, itemInvenPage, localSlotPos)

				if self.wndInventory.GetInventoryType() == invenType and self.wndInventory.GetInventoryPageIndex() == itemInvenPage and self.IsShow():

				itemInvenPage = srcSlotIndex / player.INVENTORY_PAGE_SIZE
				localSlotPos = srcSlotIndex - (itemInvenPage * player.INVENTORY_PAGE_SIZE)
				self.lockedItems[destSlotIndex] = (itemInvenPage, localSlotPos)
				if self.wndInventory.GetInventoryPageIndex() == itemInvenPage:


anyone a solution for that (using great offshop)

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On 4/8/2018 at 3:13 AM, WLsj24 said:

Same problem, i have great offlineshop. Any kind person who can adapt the code for OfflineShops?

Sorry for reviving old posts, but maybe someone will find this helpful hehe.


	## PrivateShop
	def __PrivateShop_Open(self):


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On 4/5/2020 at 4:08 PM, HUNgarocel1 said:

Hi Dev! :)


I have a little bug or something..

So i trade another player, and marking his item, not mine.

Img: YI8gbab.jpg


Please help for me
Best regards



The bug is from PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGame.cpp in Binary.


Search for :


                int iSlotIndex = exchange_packet.arg2.cell;
                CPythonExchange::Instance().SetItemToTarget(iSlotIndex, exchange_packet.arg1, (BYTE) exchange_packet.arg3);
                for (int i = 0; i < ITEM_SOCKET_SLOT_MAX_NUM; ++i)
                    CPythonExchange::Instance().SetItemMetinSocketToTarget(iSlotIndex, i, exchange_packet.alValues);
                for (int j = 0; j < ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_SLOT_MAX_NUM; ++j)
                    CPythonExchange::Instance().SetItemAttributeToTarget(iSlotIndex, j, exchange_packet.aAttr[j].bType, exchange_packet.aAttr[j].sValue);


And remove: 







Then, above you should see:


            if (exchange_packet.is_me)



Add under  this function:


                    CPythonExchange::Instance().SetItemAttributeToSelf(iSlotIndex, j, exchange_packet.aAttr[j].bType, exchange_packet.aAttr[j].sValue);



the function you removed  previously. :) 

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987638a298c77c972f7ace45492f39ae.png thanks for the system :)

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