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Map1 Kingdom4 - invalid



Hi community, sorry for my english, I may do writing mistakes and things like this.
This is my first topic on this forum, so if I did something wrong just tell me .

Soo... As some of you may know, there is a map called outdoor (just outdoor). This map is incomplete, and was made to be the map1 of the kingdom 4.

There was a .txt file where it says the map is "incomplete" instead of "outdoor" (like other maps). 
outdoor - minds it works
incomplete - doesn't

I modified the file before the installing (instead of "incomplete" i put "outdoor") and in client. 

The map had no coordinates , so i set random coordinates.
But now, after i installed map, when i try to teleport, the client crashes, my caracter become bugged in the map and it shows me a error that says the map is incomplete. Help? (not with the debug, with the map, i want to work)

Again, sorry for the grammaticall and writing mistakes. And sorry if i posted in wrong topic...
Have a good day! :)

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Well you have  to complete it with a map editor and u need to create attr for the map

Attr = safezone,waterblock,walkable zone,nonwalkable zone.

Try this map editor,




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