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[Release] Quest Categories

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Hi man ive this problem ... it dont do the count of quest in category ..but the category work and dont give me error ... some one can help me Please ?




sorry fixed error in ui.py

wrong tab


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in interfacemodule.py comment this funcion too remove quest icon

Serach : def BINARY_RecvQuest

Comment this part:


        ##!! 20061026.levites.Au¨ö¨¬¨¡¢ç_AI©öIAo_¡¾©øA¨ù
        #import item
        #if "item"==iconType:
        #    item.SelectItem(int(iconName))
        #    buttonImageFileName=item.GetIconImageFileName()
        #    buttonImageFileName=iconName
        #if iconName and (iconType not in ("item", "file")): # type "ex" implied
        #    btn.SetUpVisual("d:/ymir work/ui/game/quest/questicon/%s" % (iconName.replace("open", "close")))
        #    btn.SetOverVisual("d:/ymir work/ui/game/quest/questicon/%s" % (iconName))
        #    btn.SetDownVisual("d:/ymir work/ui/game/quest/questicon/%s" % (iconName))
        #    if localeInfo.IsEUROPE():
        #        btn.SetUpVisual(localeInfo.GetLetterCloseImageName())
        #        btn.SetOverVisual(localeInfo.GetLetterOpenImageName())
        #        btn.SetDownVisual(localeInfo.GetLetterOpenImageName())
        #    else:
        #        btn.SetUpVisual(buttonImageFileName)
        #        btn.SetOverVisual(buttonImageFileName)
        #        btn.SetDownVisual(buttonImageFileName)
        #        btn.Flash()

        #if localeInfo.IsARABIC():
        #    btn.SetToolTipText(name, 0, 35)
        #    btn.ToolTipText.SetHorizontalAlignCenter()
        #    btn.SetToolTipText(name, -20, 35)
        #    btn.ToolTipText.SetHorizontalAlignLeft()


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The counter is not updating just if you close and reopen the category.

I tested with the basic war horse quest when you have to kill 100 archer in the dessert.


Edit: I replaced this: self.__questList.RefreshClock() with: self.__questList.RefreshQuest()

(The RefreshQuest call the RefreshClock so don't worry the clock still updating)


BUT! It's A solution but i don't think it's the BEST solution so better to wait for @PACI


Edit2: When you get a new quest it's not showing in the category just if you close and reopen the category lol. I have no solution yet.

Edited by K3zX (see edit history)

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