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Searching : Development [C++]


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Hello M2Dev!

We are one of the biggest international projects and looking for developers working for us on hourly basis.
We only need assistance in C++ and are willing to pay a great loan for great work!

What do you need to be able to do?

-Adding/Changing small things in our source
-Fixxes and error resolving (advanced)
-Implementation of systems/develope systems

What do we offer?
Hourly loan depending on your skills and on your engagement as a developer. We are flexible and would like to pay you with paypal but other payment methods are possible if needed.
We want to advance our project, join us to create big things!


You can private message me here

Skype : eazy.business


Greetings, EAZY

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Can't we agree to stop discussing about developers and let him search for the one that's fitting for his needs? This is a service searching thread and unless you don't want to offer your services there's literally no reason to post here. Especially not when it comes to discussing about irrelevant and stupid things.

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We are the tortured.
We're not your friends.
As long as we're not visible.
We are unfixable.

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