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It's possible?



Well , my PC doesnt´t have a (D:) disk so if I want to use World Editor I need a (D:) disk.

The problem is that World Editor read only files if they are in the (D:) disk , my question is if it´s posible to run World Editor without (D:) disk and how. 

Thanks in advance.


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40 minutes ago, galet said:

Create a partition called D:

Is not that simple , the simplest way maybe is this but when I choose a letter for the new partition he doesn`t show me any (D)

(Foto deleted)

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8 minutes ago, galet said:

Try with a software, check on the martysama's post about his world editor, there's maybe some hints, because you're not the only man without D: partition / disk

Solved,  if you watch that foto down there was a (D:) disk but useless. I only had to change the letter of that useless and then create a new one with 100 GB space and then I could select (D:) letter.

It´s very easy this way and it takes only 5 minutes , if somebody need the same help and dont uderstand just put here a message.

Thanks for your time :)

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