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Unremovable affects after dead



Hi. How i can make unremovable affects after dead? Because i have AddAffect(ALIGNMENT_BONUS_5, POINT_MAX_HP, VALUE_BONUS_ALIGNMENT_5, 0, ALIGNMENT_TIME, 0, true); and if i dead i don't have this affect. Ty for help. 

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15 minutes ago, metin2team said:

do you have the source?

you should add a new affect type like AFFECT_ALIGNMENT.


Yes, i have in affect.h this: 


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Find this line.

#define IS_NO_CLEAR_ON_DEATH_AFFECT(type) ((type) == AFFECT_BLOCK_CHAT || ((type) >= 500 && (type) < 600))

Replace with.

	((type) == AFFECT_BLOCK_CHAT || \
	((type) >= 500 && (type) < 600)) || \
	((type) >= ALIGNMENT_BONUS_1 && (type) <= ALIGNMENT_BONUS_5))


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