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A project who never be Released


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Hello everybody, I share for you some videos about an old project.I will never released it, but I share for you my work into a video,
because I leave the world of metin2.

Thank everybody :), and good luck ;)


The project has been buy by someone :)



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Thank you, but the project is too big and metin is a waste of time now :) , the game is dead in France and that's will be the same on other country in the future :) . On the other video, i have make some other system (rain 3D with random thunder sound around the player). Multiple Environnement System , Automatic Weather System , Cinematic Alone/Party/Quest/Dungeon system with control move by the server and some other thing.

Flying system like WoW is finish at 70% but i don't have the time for upload a video x)

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In principle easy to make...Rig and animate character.Anulate colission for watter and create new type for watter collision.Create a simple function in c++ where (when char is in new watter collision->run animation for swim--maintain moving control).Simple to think but little harder in game.

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2 hours ago, Thanatos said:

cinematic.block control and write some text.little but powerfull.Im wondering how you do it...i dont imagine an logic function.

The server can also control players (move, run, walk, attack..) alone or into a party and into a dungeon. You can also execute graphic effect on players or on Monster or on coordinate in the game and execute song for example, with the cinematic system. You can do an RPG like Final Fantasy if you want.

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