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channels weird problem



i don't know but sometimes when i teleport in the server to different maps the channel from ch1 changes to channel99. Let's you are in blue kingdom and you go to red it may get you into channel 99. can anyone help me how to fix this?


Thanks in advance

if you want sysser tell me where to find them ;p



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In each core, in the CONFIG file, you have some maps, usually channel 1-2-3 etc have got the same maps on their CONFIG files. Then you've got channel99, which is a common channel, leave in it only the map you want on a common channel, for example OX map.

To do that open the CONFIG file in game99, and leave just the index you want. To know which maps are indexes open the file index in locale/yourlocale/map

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where can i find that. It does it ithink in every map generally at unexpected times. Will that fix it?


U will find it on the game99 folder, something like this








and then will have a file CONFIG inside of it and u open with notepad++

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yes it is normal to have 6-8 or maybe even more than that

but make your self at home and edit the core that have 1 21 41 (but this in most of the time happen only to the GM so it bother you but not the player)

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It depends on what you need. You can use it in more than one way. It's not only for events, it's just a common map, so use the game99 as your creativity suggests. But consider it will make the map lag a lil bit

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