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I can't see armors



I have a problem with armors. After I add the same armor like a normal e.g (id 11209) and change id .eg  to  911209 i can't see a model of armor. Value 3 is the same, in item_proto I've only changed  id, I see a icon but I can't see a model ;/
Maybe it's easy to solve but I can't handle it
I'll be grateful for help
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There's a vnum limit for equipment, I don't remember exactly which one but if you use a vnum below 20k you should be safe

It bugs while unsigned int  > 32767.


Change table's maximum range or decrease the number.

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change the valus to something like 5410 or any small number available ,clinet side (itemproto) serverside(itemporotagain)

make sure the navigating inside item list are correct , the model name  and etc .

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