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Armor Shining



I have a question, for example i have the armor of lvl 120 with blue shining, how i can make armor of 140 have the same shining?

Remember that are a example:

    chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+16, "Bip01", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/armor/armor_7.mse")
    chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+17, "Bip01", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/armor/armor_8.mse")
    chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+18, "Bip01", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/armor/armor_9.mse")
    chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+19, "Bip01", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/armor/armor_9.mse")
    #chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+19, "Bip01", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/armor/200_aura.mse")
    chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+20, "Bip01", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/armor/pustelnikblue.mse")
    #chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+20, "Bip01", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/armor/green_aura.mse")
    chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+21, "Bip01", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/armor/grey_aura.mse")
    chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+22, "Bip01", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/armor/red_aura.mse")
    chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+23, "Bip01", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/armor/red2_aura.mse")
    chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+24, "Bip01", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/armor/yellow_aura.mse")

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