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problem with website files



whatevr websites files i use i get internal server error on my webserver but when i use falloutmt2 website files the site loads normally. Can anyone provide me a site that works or guide me how to fix the problem. If the problem is from the webserver please let me know so i can inform them. 


Thanks in advance.


btw my site is www.metin2stark.eu

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I don't know which distribution is installed but you write

 when i use falloutmt2 website files the site loads normally.

Look at the directory (+sub) where you uploaded your script which isnt working: Is an .htaccess file existing? rename or delete it and check the wesite again. Experience has shown (in most cases) that its a rewrite_module problem. If this happens enable it

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Assuming this is a FreeBSD system, check in /var/log




php_errors.log (this is not enabled by default you have to enable it in /usr/local/etc/php.ini)



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You can run a webserver in FreeBSD, like this forum's. So I don't understand your answer and if you have a problem with Joomla it's better that you ask in their support forums as I doubt anybody uses Joomla here. I did for a while and I hated it.



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