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What source version should I use?



Hi all, I'm new here. I'm a programmer who loves C++ and I recently discovered that Metin2 source is public so I'd like to modify it, basically for fun but maybe I can share my modified game and/or client with some friends or with everybody, so I'd like to start from a proper version. I downloaded the files from a post in a Spanish forum created in 2013 and maybe they are outdated, so I'm wondering if there's a newer version or if it's fine to use it. Also I've seen many branches (mainline, novaline) so it would be great if you tell me the differences between them or an advide on which to use.


Thanks in advance!

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the novaline branch is touched by third persons,the mainline is untouched.I suggest you to use mainline game binary and novaline client binary(I told you novaline because you won't have any packets error with that branch,if you use another you'll have errors)

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Okay, thank you all, I'll use mainline for server and novaline for client. I also have the following branches appart from mainline and novaline:

  • dev
  • dev_wolf_branch
  • mainline_cython
  • mainline_released
  • mainline_w2.0
  • mainline_w2.1

Can I delete them or is there anything useful there?

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