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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I am Syreldar, in other Metin2 Communities i'm known as Darisil. I'm a 22 y/o boy who is currently studying software development, I've started to code for Metin2 in 2010. What I offer: What are the prices: Before reading further, please also read this, because to work with me, you must meet those requisites: How do I code: What can I do?: What kind of support do i offer to my customers: Do you also offer C++ works?: Do you have any Ready-To-Sell works? Contact methods: - Skype: aresyournightmare - Metin2Downloads: Darisil - Discord: 𝓝𝔂'𝓪𝓵𝓸𝓽𝓱𝓪#0001 - PM here! Languages: ITA/ENG Payment methods: PayPal, IBAN Transfer. Thank you.
  2. Hi, metin2devs and metin2users.Many times i've seen a server use a quest like this one, to notice the kill of the bosses or to trigger special drops/events: That is absolutely obnoxious in my opinion, totally obnoxious.I'm here today to show you the simplest, cleanest and shortest way to deal with something like this: A quest which communicates with a simple library in order to get global notice and eventual drop from a boss/monster or metin kill, the quest is coded to work with bosses, but it's fully ampliable and 100% customizable to your likings.I release this in hope to see less quests like the one i put into a spoiler (no one should see that, it could spread terminal cancer).As always, the library is fully customizable.Each function contains a clear explanation of its structure and what it does.Have fun!Function Library File (.lua): Quest File: How do i use the library file?Make it load by dofile() in your questlib.lua or simply add what's inside it to the questlib.lua as it is, even if it's not exactly the cleanest way to do it.Why should i use it?First of all as i said, it's fully customizable, you can just add new monsters to the main data array and the lib will handle them by itself.Second, the library file contains the full boss and data arrays + documentation and yet it still is only 120 lines of code, the quest contains the checks and the notice/drop functions, nothing else, since the whole is fully managed by the library, so it's less than 20 lines of code. No script i've seen till now is more lightweight and as customizable as this one.
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