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  1. 1. Description of the problem/Question: You can see the problem in the video. It's a short one. I tried something, I could see the name, but the name of another item from inventory, and without the price that I set to it. Maybe it's from the source... I don't know. I compared the function def OnOverInItem(self, slotIndex) with another ones from another clients and I didn't find something new... uiprivateshopbuilder.py: https://pastebin.com/zTnQgfLy 2. SysErr (Client/Server) / SysLog (Server) Empty 3. How to reproduce it? You can se
  2. I need help with this error, please if anyone knows can you help me? thanks. https://i.imgur.com/i7Rv85B.gifv
  3. Hello devs Today I would like to present you a new solution that can make you feel more safe with your GMs. This is my first release and it's very simple to do, I'm just posting it here for the newbies and those who don't know how to start searching and other shit like that WHAT IS THIS SYSTEM? This system is a number of preventions for GameMaster characters about certain interractions with normal players in the game. The functions you are about to see are blocking GMs from: Trading items with normal players (and the opposite) Invite normal players to parties (and the
  4. Hi change price shop offline? example: Gold for item 101 change bank shop to bank great
  5. Hello! I'd like to show you how you can check position for shops (probably offline shops too). I don't like when the map is full of shops or when shops are too close for each other. So I've made few functions for checking if the shop is in safezone or if it too close to other shops. Let's start char.h Find there: void CloseMyShop(); protected: LPSHOP m_pkShop; LPSHOP m_pkMyShop; std::string m_stShopSign; LPCHARACTER m_pkChrShopOwner; Add few new lines: void CloseMyShop(); void SetShopValidPos(bool value) { m_bShopValidPos = value; }
  6. Hello. I managed to put my server in offlineshop by great but i had a problem, when i try to create shop that one (shop) is normal, Not offline. My money remain in inventory and If i don’t have enough money, the message “you don’t have enough young” is Not appear. More than that when it’s created in navicat it don’t create necesary Lines in table. Can anyone help me with an answer? I don t have errors in syserr. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u48O29wAcZ4&feature=youtu.be
  7. Hello, To extend NPC Shop to 80 Items follow these steps. ServerSide Open "common/length.h" and search: SHOP_HOST_ITEM_MAX_NUM = 40 Replace with: SHOP_HOST_ITEM_MAX_NUM = 80 In the same file search: SHOP_PRICELIST_MAX_NUM = 40 Replace with: SHOP_PRICELIST_MAX_NUM = 80 Now open "game/shop.cpp" and search: m_pGrid = M2_NEW CGrid(5, 9) Replace with: m_pGrid = M2_NEW CGrid(10, 9) Now open "game/shop_manager.cpp" and search: CGrid grid = CGrid(5, 9) Replace with: CGrid grid = CGrid(10, 9) Now compile Db File & Game File and ServerSide's steps compl
  8. Hi Guys, Help me please ^^ This error is appearing when I log in My file: ui.py https://pastebin.com/MhVxqzkh My file: game.py https://pastebin.com/3wdAqxJm My file: interfacemodule:.py https://pastebin.com/znBA0LZs Please guys Error client: 0529 03:35:10389 :: invalid idx 0 0529 03:36:30758 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0529 03:36:30758 :: File "networkModule.py", line 247, in SetGamePhase 0529 03:36:30758 :: File "game.py", line 101, in __init__ 0529 03:36:30759 :: File "interfaceModule.py", line 310, in Ma
  9. Hi guys, I am having trouble compiling the following files: My file: PythonShop.cpp: https://pastebin.com/aky3y6nK PythonShop.h: https://pastebin.com/Z9eTe45Z Tut: Archive PythonShop.cpp : https://pastebin.com/gWcdh3ne Archive PythonShop.h:https://pastebin.com/LfavfwzJ 1>c:\users\renss_000\onedrive\metin2\source\editando\cliente\client\userinterface\PythonShop.h(66): error C2535: 'int CPythonShop::GetPrivateShopItemPrice(TItemPos)' : member function already defined or declared 1> c:\users\renss_000\onedrive\metin2\source\ed
  10. For starters hello! I'd like to be able to hide the Shop Search Icon and 2 I have a problem with vouchers ... that is, I want to save myself in the log table from navicat the code looks like this: char.cpp bool CHARACTER::SetCoins(long coins) { SQLMsg *msg; msg = DBManager::instance().DirectQuery("UPDATE account.account SET coins = coins + '%ld' WHERE id = '%d'", coins, GetAID()); if (msg->uiSQLErrno != 0) { sys_err("[MD] Nu pot fi predate!(a aparut o eroare)"); return false; } return true; } char_item.cpp
  11. Hello, I would like to view openned shop name (openned by player) in shopdialog, but I cant find this function. Just to have a viewed shop name in shopdialog. Can somebody help me, please? Thanks.
  12. Hello Guys,..i'm having a problem in offline shop max yang, when i finished adding max yang in offline shop and go to the client i created a shop successfully but when i try to add another item or to change price of the item the client logout but the server is still connected and i can connect again... i went to the syserr of the client and it was clean and in the syserr for the server i found this Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 23------------ (means that the core crashed but there was no game core) and when i added the offline_shop_item.sql which belongs to the (offlin
  13. The problem occurs when I close the market. How can i solve it? I think the problem is in the function of giveback,2,3 #include "stdafx.h" #include "../../libgame/include/grid.h" #include "constants.h" #include "utils.h" #include "config.h" #include "offline_shop.h" #include "desc.h" #include "desc_manager.h" #include "char.h" #include "char_manager.h" #include "item.h" #include "item_manager.h" #include "buffer_manager.h" #include "packet.h" #include "log.h" #include "db.h" #include "questmanager.h" #include "monarch.h" #include "mob_manager.h" #include "locale_ser
  14. When the item is placed on the market, the bonus attr change. I work on 4 stone systems. what is the solution? help please Note : There are 4 stone systems.
  15. Hi, did u know how add a pages to the NPC shop? I can pay for help
  16. Hello dev, i have problem with code in python client, when i see some shop on map, then after teleport shop name keeps on screen like screen Sysser: 0314 20:40:08235 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0314 20:40:08235 :: File "uiPrivateShopBuilder.py", line 163, in OnUpdate 0314 20:40:08235 :: TypeError 0314 20:40:08235 :: : 0314 20:40:08235 :: 'NoneType' object is not iterable 0314 20:40:08235 :: 0314 20:40:08252 :: Traceback (most recent call last): Python code: def OnUpdate(self): if not self.vid: return if systemSetting.IsShowSalesText(): if ch
  17. Hello devs, I got a problem with shop offline bank , i managed to do money appear in bank , but when i withdraw , it says , the amount of yang is too high (and i entered 1 yang) , what can i do to fix that? Any advice is accepted , thanks !
  18. Hello guys. A few try to describe what I developed. We have created a place where players can buy and sell items from each other. I worked on bootstrap because such a platform deserves to be accessed from a wide range of devices, not just on the desktop. Communication with the database is done using the PDO extension. The platform is available in 8 languages: Data related platform are stored in a SQLite database, no longer need for a new database. It included a store of objects (Item-Shop). It can add items with bonuses and can make payments with paypal for dragon co
  19. Hi! I have a problem. I can not sell items in shop. I use Test Client 40k. Another client working. Thanks, and sorry for bad english.
  20. Hi! I have a problem when i add the exploit. I have only client syserr: Traceback (most recent call last): 1216 09:17:15031 :: File "game.py", line 2260, in BINARY_OfflineShop_Appear 1216 09:17:15031 :: File "interfaceModule.py", line 1333, in AppearOfflineShop 1216 09:17:15031 :: File "uiOfflineShopBuilder.py", line 64, in __init__ 1216 09:17:15032 :: File "uiOfflineShopBuilder.py", line 76, in __MakeTextLine 1216 09:17:15032 :: NameError 1216 09:17:15032 :: : 1216 09:17:15032 :: global name 'textLine' is not defined #Sorry my fail. In th
  21. Hello. Hi everone i just came accros a problem when i try to sell item that is more than 1000, my frind lookt at the items in shop they see that is only 232.can some help out with this problem. I change in offlineshop_config.cpp: ITEM_MAX_COUNT = 200, to ITEM_MAX_COUNT = 1000, And on navicat in offline_shop_item: `count` tinyint(3) to `count` int(3)
  22. Hello devs I believe the title says everything I want to prevent GMs to buy items from normal players' shops but I want to use the function IsGM() and not the GetGmLevel() Thanks in advance
  23. Hello devs I'm looking for the function in the safebox (python) that checks if safebox is open or not. For example this is for trade and this is for shop so I'm looking that function in safebox Thanks in advance
  24. Hello people, I have a little problem with offline business. I create a stand. I will put one item. A shop is created. I open the stand and empty. (MySQL to write vnum 0) and I'll offline administration. I'll add the item. and everything is fine. but if I set up shop offline and in the establishment will put more than one item. Kicks me out of the game. Do you know where I have a problem? Offline_shop.cpp Offlineshop.h Offlineshopmanager.cpp offlineshop_manager
  25. Hello devs, is there a release tut about this? It's just a little yellow message above the price of the item Thanks in advance
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