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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I am Syreldar, in other Metin2 Communities i'm known as Darisil. I'm a 22 y/o boy who is currently studying software development, I've started to code for Metin2 in 2010. What I offer: What are the prices: Before reading further, please also read this, because to work with me, you must meet those requisites: How do I code: What can I do?: What kind of support do i offer to my customers: Do you also offer C++ works?: Do you have any Ready-To-Sell works? Contact methods: - Skype: aresyournightmare - Metin2Downloads: Darisil - Discord: 𝓝𝔂'𝓪𝓵𝓸𝓽𝓱𝓪#0001 - PM here! Languages: ITA/ENG Payment methods: PayPal, IBAN Transfer. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I'm looking for a good C++ developer who is able to implement a simple, but completely new communication between the client and the server. The point is pretty straightforward, the client should be able to send the server some kind of keep-alive packet, that "Hey I am alive!". The server should be able to check the last time such a packet came from specific user and if it isn't coming, then disconnect the user. You should be able to implement it into multiple servers (you can reuse your existing code). I will pay you for each server where you will implement it. Note that once you create the code, it's just some copypaste for you, but I'm still paying the full price, so it may be some quick win for both of us If you need any further information about the topic, please PM me here or DM me at Unc3nZureD#9313 We will discuss exact prices in private message
  3. Hi devs, i'm here after long time. I add new things on my web again. More things! Like new maps, bosses and so. I will daily updated this topic. A lot of things aren't on the web yet, i will add it soon. Newest stuff:
  4. Hello, It's been a while since I'm back at metin2 so I thought I should create a service. What can I do: Create system by your request(Don't expect me always to agree to create the system you want) Fixing bugs(Same as above) Code php/python(without gui or maybe if you want a simple gui I can do it) Create quests/lua functions according to your ideas The cost depends on the difficulty. Now, currently the systems I have to sale is only these ones: MultiLanguage system includes(locale_string.txt / mob_proto / item_proto / quest ) translations. Price 25€ Account protection: Each new ip that connects to X account needσ to be verified via website/email otherwise user gets an error. Price 50€ Merge mob_drop_item.txt, common_drop_item.txt, etc_drop_item.txt, special_item_group.txt, drop_item_group.txt to sql tables. Price 30€ Skillbook & Polymorph item names at drop: Price 15€ Payment methods: Only paypal/Western Union. How do we do our deal: Half price first after I do the job I receive the remaining money
  5. Hi Metin2Dev Community I'm Edson, i usually i call myself Wered, i am Venezuelan 22 years old, i come to offer services of graphic design in 2D, web development, interface development and sell some odd jobs, i have more or less about 5 years of experience, i have had the opportunity to present some of my previous work in the community, i offer any services related to: Creating and editing websites. (PSD-HTML-CSS-JS-PHP-MYSQL) Creating and editing templates for forums Wbb 3.1, 4.1, 5.1 or Suite Core 3.1. Creating presentations, banners, screenshots, gamescreens, logotype. Creating banners with any dimension. Creating and editing interfaces Python (LoginWindow - CreateWindow - SelectCharacterWindow - SelectEmpireWindow - UI Ingame). And more. My DeviantArt. http://weredesign.deviantart.com/ Ashe of Éden - Webdesign NON-EXCLUSIVE for sale. Offer! for the purchase of the site you will take for free: Site Redesign 2.0 Enterpage beta design and code. Style WBB 4.0 Patcher design and source code. PS: I decide to change its status from exclusive to non-exclusive because in the long published time it was not possible to sell, so it will be available at a low cost along with the mentioned works. On DeviantART: http://weredesign.deviantart.com/art/Ashe-of-Eden-New-Webdesign-Template-645416167 Price: 50€ Logotype: Editable. Sales & services. WEBDESIGNS (NEW december 04 2018) LOGOTYPES (NEW december 04 2018) GAMESCREENS (NEW december 04 2018) BANNERS (NEW december 04 2018) SERVER PRESENTATIONS (NEW december 04 2018) UI INTERFACES (NEW december 04 2018) Free Webdesigns: My contacts: Email: weredcase@gmail.com Skype: Weredcase Discord: Wered#8875 Best regards. Wered PS: Sorry for my bad English.
  6. * [LUA] * - Service Info Service: - I offer services in LUA for any type of server and / or any type of requirement. - Anything bought from me wouldn't be sold further just if the person who bought it doesen't have any problem with that. - The customers who buy any already written "system" from me will grant acces to every update i release for that specified "system". - Almost all my quests are made based on a LIB. ------------------------ Common questions: - How much does it cost? Prices differ depending on the weight of the request. - Do i need source? Some of my works require a source but this happends rarely. - Is support free? Yes, i'm willing to help you with any kind of problem that has anything to do with my quests. (WARNING: I'm not willing to offer support for others work.) - Am i trustworthy? I want to let those who know me to comment. ------------------------ Current Projects: - New Dojang (90% done, in testing stage) ------------------------ ~ Selling: ~ - Quest Pack - Battle Pass UPDATE - 10/27/2018 ** INFO ** - Due to some issues i couldn't get my hands on writing anything new, fortunately i have some free time to write so i've write this fully costumizable biolog. Biolog System: Code Info: - The code is structured in two files, the main file and a second file where are stored the settings and functions. (The LIB files allows the user to edit and change any info about biolog and actually to add new missions.) - Changes have been made to the questlib.lua file to recreate apply array. - The code allows users to reset the progress. Game Info: - The biolog has the same text structure for each mission, the difference is obviously the required items and the time if the function is activated. - After completing a mission the player doesn't have to reconnect to show new missions, the missions are taken automatly. Price and other Info: - The price is 40 Euro. - Support for any type demand related to the system. - The system will be sold for only 4 persons. (4 Persons remain) - ID Contact : Skype: facetoface1212 / Private Message Video Biolog System: ------------------------ Contact: Skype: facetoface1212 ------------------------ Accepted Payment Methods: PaysafeCard, Card, Paypal
  7. I am looking for a graphic able to do these things: Professional logo Professional autopatch design Professional Forum and Website design Some HD Wallpapers Professional Presentation The most important thing is the logo. Send me a pm on skype: markx202 All graphics on design thread accept the work but after 1 week disappear. Send me a pm on skype only if you have time! Sorry for my bad english!
  8. Hello, I see there are banners https://www.hyperfilter.com/ and I want to ask - does anyone tested protection from this service? Is better than voxility? Is better than OVH? I had servers in 'normal' OVH and from OVH game offer (better firewall, i used with "other" options in game FW panel), and I had dedicated servers in datacenters which uses voxility protection and both OVH and VOXILITY protection from time to time was not enough to prevent some kicks and downtimes for few minutes. I don't have enough money for test-buy dedicated server, i want to ask first
  9. Hey devs is any of you a little familiar with the Windows Server SMTP service?
  10. Dear community, WoM2 is currently looking for a C++ developer with experience in working with the game source and a minimum command of the english language. Experience with python and/or lua and other related technical skills are a plus. Integrity and the ability to work in a team are required. We offer a freelance*, part-time or full-time contract, flexible working hours and the chance to be part of an extensive team in one of the most successful projects in the field to date. Financial terms will be discussed privately with the candidates. Depending on your performance, promotion options and higher pay rates are possible. If you are interested in applying for the position, please send an e-mail with your personal details (name, nationality, date of birth, city of residence) as well as a description of your experience with the game as player and developer to hr@wom2.org Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an online interview within 15 days from the present date. Kind regards, The WoM2 Team
  11. Hello, i am looking for someone who can write and change some codes for me in the Source. I just need fixes and some editing which should not be so difficult for someone who actually understand a bit of c++. Because i am working alone, it would take me to much time to do it all by myself. Here is some stuff which have to be done (Server): Remove the .txt files (item_proto.txt, mob_proto.txt) Fix number_ex (dice and war bug) Fix invisibility bug Move the exp table out for easier editing (Example: /usr/home/game/share/exp.txt) Increase exp and gold to long long Fix Hp/MP Bug (If you have over 32k) Fix stone exploits/bug Unknown bugs which are not listed here (Bugs you maybe know about but not me) Stuff for Client/Server: New duell System: You have the option of 2 types of duells, the first option is the normal duell. In the second option you can choose a amount of Yang you want to set for the duell. After you choosed the amount, the other player will be asked if the amount is okay. If both players agrees to the amount of yang the duell starts and the winner will get all of the yang. To avoid bugs, the duell will stop if one of the ones which are duelling are getting attacked by someone else. Lua parts can be done by me! If you can help me send me a message or add me in skype: noel.an.mey. I am offering you a place in my team or money in form of: Paysafecard Paypal Prepaid-Visacard Thanks for reading and i hope someone can help me.
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