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Found 8 results

  1. I wrote this small tool in python to manage easly the server source in a unique script to run. The tool is written in Python 2.7 but it should works fine with next version. Basically, the tool can help you to build/touch/strip without navigate in the differents paths. The tool can perform: -Build: build game/db build game/db with clean build game&db (consecutively) build game&db with clean -Touch (which dont' create new file when is used with a wrong name): perform Touch of one or more files in game/src (by inserting the names separated with a space) perform Touch of one or more files in db/src (by inserting the names separated with a space) -Strip: Strip game (by copying it) Strip db (--same) Additional features: - the tool find if a file is edited $val seconds in the future (eg. if you have set a wrong date in your compiler) and it will touch the file automatically. - the tool is written in procedural python (no OOP) so you should read easly it even if you are not an expert with python. - You can run more than one commands in sequence by separating them with one of these character : ("&&","&","|"," ",'\t',"-",',') (es. : 1&9 -> build game and strip game) - the tool can get command-line arguments to perform what you need (you could take a look under to know the command you can pass) to-know: - To run a script in python in the compiler you need to have installed Python (i recommend python27 which i can guarantee it will works). If you haven't installed python you can do it by using pkg manager (pkg install pyhon27) or ports (cd /usr/ports/lang/python27 && make config-recursive && make install clean) - If you get some problem with the script you can post a comment in this thread to know the solution, anyway it should works perfectly with martysama source (most commonly used). - To run the script you should give 7XX octal permission. - To run the script you need to go at the same path where is the script and to use "./scriptname.py" to run it. - If you are creating the scriptfile using notepad++ (or some external editor) is possible to have a problem about the EOL character (you have to set it on "Unix EOL"). - You have way to enable/disable the question "exit?" when the build fail - To run the script you should put it on "Server" folder, when you can find game, db, common, etc. For any kind of problems i recommend you to write a comment in this thread (instead of pm) because another user could get same problem and find here the solution. i hope it would be usefull. byebye COMMANDLINE ARGUMENTS SCRIPT
  2. Hey wazzup guys & girls! I'm looking to find out how could I run a .py file (script) in the current Metin2 [GF] client (version 19.4). The first problem I encountered was the fact that I can't unpack/repack the root of the client, if I could do that it would be easy to run my .py script inside the game, obviously. If you don't know how to do this or can't point me in a direction to solve this problem -> then do you know other ways to load a .py script into the current [GF] client ? The script I intend to run (build) and use on the current [GF] client is basically an account checker. I already managed to code a C# website-based checker and I also want to get into and learn how to build a client-side checker but first I need a way to inject the script into the game. Any ideas ? I've got a video VegaS posted a long time ago on YouTube, just to get an idea of what this thing (script ) would look like once I manage to run it inside the client successfully.
  3. Hello there. I wanted to make my skills to get from Normal to G1 (instead of M1) when reaching 15 skill points, and I have followed the following topic: Unfortunately it is not working. I'm currently using 40k and the skills are still mastered to M1 instead of G1, despite of following the suggestions in the topic. Here's my current script: case SKILL_NORMAL: // ¹ø¼·Àº ½ºÅ³ ¾÷±×·¹À̵å 17~20 »çÀÌ ·£´ý ¸¶½ºÅÍ ¼ö·Ã if (GetSkillLevel(pkSk->dwVnum) >= 17) { SetSkillLevel(pkSk->dwVnum, 40); } break; case SKILL_MASTER: if (GetSkillLevel(pkSk->dwVnum) >= 30) { if (number(1, 31 - MIN(30, GetSkillLevel(pkSk->dwVnum))) == 1) SetSkillLevel(pkSk->dwVnum, 30); } break; case SKILL_GRAND_MASTER: if (GetSkillLevel(pkSk->dwVnum) >= 40) { SetSkillLevel(pkSk->dwVnum, 40); } break; } And yes, I have tried both values for SetSkillLevel to 30 and 40, none of them worked. Can someone help me please? I would be grateful
  4. Hello! I need a line of code that will make my character go to pre entered coordinates. Edit: No teleportation ;P
  5. Hello, Is there any library, documentation or tutorial how to code client in Metin2? Any language, but not python (I never used python). The best would be NodeJS or some kind of C. Thanks for answers in advance
  6. Hi im looking for a webscript that previews items like in game into a popup, showing the stones, stats and bonuses. I want to make an auction house that shows the listed items with this script thx
  7. Hi Guys So, I saw a script which is delete *.py *.mix ... the bad files in the game folder. I thought about it and created a script which check ALL FOLDER AND ALL FILES CURRENT DIRECTORY and compare WITH A PATCHLIST. Let's check: ########################## ###>>>coded by Nexus<<<### ########################## import urllib.request import os import threading repeattime = 2 url = 'http://exapmle.com/patcher/patchlist.txt' backslash = '' curdir= (os.getcwd()) #the web list response = urllib.request.urlopen(url) data = response.read() # a `bytes` object text = data.decode('utf-8') # a `str`; this step can't be used if data is binary lines = text.split('n') protectedfiles = [line.strip() for line in lines] for x in protectedfiles: gfullfile= (curdir + backslash + x.split(';')[0]) protectedfiles [protectedfiles.index(x)] = gfullfile # ##ha-ha-ha #save your self by the self-delete or the usr config files protectedfiles.append(curdir + backslash + "config.cfg") allcurrentfile=[] def again(): for path, subdirs, files in os.walk(curdir): for name in files: onefile = (os.path.join(path, name)) if onefile not in protectedfiles: os.remove(onefile) threading.Timer(repeattime, again).start() again() protectedfiles.append(curdir + backslash + "CONFIG.CFG") this is necessary, because this file created by the config.exe , and this file storage the like the sound volume, screen resolution. (you couldn't patching this file) so the script is check the files by the patchlist, my patchlist look as: excxy.pyc;0c1759a0 etcyx.py;e626408e THE FILE + HASH (in between ';') you change the patchlist url here: url = 'http://exapmle.com/patcher/patchlist.txt' and the repeattime means the how often repeat the checking. the script DELETE the file if it doesn't listed. HUH, don't be afraid ,not long.
  8. Hello Guys, Today i will release (mabe is already public) a system that count's Player's Online and Account's. I have also make a system that counts Account's with kingbom allocation. It is like this: and the code: Player's Online: <?PHP $ip = $serverSettings['server_ip']; $output = mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(*) as count FROM player.player WHERE DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 10 MINUTE) < last_play;"); $playerCount = mysql_fetch_array($output); ?> <div class="allPlayers"><font size="4">Player's Online:</font> <span class="countHighlight"><font size="4"><?php echo $playerCount['count']+0;?></font></span> <?php mysql_select_db("player"); $query = mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM player_index"); $num2 = mysql_num_rows($query); mysql_select_db("player"); $exe = mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(*) as count FROM player WHERE DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 10 MINUTE) < last_play;"); $player_online = mysql_fetch_object($exe)->count; mysql_select_db("player"); $rots = "SELECT * FROM player_index WHERE empire NOT LIKE '2%' and empire NOT LIKE '3%' and empire NOT LIKE '[%]%';"; $rotquery = mysql_query($rots); $rotanzahl = mysql_num_rows($rotquery); mysql_select_db("player"); $gelbs = "SELECT * FROM player_index WHERE empire NOT LIKE '1%' and empire NOT LIKE '3%' and empire NOT LIKE '[%]%';"; $gelbquery = mysql_query($gelbs); $gelbanzahl = mysql_num_rows($gelbquery); mysql_select_db("player"); $blaus = "SELECT * FROM player_index WHERE empire NOT LIKE '1%' and empire NOT LIKE '2%' and empire NOT LIKE '[%]%';"; $blauquery = mysql_query($blaus); $blauanzahl = mysql_num_rows($blauquery); ?> </br> <center> <font color=#FFF><p style=text-align:center;border:none;background:none;margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:0px;><font color=#ff6a6a><font size="4">Account's:</font><font color=#FFF size="4"> <?php echo $num2;?><br><br></font> <table style="border:1px #000 solid;width:60%;margin-bottom:0px;"> <tr height="9"> <?php echo "<td width="33.054178223629%"".$rotanzahl."& ".$rotanzahl." style="background: transparent url(img/bar1.png) left top repeat-x;"</td>"; echo "<td width="33.594469764543%"".$gelbanzahl."% ".$gelbanzahl." style="background: transparent url(img/bar3.png) left top repeat-x;"</td>"; echo "<td width="33.350130130375%"".$blauanzahl."% ".$blauanzahl." style="background: transparent url(img/bar2.png) left top repeat-x;"</td>"; ?> </tr> </table> <table style="border: none;width:60%;margin-top:0px;"> <tr> <td style="text-align:center;color:#fff;"><b><center><?php echo $rotanzahl;?></b></td></center> <td style="text-align:center;color:#fff;"><b><center><?php echo $gelbanzahl;?></b></td></center> <td style="text-align:center;color:#fff;"><b><center><?php echo $blauanzahl;?></b></td></center> </tr> </table> </center> If eny of you have any problem. I am free to help you!
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