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Found 12 results

  1. English: Hello dear Metin2 community, Currently we are looking for some supporters regarding private servers for our teambuilding (surely against payment) What do we need: -Webdeveloper + Forum (Designer, itemshop, paymentsystem, connection to Server, protection, spezial wishes) -Server/Client- Developer (bug Fixess, system and allround implementation, spezial wishes) -Systemdeveloper (quest, runs, features, userinterface GUI, multilanguage, protection, speazial wishes) Designer (map, pet, mount, equipment, shining and el
  2. Hello Guys, i search a good Client Protection (eix./epk.). Anyone know a good? i pay as well! - Send me a Message
  3. Hello everyone, for some time the rule of packet filter to filter on site ban asser quickly after 20/25 refresh on 20 minutes and especially the users of freebox. Here are my rules :
  4. Hello.I want to buy a very very good protection for my client metin2.Please send me a PM if you have a very good protection!
  5. Hey, I just wanted to ask if kimsufi's protection = ovh's basic or pro ddos protection and what are your experiences with kimsufi
  6. Hello, I see there are banners https://www.hyperfilter.com/ and I want to ask - does anyone tested protection from this service? Is better than voxility? Is better than OVH? I had servers in 'normal' OVH and from OVH game offer (better firewall, i used with "other" options in game FW panel), and I had dedicated servers in datacenters which uses voxility protection and both OVH and VOXILITY protection from time to time was not enough to prevent some kicks and downtimes for few minutes. I don't have enough money for test-buy dedicated server, i want to ask first
  7. Problem solved, a moderator can now close this topic
  8. Hello devs. im looking for good client protections (i dont have the source code of .exe) (want work at windows 8 to) if someone can do something just say
  9. Hello ! I need protection for client. Players use antifly.eix and antifly.epk. I added protection that automatically delete files added, but players have found a solution, replace existing files (example: metin2_patch_halloween.eix and metin2_patch_halloween.epk). A solution, please!? Best regards, zw0w.
  10. Hey @ all For that people who are using Debian 6 and Apache could this be very nice! People who are using nginx, you are normaly safe, but if you fuck your configs up, slowloris can be a problem for you, too 1. What is slowloris? Slowloris is a perl script, which allows you to open hundreds of sessions on your webserver and hold them open! So your webserver crashes if it reaches ~700 connections at the same time 2. How to fix it? 1. Download and extract the mod wget ftp://ftp.monshouwer.eu/pub/linux/mod_antiloris/mod_antiloris-0.4.tar.bz2 tar -jxvvf mod_antiloris-0.4.tar.bz
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