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  1. Hi If I want to use a mount it says on chat "???? ??? ??" or somethink like that, you know where i can find this ? Would be great if you send me translate to this.
  2. Version of Files : XXX Hello, I have such a problem, when I try to place the previous sashes in others, it can not be improved, that in the first 5 slots at the top, I also have other items, e.g. seals, some will improve, etc., etc. I have 4 slots added, scarves as you can see, mount system, dump proto compilation. Sometimes it happens that after removing items, or throwing them on the ground, they return to the inventory after some time. SS: https://prnt.sc/u3oaq7
  3. Hello, I'm trying to create some new system (Illusion Highland from official servers), but it seems that the quest i'm using has a problem with rejoining the dungeon... Here is a video showing the problem: Note that, every time i join the dungeon, it generates a new map index, it doesn't join the one that my party member is at the moment. Instead of joining my previous dungeon with map index "3060003" it created a new one with "3060004" The quest i'm using https://mega.nz/file/ArJA3QCZ#6qkHdUliEc5vOXp1_p8wYgRs
  4. quest item_drop begin state start begin function GetMapIndex() local maps = { 1, 3, 5, 21, 23, 25, 41. } for m in maps do if pc.get_map_index() == maps[m] then return true end end return maps end when 9006.click with pc.is_gm() begin local options = ("Metin drop", "Anuleaza") if options == 1 then if item_drop.GetMapIndex() == true then if game.get_event_flag("item_open") == 0 then say("Hello "..pc.get_name().." ") say("Aici pui codul itm-ului si acesta va pica din pietrele metin si boss") say("!REGULA!NU ABUZA DE ACEASTA FUNCTIE!
  5. Hi, First of all, I am sorry if I did post in the wrong topic, also, I am sorry if I can't really explain everything clearly, english isn't my best language. Second of all, the error that was presented to us is the " desc buffer mem_size overflow " error, basically, it occurse AT SOME POINT if you do SOMETHING SPECIFIC, the error appears in the game chat, the thing is that we are trying to figure out what makes that error occure. From what I've read and sent to the tehnician, the problem could be anything, what I know is that it can't be the guild " UPLOAD " problem as that function is d
  6. I've installed auto potions, they work, PV and PM regenerates, but I can't see how much % are left in them. Sorry for my bad english. Photo: syserr: 0426 01:34:24605 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0426 01:34:24605 :: File "ui.py", line 1391, in OnOverInItem 0426 01:34:24605 :: File "ui.py", line 87, in __call__ 0426 01:34:24605 :: File "ui.py", line 78, in __call__ 0426 01:34:24605 :: File "uiInventory.py", line 588, in OverInItem 0426 01:34:24605 :: File "uiInventory.py", line 756, in __ShowToolTip 0426 0
  7. Hello everybody, I was trying to add the v17.5 Archer Skill, i followed this : link It works fine, the only problem is that the "bomb" is fixed to the pg body as tou can see HERE The player should drop the bomb to the ground and not carrying it himself. In the given code, HERE , i found out that the new skill is using the Aura War skill effect as a base code, so it attaches the effect to the body. I think the problem can be resolved in this portion of code: void CInstanceBase::__Assassin_SetGyeongGongAffect(bool isVisible) { if (isVisible) { if (IsWearingDr
  8. Hello, I have a problem when i try to delete player Syser: PLAYER_DELETE FAILED len(6) Source: if (!IsChinaEventServer()) { if (strlen(r.social_id) < 7 || strncmp(packet->private_code, r.social_id + strlen(r.social_id) - 7, 7)) { sys_log(0, "PLAYER_DELETE FAILED len(%d)", strlen(r.social_id)); peer->EncodeHeader(HEADER_DG_PLAYER_DELETE_FAILED, dwHandle, 1); peer->EncodeBYTE(packet->account_index); return; }
  9. Soo.. I just dived into quest writing. It's not a hard thing i got a few languages already behind me but... Here i don't know what to do it's propably some LUA thing of metin. So first problem: second problem: Thx for answers and suggestions
  10. Hello guys .. I added [RLS]Official Block System[Messenger] to my files and everything works fine .. but when I add someone to my Guild .. it shows under "Blocked" players section in my friends list .. and when I Block someone .. it shows under "Guild" section in the friends list .. can someone lead me to the file that shows Lists under the section name ? Thanks
  11. I'm having a problem every time I'm teleporting to Channel 99. More in images below: I really don't know what's wrong here. I'm getting this syserr on client-side: 0202 14:34:33270 :: CRaceManager::GetRaceDataPointer: cannot load data by dwRaceIndex 261 0202 14:34:33270 :: CPythonCharacterManager::CreateInstance VID[16908316] Race[261] 0202 14:34:33270 :: CRaceManager::GetRaceDataPointer: cannot load data by dwRaceIndex 32768 0202 14:34:33270 :: CPythonCharacterManager::CreateInstance VID[34479121] Race[32768] 0202 14:34:33270 :: CPythonSafeBox::DelMallItemData(dwSlotIndex=9) - S
  12. Hello! I was trying to add one system from turkish forum and i have a problem when compiling source of game (server). Sysser: cmd_general.cpp:1: error: stray '\357' in program cmd_general.cpp:1: error: stray '\273' in program cmd_general.cpp:1: error: stray '\277' in program cmd_general.cpp:1: error: stray '#' in program cmd_general.cpp:1: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before string constant In file included from /usr/include/md5.h:3, from cmd_general.cpp:3: /usr/include/sys/md5.h:40: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type co
  13. Hello! I have a problem with turkish serverfiles. My mysql can't start! I have an error "mysqld got signal 11" >service mysql-server status >mysql is not running >service mysql-server start >mysql is starting >service mysql-server status >mysql is not running Ethost.err 181007 17:58:53 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /var/db/mysql 2018-10-07 17:58:53 0 [Warning] TIMESTAMP with implicit DEFAULT value is deprecated. Please use --explicit_defaults_for_timestamp server option (see documentation for more details). 2018-10-07 17:58:53 5
  14. Hello guys i have a problem with the auto potion when it starts to regenerate hp and sp it starts to glow with some of my armor shinnings...how i can change it to the normal hp and sp regen effect?
  15. Hello guys, im working on biologist quests i completed the one i was testing and when the new one appeared it shows the arrow to speak to biologist but when i click on him nothing appears..anyone who knows good please pm me so we can figured out the problem! thanks a lot
  16. Hello,when i try pack the txt of mob proto , today give me this error"sight: 2000 color 0[(null)]"I do rollback of all files, and continue!I dont do anything, someone can help me solve this error? https://imgur.com/a/WXPPaAl
  17. Hello guys, I found a little problem on my server. Well, the problem is : Well, I know that problem is because of Budokan quest, but how can I use the pvp arena with the Budokan tournament ?
  18. Hello All I have encountered a problem in riding horses or do not know where the problem is will show you file errors and Video
  19. Hello. I`m gonna say directly my problem So when a mob it`s attacking the caracter the character it`s moving back Gif with the problem https://gyazo.com/5470d3298885932ac46d96379e62c4c2 Someone can help me with it?
  20. Hi I have done two core in the first channel and I log in the game and go to another map and send a message to the other player closes core 2 Help me
  21. Hi, it's my first post on this forum. I have small problem with Metin2 World Editor, Image which shows error Is in attachment. Let me explain what is wrong: When I try to edit effect (.mse) the right panel is empty O_O.. I don't know why. Maybe it's stupid question but what's wrong here? Do I forgot something? I haven't got any errors, maps loads properly, also I have partition D and directory called ymir work where it's everything (PC, ETC, Effect, Zone, Property, textureset, Terrain etc.) Greetings, Avarbs.
  22. Hey guis! I try to install a chest view drop system and i get this in sysr client . I compile both source fast but client part dont work. Sysrr 0322 17:48:10446 :: networkModule.py(line:208) SetSelectCharacterPhase system.py(line:130) __pack_import system.py(line:110) _process_result introSelect.py(line:28) <module> system.py(line:130) __pack_import system.py(line:110) _process_result interfaceModule.py(line:19) <module> system.py(line:130) __pack_import system.py(line:110) _process_result
  23. So I am a new developer as you can tell I actually have programming languages background but I need help with Metin2 developing so I am planning on buying a host because after several tries I couldn't follow the tuts on any forums because I always get errors so I decided to buy a host . I am just confused when I look around forums I understand nothing I am trying to find some tuts from scratch but all I find is tuts for advanced people or a follow along tuts which I am not looking forward to because I wanna learn it from scratch until I become good at it to the point that I can read someo
  24. Hello, I have a bug on map1 red and on multiple maps. When a player reaches certain parts of the map he gets kicked and can not enter the character. I tried to change the maps to my client and serverfiles,but it did not work. The problem is not from map allow, who can help me? syserr: Syserr.zip
  25. Hello, I tried to add feature like "IP Login". It locks your IP and you can not login using different IP adress. I tried to write this code: char ip; char query[1024]; snprintf(query, sizeof(query),"SELECT ip FROM account.ip_login WHERE ip = '%s' AND login = '%s'", inet_ntoa(d->GetAddr().sin_addr), login); std::auto_ptr<SQLMsg> execquery(DBManager::instance().DirectQuery(query)); MYSQL_ROW row = mysql_fetch_row(execquery->Get()->pSQLResult); str_to_number(ip, row[0]); if (ip != '0' && execquery->Get()->uiNumRows < 1) { LoginFailure(d
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