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Found 16 results

  1. Official Serverstart 20.03.2020 19:00 CET Homepage | Forum | Discord (Die deutsche Vorstellung ist weiter unten) You will find the Presentation in other languages at our official website soon.
  2. ? Maximum level: 99 ?️ Type: Old-School (2008) ? Gameplay: Classic & Hard ? Site: http://metin2legend.org/ ? Online sience: 01.03.2018 ?? Rates: 10% L / V / D 25% (On Friday evening at 00:00, the 25% rate is activated)
  3. Looks like this: - 2004 - 2008 This is how you use it: Unpack locale_ro from your client and replace the old ymirred.tga from effect folder with the new ymirred.tga offered by me. note1.you should make a backup. in case you won't like it you can restore the old ymirred file. MEGA: https://mega.nz/#!UYoCDKjY!5x3knFrYcNOzAB4qJNWU-LruB3sUS7WYGqzHNmemkcY I want a proof from you that you succed to put it in your client. Good luck!
  4. Welcome community! We want to introduce you a new upcomming international middleschool server. We will be glad if you join us and try to battle for Legends of the Legacy. Maximum level is 120. RATES: EXP - Low, YANG - Low, DROP - Middle Most of information you can find on our Discord server, otherside another main informations will be posted on our social media. Other information you can see less in our presentation. Enjoy it! Discord | Facebook | Group | Website | Twitter Thanks for the reading our presentation!
  5. Join us now! Official site https://wom3.org Discord https://discord.gg/5pmthW Facebook https://facebook.com/WoM3Official
  6. Maylin2 is online since the 16.08.2019. We are a international, fresh and new Private Server in Old-Middleschool Style to garante a long playtime! Nevertheless we have a lot of amazing systems and functions implementet. You can look to the hole presentation on this link: https://www.m2tec.net/topic/737-international-maylin2-an-unbeatable-world-start-16082019/ WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE A LOT OF NEW PLAYERS! Homepage: https://maylin2.com/ Forum: https://board.maylin2.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/829EHTX
  7. WorldOfMetin3 is New Project. Long Term. with multi-servers like GameForge. General Informations: Website: WorldOfMetin3.tk New Server: 8.05.2019 Information Server 1.Aldrenis: Rates: Is The same or similar As GameForge have. MaxLevel: 99-105-115-120 Type: OS (OLD SCHOOL 2006/2007 for more learn below) Note: This the same as Metin2 have 2006/2007 there no bonuses 1-7, no grotto excile etc About Project: WorldOfMetin3 - INTERNATIONAL 1.What is it? - Is Project For INTERNATIONAL METIN3 but we need know, too we needed time an
  8. Características principales: Servidor OldSchool. Dificultad: 70% PvM - 30% PvP. Nivel máximo: 105. Rates máximos: 50% Cinco razas (five races). Sistemas del servidor (server systems): -Cambiador de canal (change channel). -Cambiador de bonus automático (switchbot). -Multi lenguaje (multilanguage). -Cinturones (belts). -Atuendos de arma, armadura y peinado (costume weapon, body and hair). -Tienda fuera de línea (shop offline). -Buscador de objetos en tienda (shop search). -Tienda de objetos en el juego (ite
  9. No server introduction // only team ad Deutsch/German: English:
  10. Serverstart: 22.10.2017 - 18:00 Uhr Offizielle Homepage: Asagi2 - Homepage Offizielles Forum: Asagi2 - Forum
  11. Hey Guys welcome to our Oldschoolserver Vanillamt2 The Rates are 300 %. This are our Shops( Sorry i cant upload more) From the beginning your start with a Militaryhorse, Equip+0 and a Sword +3 You can Dropp Switcher,Adder and other Itemshopthings from Metin and Bosses. There is no Pay2Win on our Server You drop Moonlightboxes by common. You dont need Uppstuff for the early game items. Later on you need thing like Clams and Pearls. Try us out! Forum: http://vanillamt2.forumprofi.de/index.php?page=Index Client: https://mega.nz/#!1aQzFCpb!ZgTdwg
  12. Buenos Días Comunidad. Nuevo Servidor Full PvM - The Last Metin2 Servidor Dedicado - Estilo Clasico Fecha de Apertura: 1 Septiembre 2017 - 2pm (CO) Pagina Web: -- Pagina de Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MtLast2/
  13. Metek2 appeared in February 2014 as first GM mode server in Poland. Now after more than 3 years we did classic oldschool priv, totally diffrent than before it was. Biggest news is globalization- we are for players from all the world. In client and in game we can choose our language- Polish or English. Without biggest changes we add GM mode system. We still can use a lot of commands, only the look changed. Metek2 is easy, but You have to do a lot of things, there is no place to be bored. Nothing from drop is rubbish. All things we can
  14. Hello guys!We gladly present you the Metin2Asena private server. Metin2 Asena is oldschool 2009,hard PvM. Exp,yang,and drop rates are:25% during week-days,and 50% during week-ends. We do NOT and we will not have "pokemon" type systems on our server. Max lvl:99 Max stasus point:90 Each item has only one evolution (the classic ones eg: battle sword-triton/Sirius) See you on the server: www.metin2asena.ro
  15. http://i.imgur.com/bdykO29.gifhttp://i.imgur.com/SvPJae1.gif] http://i.imgur.com/wMbVABe.gifhttp://i.imgur.com/mOjiUlr.gif] Um uns zu unterstützen könnt ihr gerne folgende Banner in eure EPvP Signatur kopieren! Ich Poste diese Vorstellung lediglich für EAZY, ich habe nichts mit dem Team zutun. Bei Fragen und Informationen wendet ihr euch bitte an ihn. http://i.epvpimg.com/VpTjb.gif http://i.epvpimg.com/1Ndif.gif I will fixx it Very soon ! We have also Multilangual Client, we will Update this Presentation very soon for the non German Players ! Server star
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