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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys. First of all, I also know this system is public already, but I was boring, so I had to reverse something, so here it is: Quiver System.7z If you have extra systems which might ignore the quivers, you must to extend them by yourself. Just couple of them from the official: acce, costume bonus transfer, change look, skillbook combination, sealbind and so on. Anything is wrong in the guide or missing something let me know, hit a comment below.
  2. M2 Download Center Download ( Latest Version ) Text Here... Hi friends, i decided to post the Official Ramadan 2020 Costumes for you. They are not posted over here so, you re welcome! https://mega.nz/file/I5ESQYRT#trlJhvnnexlXB8kOLCRnfjhdKttGbPG8JrsWmkgeXCk Check if Virus: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/e02cf8542022871789e9e7f95eb9f66492c2f31f9d6ef4ff6bcaf2909b16c392/detection Source of the files: Metin2Dev Patch 20.1.3
  3. Could someone tell me how can I unpack the metin2 official files because I want to take some pets. Thanks
  4. Hello, I want to introduce you my biologist quests that I coded. Everything is through setting file (ibeast_addon.lua). Quests are working with "Researcher's Elixir" (there is bug with removing this item on many servers which does not use my quest). You can simply set up your own new biologist quests using one of my "template" quest. You can set up: rewards, minimal level, needed item, needed count, ids, chances for success, dialogs (text) and delay. Link: HERE or click on Signature (Section Free Stuff) Enjoy.
  5. Hey, does anyone have a guide or smth for the official logout method, where logout gets canceled if any packet is received or sent to the client (regarding the character) except walking? For example if the character attacks, mounts, opens shop, drops item, anything other than walking, countdown for logout stops.
  6. Hi everyone. Here are some functions what I reversed from official binary about the PythonEventManager. 1.) event.SetVisibleLineCount(descIndex, iCount) - This limits the visible count of the lines in the 'textbox'. Used in battlefield and minigames. 2.) event.GetLineHeight(descIndex) - Gives back the height of the textline. Used in battlefield and minigames. 3.) event.SetYPosition(descIndex, iY) - Sets the Y position of the texts. Used for nothing yet. 4.) event.GetProcessedLineCount(descIndex) - Gives back the number of the processed text lines count. Used in b
  7. Hi, I'm a guy that enjoys to find and exploit vulnerabilities. So far I've been able to clear a few accounts of their items, but I'm looking forward to made the whole process easier. My question has to do with the fact that I know the username of a big metin2 gameforge partner and I want to bruteforce the password on the metin2.gameforge.com website. How can I do that ? How would the bruteforce script for metin2.gameforge.com would look like ? I've tried with Burp Suite but wasn't able to work it out.
  8. Greetings guys, So i was wondering if somehow you can extract to xml these protos. Is from the most current patch of Metin2 (Gameforge). I attach them to try yourself! If you unpack them somehow, please, upload so i can download them! Thanks! item_proto mob_proto
  9. Hello community! The following RAR archive contains the official locale folder of Ymir containing all maps, quests, drops and so on. Download from MEGA: Metin2 - Ymir locale.rar I hope you find it useful somehow, cheers.
  10. Hello, I am looking for a designer who could make me the same font as that of Metin2 Official If you are able to contact me in MP. Thank you. ps: avoid unnecessary posts to save time.
  11. File Name: Orc labyrinth File Submitter: plechito File Submitted: 04 Oct 2014 File Category: Maps Hi, A lot of new things are out, so there is new official unreleased map - Orc labyrinth. Map is from SG client and there is for you, who haven't it. I really don't know, how function will have this map on official servers, but you can use it as good dungeon. In the pack is new textures for Orc lord too. I don't think it will new boss, but i think it looks good. So have fun with it! PS: Unrar with WinRAR version 5. Screens: Orc lord The map Click here to down
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