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  1. Automatic payment and delivery system by: Site: http://mark3dservice.pl/ Skype: marek.mark16
  2. hey guys, this post goes out to everyone, who always wanted to create their own animations! I have created a Rig-System for every metin character, which allows you to animate more realisticly. to make it clear, i am going to show you what i mean. So, what does it do? how does it work? Basically it gives you the oppertunity to animate any metin character in any way you want. You always thought about flying characters, or swimming? no problem at all! With this system you will be able to create professional animation within minutes. you don't even need any kind of 3d knowled
  3. I search the invoice client + the serverfiles i hope anyone can help me. ty. _______________ sorry for the bad english.
  4. ***Change Bonus V0.1 [C++/Python]*** 16/02/2017 ***Search Chest [C++/Python]*** 31/01/2017 ***Search Shop [C++/Python]*** 23/11/2016 ***Shop Decoracion [C++/Python]*** 28/10/2016 PD: * The installation of any system mentioned here is totally free. * Fix any bug or problem that has such a system. It fixes at no cost. * Work is performed on orders either in c ++ / python / moon. Sorry for the English. Send private message for price.
  5. Official Serverstart 20.03.2020 19:00 CET Homepage | Forum | Discord (Die deutsche Vorstellung ist weiter unten) You will find the Presentation in other languages at our official website soon.
  6. Hey guys! I am a videomaker who worked until now in the italian community of Metin2. Now, I am here to introduce my services to the international community. Website: RayVideos Contacts: RayVideos/Contacts Services more info on my website: RayVideos/Services Trailer Videos Intro Videos Tutorial Videos Banners/Gifs Some of my works (more on my Portfolio)
  7. Website link: https://wildfantasy.ro Discord link: https://discord.com/invite/6raXUy4 Graphic presentation: https://wildfantasy.ro/desc About the server We have our own phisical server machine. Ingame Account security The client has 2 interfaces so player can select the desired one. We do not seek to make the server pay2win We want the items acquired on the game to have value so that the trade on the server is balanced https://wildfantasy.ro/desc
  8. Nexus2 Discord Server starts at 20 December 2019 (19:00 WET) Presentation can suffer changes anytime
  9. This Serverfiles have the Lycan Unbugged. Versions Bin: 28249 Game: 43360 Db: 43370 Language: Turkish (TR) Particulars Alchemy Dragon to work without bugs Customs system to work perfectly, updated Belts system running smoothly Functional Nemere tower and stable Skill table updated Proto Table updated Player_Index Locale.lua updated Skill Power updated Locale_string.txt updated New Character Added Lycan Added Lycan against defenses Increased Slots of the NPC's Stores to 80 Mysql eliminated log Guild can be up to 112 characters Group can have up to 14 characters Cover the permanent Brav
  10. Website: https://ancient2.com Forum: https://board.ancient2.com Discord: https://discord.gg/UNWEj54 Presentation link: https://ancient2.com/users/presentation This server run since 14 April 2020.
  11. Version of Files : 40k [[ Hi / Hello / Hey... ]] 1. Description of the problem / Question : Hello everyone! I want to make the metin2 client read the music from bgm.eix/.epk, for example, not from BGM folder. Is that possible? I want to move all the music(character,select,maps etc) in bgm.eix/epk in pack. If yes, from where I can change the path for BGM? Thanks, Sincerly, regal
  12. STAFF: [GA]IlSanto: Founder [GA]PhiLL: Co-Founder, professional 3D artist, general dev [GM]Equid: Server side scripter, general dev [GM]Anonimous: c++ Programmer and client dev [GM]Passion: GM in game [GM]Nicholas: GM in game LINKS: Website Download Registrazione Wiki Lista aggiornamenti
  13. 1. Description of the problem/Question: You can see the problem in the video. It's a short one. I tried something, I could see the name, but the name of another item from inventory, and without the price that I set to it. Maybe it's from the source... I don't know. I compared the function def OnOverInItem(self, slotIndex) with another ones from another clients and I didn't find something new... uiprivateshopbuilder.py: https://pastebin.com/zTnQgfLy 2. SysErr (Client/Server) / SysLog (Server) Empty 3. How to reproduce it? You can se
  14. Hello, I'm trying to create some new system (Illusion Highland from official servers), but it seems that the quest i'm using has a problem with rejoining the dungeon... Here is a video showing the problem: Note that, every time i join the dungeon, it generates a new map index, it doesn't join the one that my party member is at the moment. Instead of joining my previous dungeon with map index "3060003" it created a new one with "3060004" The quest i'm using https://mega.nz/file/ArJA3QCZ#6qkHdUliEc5vOXp1_p8wYgRs
  15. Website: Metin2International Board: Metin2International Board Website: Metin2International Board: Metin2International Board
  16. Hello, Currently I am working on this server https://metin2.ga , the concept is simple level 99 pvm old-school. I am looking for volunteers for testing and some of you might be able to help me out on small fixes Client/Server side. As volunteer I ma looking forward to have you in my team. Discord server: https://discord.gg/sTE4yuq Server Link: http://metin2.ga/ While joning please @doxi and what are you volunteering for on #general. Any sort of help is well appreciated and you will be a part of something cool, for questions talk to me i
  17. ? Maximum level: 99 ?️ Type: Old-School (2008) ? Gameplay: Classic & Hard ? Site: http://metin2legend.org/ ? Online sience: 01.03.2018 ?? Rates: 10% L / V / D 25% (On Friday evening at 00:00, the 25% rate is activated)
  18. Hey guys, we added the Topic Tags feature for you some days ago. It helps people to find our thread by search AND: it helps Google to find the topic in your thread. So if you release a Homepage maybe this tags would be good: homepage, metin2, design, script So other who search by Google find your thread. It helps you to get feedback / help / ... and helps us all by growing the community! So tag on Metin2dev team
  19. Hi everyone!? I'm back I want to show you me new map. This is summoner's rift version metin2. Maybe soon I will create a 'twisted treeline' and 'aram' How do you like it? ? contact _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________
  20. Version of Files : XXX Hello everyone im having this error and when i log on my P Server and i teleport my client crash and close instantly Im kind of new on the area but after a few changes.. i tried to use old backups from 5days and even 1 week ago but i always get the same error.. After teleport to any map my client just close and i get this message on sysser: 0704 13:39:25410 :: no argument name 0704 13:39:25410 :: !! PARSING ERROR - Unknown Arguments : 9, |6;Cancel 0704 13:40:01438 :: no argument name 0704 13:40:01438 :: !! PARSING ER
  21. Homepage Forum Discord Serverstart - Informationen | Serverstart - Informations
  22. Hello guys, I added skybox new system, but when i try to change skyboxes, some works and others making the client freezes without any syserr, when i tried to use the client debugger, it crashes and not responding. by the way i have tried to add this system on other metin2 clients and it works perfectly. I hope you can help me and thanks in advance
  23. Version of Files : XXX Hello there, I try to write some codes to make Auto storage items to warehouse but I dont know how to input password ? 1. Description of the problem / Question : There is 2 problem 1 how can I add password ? How Can I send the spesific id items to storage ? import player, event, net vid = player.GetTargetVID() net.SendOnClickPacket(vid) event.SelectAnswer(0,2) event.SelectAnswer(event.BUTTON_TYPE_NEXT, 255) event.SelectText("asd") // I tried this but it was bad try I think this part https://prnt.sc/sr072z



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