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  1. Nexus2 Discord Server starts at 20 December 2019 (19:00 WET) Presentation can suffer changes anytime
  2. Hello metin2dev community! I have promised that I will release mob_proto too, so now I have finished it and I want to share it with you. I have made the same for item_proto, see the thread there. HOW TO UNPACK/CONVERT/PACK MOB_PROTO (this tutorial is only for people using 40K+ mob_proto without TXT files (for example vanilla core)) What we are going to do: 1. Unpack mob_proto (so we will get XML file) 2. Convert this XML to SQL (for Navicat query) 3. Convert SQL back to XML (so we can pack it again) 4. Pack mob_proto (from XML)
  3. Hi, First of all, I am sorry if I did post in the wrong topic, also, I am sorry if I can't really explain everything clearly, english isn't my best language. Second of all, the error that was presented to us is the " desc buffer mem_size overflow " error, basically, it occurse AT SOME POINT if you do SOMETHING SPECIFIC, the error appears in the game chat, the thing is that we are trying to figure out what makes that error occure. From what I've read and sent to the tehnician, the problem could be anything, what I know is that it can't be the guild " UPLOAD " problem as that function is d
  4. Website: http://hades-world.global/ For those who want to be updated with all the news. Or even give us a helping hand to test the project. Just follow the link below & Join us ! Discord: https://discord.gg/kWhRrYz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [EN] -> A brief description of the project -> Hades World. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Level Max.: 105 - The game mod
  5. Hello metin2dev community! I'm new here and I'm learning how to mod metin. Yesterday I have been trying to work with item_proto and I must say - it's really difficult to find everything item_proto related (packers, converters, etc...) So I have made 2 converters and now I want to share 'em with this great community. HOW TO UNPACK/CONVERT/PACK ITEM_PROTO (this tutorial is only for people using 40K+ item_proto without TXT files (for example vanilla core) What we are going to do: 1. Unpack item_proto (so we will get XML file)
  6. - INFORMATIONS Site: http://www.infinitymetin.eu Client Download: Download here Game Registrations: they will be open today, a link will be posted here. Discord Channel: Join us!
  7. Hi, I have a problem with cube. If I want to move an object to a cube window, I can not do it. I need to click the object in the window and then it will be added. uicube.py: https://pastebin.com/siE2XvdU game.py: https://pastebin.com/saNHTY1K interfacemodule.py: https://pastebin.com/LG4W6nX0 Sysser: https://pastebin.com/bKvJhvzQ //Edit Items can now be moved to cube window, but sysser still shows some error. https://pastebin.com/DU1PHV5a I apologize for mistakes, my English is weak. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi guys could someone help me with this ? please I need this effect on both daggers
  9. This is just a small presentation of the project, we will update this evening with some screen of Merak, stay tuned! Staff members: Phoenix(me) , @Net , @Jfirewall , Notoric .
  10. Hello. He wants to add a new alignments, in a sense, add new and change the value of acquiring them. I did like this topic then edytowałego it under him. https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/6311-how-toadd-new-alignments/ It edited the: A problem I have one that reads the value of short rather than long or int as I change here ss what I mean: /set [T]Kronzu align 327670 /set [T]Kronzu align 327680 /set [T]Kronzu align 3000000 i got: -27680 /set [T]Kronzu align -3000000 i got: 27680 Anyone know how to fix it? How to change this short mo
  11. can any one help me to increase skillbooks giving more success ?
  12. IMMORTALS2 - RISE OF THE LEGEND Hello Everyone We present you the best metin2 private server with tons of features and items,try once and you will never leave. Homepage - www.immortals2.com Register - http://www.immortals2.com/index.php?s=registo Download - http://www.immortals2.com/index.php?s=downloads General: * Multi Language International server! PvM - PvP.(New School) * Vote : 5 Vote x 50 = 250 coins everyday * Max Level : 250 * Inventory : 4 New Website: * Homepage and forum opens at light speed. * Easy user interface * New update of
  13. hello guys, i try to start my client and i get this error... Compile() expected string without null bytes how can i solve this?
  14. Hello guys! I would like to ask you about this bug and how to solve it and make it work. What are yours suggestions? What can cause this? Help please! Below is the video of my problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjbtkyT6Zgg&feature=youtu.be Thanks for any answers guys!
  15. ~ Official PlanetMt2 ~ ~ Gioco orientale d'azione MMORPG ~ ~ Scopri subito tutte le nostre novità! ~ DOWNLOAD PLANETMT2 INFO Link: PLANETMT2.IT FORUM-PL Official PlanetMt2® All rights reserved. Social Page® PlanetMt2 Facebook DOWNLOAD PLANETMT2 PLANETMT2.IT
  16. Hi guyz i have one big superior problem in winscp /usr/home/game/share/locale/xxx/quest i dont have mob_drop_items but i have there drop_with_kill_mobs and inside that some bullshit quest quest kill_mob begin state start begin when kill with npc.is_pc() == false begin local drop_bt = number(1, 100) local drop_cl = number(1, 150) if drop_bt == 1 then game.drop_item_with_ownership(31012, 1) end if drop_cl == 1 then game.drop_item_with_ownership(50011, 1) end end end end Thanks for any help
  17. Hi guys, I am trying to make my own server on VPS freebsd well what did i did. I need to make new navicat user so i do mysql -u root -p But it says mysql.sock error idk why any helps? i cant continue with installing without this step please. Thanks I am making server with this tutorial PART1 PART 2
  18. Hello, I bought virtual server on Hetzner for testing, but Hetzner has changed IP to, I change on my start.sh: ./channel1 -I & and server start without errors, If I login and select char server me kick to login window. If I test on my 2 server (other hosting) server is OK. Thanks for help
  19. Hi m2dev! I have one problem with source in c++11 This is error! And this is Makefile!
  20. Hello, I have this problem on image, if I drop any sword drop effect is bugged and make this (horizontal or sometimes make very big model) This bug make I, but I dont know where... (only swords, arrow,double swords, bell... are OK) Thanks for help
  21. Hello, i buy metin client packer (with source + i need edit eterpack.cpp... in my binary source) Example: I have folder(source client files) pack_source/bgm/song1.mp3 pack_source/bgm/song2.mp3 pack_source/bgm/song3.mp3 And program (example: makepack.exe) If open makepack.exe, I say bgm and all files from bgm pack to bgm.test (I need only 1 file, no .eix and .epk) I need the files can not be extracting!
  22. Dear users,Monday 18.07.2016 at 16:00 (CEST) ----> Kill4Fun, a semi FunPvP, started.Useful Information:WebSite: https://kill4fun.xyzForum: https://kill4fun.xyz/forumSupport E-Mail: [email protected] client: Mega Mediafire Presentation (95% translated from italian): Kind Regards, Misterioso
  23. Hellow metin2dev, when i show the soulder sash on the chat with ALT+ITEM,shows me some bonuses,but when i loock in inventory shows another bonuses..
  24. Hallo, I need help repack metin2 files... I have official client metin2 (2014/2015) i change root.eix/epk and libs... and start. All successful run. If I extract effect.eix/epk and compile(package) to effect.eix/epk and run client error if I login... What i make bad? This isnt only effect, but PC, PC2, Monster2.... Where is error? Compiler? I need repack all official files... Thx for any help. TheJacob
  25. Hello devs. i want to make event protect your stone if is possible can someone say how can make a metin who can be attacked only by one kingdom; (i have source code too) Thanks!



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