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  1. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hello! I want to release with you my map which I created two years ago You can check my newest map design here (Not for Sale!): Rar include: Map Textureset WoM plants Objects used are original from ymir expect of WoM plants and bamboo Waterfall and water are not included! If you want those textures then request it and I will post it Video: Download: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/af5f18739342f9a06f9a4d46052d9c931a2425696e525f22775
  2. Ice Boss Run (2x2) View File Hello! Now i have next new map 2x2 for you. information: Scale - 2x2 Objects - Metin2 Snow Texture - Metin2 Snow Minimap - Yes Shadows - Yes Client Files - Yes Server Files - Yes Screens: Submitter Matesh Submitted 11/11/2014 Category Maps
  3. Hi everyone!? I'm back I want to show you me new map. This is summoner's rift version metin2. Maybe soon I will create a 'twisted treeline' and 'aram' How do you like it? ? contact _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________
  4. Version of Files : XXX 1. Description of the problem / Question : The map looks good on laptop, but not on PC 2. SysErr ( Client / Server ) / SysLog ( Server ) EMPTY 3. How to reproduce it ? - 4. Screenshots ? On PC: On laptop: Screenshots are taken at the same time, at the same resolutions *1280x768. Does anyone know a solution? And especially, how is this possible? Thanks, Sincerly, [[ Cristian ]]
  5. ?️Hi everyone!?️ I am coming back to you with the new league of legends map! This is 'Howling Abyss' - version metin2. Map size - 2x2 It's good for pvp contact __________________________________________________________________ This is my last map of league of legends. Now I plan to add new npc / monsters / objects. I will show you everything! Cooming soon ..! __________________________________________________________________ Summoner's Rift - >>>> click __________________________________________________________________
  6. Hey, i just need to ask. Is there some way of telling monsters where to stay or where not to go? Cuz i have let's say wild dog on my map. He will bemoving as normal no problem here buut it can happen that he will jsut go to the mountains where player can't go aaand you can't kill him. So questeion is. Is there some way (i believe there is) to tell to mobs where they can and where they can't go? Thx a lot for answer.
  7. Hello, so i have a little problem here with my map. I've spent a lot of time on it and also a lot of time by now trying to implement it onto my server. So what i did so far: Client side: added map, added all textures, new environment script, added map to atlasinfo Server side: added map to map folder, added it to index file, gave it map index 400, typed the map index xto CONFIG files for each channel and game99 What is happening? Well when i warp to a map i will just get a black screen with all the glitches that are normal when there's a problem with map implement. One thing that i
  8. First i',m sorry 4 my bad english When i warp on my new map i see this after move, all be normal, but i'm not see NPC's near me. This problem is when i have on Town.txt of map more than 1 coordinates just like 180 130 150 250 180 130 150 250 when i have on Town.txt only 1 coordinates (just like 180 130) and nothing else, all be normal, now can anyone help me ? pls
  9. Hello How I would create a quest where the player enters the map is 20 minutes and leaves. In case one player can not see the other. Thanksssssss
  10. Hello everyone. I need a little help here: I need quest function which checks how many players are in certain maps. Does someone know any way do check this?
  11. Hello guys, I want to make a siege event and i need a castle model because the castles in metin2 suck. I want a real castle building model. Anyone who has a model to show me or make one to show me please contact me. I want it kinda large. I want to buy the best castle i can find
  12. Hello! I have some issues with world editor. I hope someone can help me 1) I can open textures and trees.. but building, effect, etc make program crash or anything happens like it doesn't load anything (it ask me .gr2, but .prb doesn't work either9 2) how can I import sura (mouse)? This is my folder (that I created with subst in cmd for d:) and syserr Thank you and sorry for my English!!
  13. Hello community metin2dev, i have question about fog in map. I have this map https://ctrlv.cz/shots/2018/04/02/jdF7.png And in Worldeditor is nothing... https://ctrlv.cz/shots/2018/04/02/nm7W.png How i can remove fog from maps (client) Thanks for all reply. Best regard
  14. Hello, guys! I have this problem, if can I say, with CreatePrivateMap, I would like to create a specified private map like 3050040 for example, It's any function for that or someone who know how to? I only know about d.join, but this function creates the map in asceding orders. 3050000, 305001, 3050002, 3050003, etc. I need something to create a specified value, like d.join(3050040). Sorry for my bad english!
  15. Hello, I have a bug on map1 red and on multiple maps. When a player reaches certain parts of the map he gets kicked and can not enter the character. I tried to change the maps to my client and serverfiles,but it did not work. The problem is not from map allow, who can help me? syserr: Syserr.zip
  16. Herrow fellow devs, I'd like to show u two reworked map1 designs, which we've made for our Server Aloria. Hopefully u'll like 'em. I'm looking forward to ur replys and hope for some usefull criticism. Time spend on each map ~ 5-6 hrs kind regards, pain
  17. Hi! Im working a new natural update to my shop. It will including new map, new dungeon, mounts, weapons and many other stuff in natural style. At first i want to show you some images of the Natural map. It will be 7x4 map (re-designed official Dawn Mist wood). I used just terrain from this map, because i love it and it fit great to my vision of this Natural map. So here is it. The map is done and now Im working on monsters for this map.
  18. Hi all! I saw a post on the forum about "[C++]Reload map regens ingame" and I want to ask you a question: can i do that in lua too? I have to reload the regen ingame when I start, for example, the Halloween Event and so to spawn Jack Pumpkin. If I use regen_in_map, when I restart the machine, that NPC will disappears, so I need to have your /reload_regen in lua funcion after a changing on the regen of the village from WinSCP. Thanks in advance!
  19. I'd like to know how to remove a portal / warp gate from a map. I want to remove the function of the portal to teleport, not the portal itself (as graphical object).
  20. Bear Map 6x6
  21. hello every body Im make alittle map and i out some object in the map but when i open the map i see the shadow of the object but the object no!! why i add the object file (its from another .eix file) sure i put the bulding file in the index but where is the problem here? this is a pic show what I mean http://prntscr.com/ftkrkz and this is the sys thanks for who will help or try to help 0710 12:12:21066 :: CMapOutdoor::Load - LoadMonsterAreaInfo ERROR 0710 12:12:21550 :: CArea::LoadObject Property(1562487021) Load ERROR 0710 12:12:21550 :: CAr
  22. Hey, Does anyone know how/where to set the way the client loads the map? I mean, I wanna set it to only load the actual part of it and not the whole. Thanks!
  23. Hello everyone, this is the Xmas Gift from me which includes Thunder&Guatama maps in another version. They are from old project so I thought I could share them with you. Guatama Cliff: Mt Thunder: Download World Editor Pictures: http://share.pho.to/AZOLR Kind Regards, Sonitex
  24. Good Evening, 0330 18:32:02716 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0330 18:32:02716 :: File "uiInventory.py", line 557, in OnUpdate 0330 18:32:02716 :: AttributeError 0330 18:32:02716 :: : 0330 18:32:02716 :: 'int' object has no attribute 'DisableSlotCoverImage' 0330 18:32:02716 :: Code: def OnUpdate(self): # self.RefreshBagSlotWindow() for i in xrange(player.INVENTORY_PAGE_SIZE): GlobalSlot = self.__InventoryLocalSlotPosToGlobalSlotPos(i) if player.GetItemLook(GlobalSlot): self.wndItem.EnableSlotCoverImage(i)
  25. Hi, what does this error mean? NOT_FOUND_GLOBAL_POSITION When I warp to this map everything appears black.. I've added everything on the server and client.



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