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Found 11 results

  1. Looks like this: - 2004 - 2008 This is how you use it: Unpack locale_ro from your client and replace the old ymirred.tga from effect folder with the new ymirred.tga offered by me. note1.you should make a backup. in case you won't like it you can restore the old ymirred file. MEGA: https://mega.nz/#!UYoCDKjY!5x3knFrYcNOzAB4qJNWU-LruB3sUS7WYGqzHNmemkcY I want a proof from you that you succed to put it in your client. Good luck!
  2. Hello community, I am wondering which locale file structure seems more user friendly and easier to manage. What's your opinion? 1. 2.
  3. My source code files are encoded in UTF-8 (no BOM), so as my locale_string.txt. In the game tho, locale_string does not show special characters as it should, instead shows Korean and other nonsense. Is there a script or something that can convert all the files into Windows-1253 encoding without braking the strings with unknown characters, or any way to make it work in UTF-8? Anything will do, just help me fix this problem, thank you.
  4. Hello community , i found another obstacle i can not get through.. i use client by Maxmii , the problem is . I change locale.cfg to my language , i can type my language in the game BUT whenever i translate something from locale_tr /de the game comes up with some not understandable characters .. EX: ??ε?δ?? . But i can type my language in-game without any problems, that means that the client supports my language , so what's the problem? Im from Greece(if that matters somehow).
  5. issue resolved
  6. Hi. I need locale_string Hungary Can somebody share it?
  7. Hello guys I have a problem with the armor anti-magic stone. It's just the icon it won't show up it's just an empty slot. The icon exists in the folder with the right name and format and here is my record in item_list.txt and here is my syserr
  8. Hey guys I need some immediate assistance after adding Sash System I'm getting a pop-up window every time I try to open the game. The pop-up says LoadLocaleError(locale/gr/locale_game.txt). I have added Sash before and I never had this. I just don't know where to look for this problem I have tried the client procedure twice already (both bin and py part). Can somebody help me please? Thank you for reading this...
  9. Hey! If I want to translate the names of items and mobs do I just need to change them in Item_proto and mob_proto inside the locale file, or do I need to do something else? And please It would be VERY MUCH appreciated if someone could drop a link to english locale with the source please! Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello community! The following RAR archive contains the official locale folder of Ymir containing all maps, quests, drops and so on. Download from MEGA: Metin2 - Ymir locale.rar I hope you find it useful somehow, cheers.
  11. Hello Every One Metin2 Sg using multi language that u can choice language in interface login , i did extract pack locae_sg , i saw they are using multi locale. any know, How i can Make this? ( i want choice locale_* in login interface) thx best regards
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