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  1. Hey Everyone In this post i'll be showing you how to fix the error TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'NoneType' objects that you get while trying to use the python script to convert your database item_proto.sql into item_proto.txt and item_names.txt The error will look like this to you: item_proto_line = "%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%st%s" % (row[0], """ + row[1] + """, """ + get_item_type(row[3], row[0]) + """ , """ + get_item_subtype(row[3], row[4], row[0]) + """, row[6] , get_antiflag(row[7], row[0]), get
  2. Hey metin2dev! Can you help me please, unpack these GF Protos! https://mega.nz/#!uU8nACwA!4SMA5Yn39JLga3QUL6h1Yu4yklXwc5nuqwXWVcn4Rd4 TY!
  3. Hi, I recently needed a tool to convert item_proto to SQL so I decided to add this feature directly on dump_proto. there are two versions of the tool : *dump_proto_default.exe includes: ITEM_SECONDARY_COIN ITEM_RING ITEM_BELT - WEAPON_CLAW - ANTI_WOLFMAN - COSTUME_ACCE (sash) COSTUME_MOUNT COSTUME_WEAPON - USE_ADD_COSTUME_ATTRIBUTE USE_CHANGE_COSTUME_ATTRIBUTE - WEAR_COSTUME_ACCE WEAR_COSTUME_MOUNT WEAR_COSTUME_WEAPON - APPLY_ATTBONUS_WOLFMAN APPLY_RESIST_WOLFMAN APPLY
  4. Hello guys I just "activated" ring slots and ITEM_RING in my server and everything goes on smoothly except one thing: when my "ring" items had "UNIQUE" type their remaining time was visible. Once I turned them into rings the remaining time was gone. My REAL_TIME and it's value in item_proto is correct. So are there any suggestions to this problem?
  5. Hi ! My name is Ioan and i loved metin2 as a teenager . Since 1 month ago i totally forget about metin2 but one of my friends told me that he wants to open a little metin2 server for our friends(+little brothers) . I started to compile both server and client source (found on internet) untill i got a problem . TItemTable structure from CItemData.h has different members (actually size,i think it is called stride :-?? ) from the default one and i cannot unpack item_proto(from client) even that i know the lzo key + fourCC . Can you help me with a little advice please?
  6. Hi guys, I am just add following this game is working; <ItemDef Vnum="12250" Name="HMB_Master" LocalizedName="Hayalet Maske B. Master" Type="2" SubType="1" Weight="0" Size="1" AntiFlags="262200" Flags="0" WearFlags="2" ImmuneFlags="0" Gold="20000" ShopBuyPrice="2000" LimitType0="1" LimitValue0="55" LimitType1="0" LimitValue1="0" ApplyType0="27" ApplyValue0="3" ApplyType1="0" ApplyValue1="0" ApplyType2="0" ApplyValue2="0" Value0="0" Value1="89" Value2="0" Value3="0" Value4="0" Value5="0" Socket0="0" Socket1="0" Socket2="0" RefinedVnum="12251" RefineSet="1002" AlterToMagicItemPer
  7. Hey guyz, I just made a lil tool for the community. You can edit your item and mob_proto.txt with as a table. Put those txt files next to the program. There's some kinda run query function in it. You can run the simplest queries with it like "update Level*10" which will multiplicate all the Level values by 10. Only update function is available yet and without where. Operators you can use: +, -, *, /, = Download
  8. Hey devs! One word: Works! Follow the steps: 1.) Open "db/src/Main.cpp" file and write this to the top of the file, under to the includes: // NOTXT_STARTUP_BEGIN BOOL g_noTXT = false; // NOTXT_STARTUP_END 2.) Search for this: "int iDisableHotBackup;" and put under this: // NOTXT_STARTUP_BEGIN int iNoTXT; if (CConfig::instance().GetValue("NO_TXT", &iNoTXT)) { if (iNoTXT) { sys_log(0, "CONFIG: NO_TXT"); g_noTXT = true; } } // NOTXT_STARTUP_END 3.) Save&Close. Now open "db/src/ClientManager.h" and replace: bool InitializeMobTable();
  9. Hi! How to install item_proto? I just do not see the texture of the gun,Icon and texture bug. Sorry no speak English! Thanks! Example link weapons:
  10. Hello, I need to find out some program, that converts item_proto.xml to database of server.. Could you tell me please, how can I do it? Thank you very much!
  11. Hello, is there any way possible to edit xml protos in excel? I opened item_proto in excel, but can't export it. Mob_proto doesn't work for me at all.
  12. Hello there. I need a little help, do you know about any item_proto and mob_proto convertor? I have 2014-2015 protos and 40k game core. Thanks for any suggestions. mob proto example.txt
  13. Hello, I have a question. How can i add simple "new" bonus like "strong vs metinstones/boss-monster" It's important for me. =) Thank you.
  14. Hello community! I would like to synchronize server item and mob proto with client protos. But I've spotted one big problem in this action. I'm using dump_proto for making client side. First I export proto from database to .txt file, then I drag and drop it on dump_proto.exe, this will make client side, what I copy to client. I think this procedure is correct. Mob proto is working correctly, but there is problem with item proto: Does anybody know how to solve this? Thanks!
  15. Hello Guys I Have a problem about npc item sell price When i updated item prices in item proto the changes not affected in game Im using 40k server files OS : FreeBSD 10.2 DB : Mysql 5.5 How can i solve this problem ? Sorry for my bad english its not my first language Thanks
  16. Hi, I have a problem, when I edit tha table item_proto from Navicat, to modify something, this value come back to predefined value, for example if I modify "subtype" from vnum 10, when I reset the server, this value come back to 0 or 1 (predefined).
  17. hi guys,i need a tool for item_proto(xml-item_proto) with 4 socket(socket0,socket1,socket2,socket3) someone help me?
  18. Hello guys I added Ring slots to my system and I searched for a function that blocks 2 rings with the same vnum (id) to be equipped at the same time. I found this: but this blocks 2 items with the same type (ring) to be equipped at the same time. I don't know C++ so is there anybody who can help me modify this function to work for 2 item vnums and not 2 item types?
  19. Salut, După cum spune şi titlul , am nevoie de item_names.txt versiunea cât mai nouă , vreau să traduc din spaniolă în romana un SF , mersi. Hello, I need item_names.txt in RO language , if someone have , i want to translate a SF, thanks.
  20. Hey guys I need a simple correction to a C++ if statement (I'm a little noob) so here is the line: I want to make it say "if (item2 is not ITEM_COSTUME(COSTUME_BODY) with specular=100 || item2 is not ITEM_COSTUME(COSTUME_HAIR) with specular 100)" I appreciate all effords Thank you
  21. Hello folks. Does anyone have a tool to create txt item proto from xml ? for the newest proto? Here is my item proto :https://www.dropbox.com/s/x1yy3pertvyky3b/item_proto.xml?dl=0 Thanks !
  22. Hello to all, I have compiled my db with some update to ProtoReader.cpp(Added WEAPON_CLAW, ANTI_WOLFMAN,APPLY_ATTRIBUTE_WOLFMAN,APPLY_RESIST_WOLFMAN). I use the gameforge item proto from official client. But when i try to start up the server the DB give me the following syserr: I wait for any tip or others. Sorry for my bad english. King Regards, Forget to post my ProtoReader.cpp ProtoReader.cpp
  23. Hi, I'd like to have my protos in old XML format (from 2089k). If I unpack this new item_proto (40k) it gives me two files: item_names.txt and item_proto.txt But item_proto is in this format: How do I change it back? Thanks for all replies!
  24. Hi, I'd like to have my protos in old XML format (from 2089k). If I unpack this new item_proto (40k) it gives me two files: item_names.txt and item_proto.txt But item_proto is in this format: How do I change it back? Thanks for all replies!
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