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  1. Hello guys I just "activated" ring slots and ITEM_RING in my server and everything goes on smoothly except one thing: when my "ring" items had "UNIQUE" type their remaining time was visible. Once I turned them into rings the remaining time was gone. My REAL_TIME and it's value in item_proto is correct. So are there any suggestions to this problem?
  2. Hello metin2dev community! I'm new here and I'm learning how to mod metin. Yesterday I have been trying to work with item_proto and I must say - it's really difficult to find everything item_proto related (packers, converters, etc...) So I have made 2 converters and now I want to share 'em with this great community. HOW TO UNPACK/CONVERT/PACK ITEM_PROTO (this tutorial is only for people using 40K+ item_proto without TXT files (for example vanilla core) What we are going to do: 1. Unpack item_proto (so we will get XML file)
  3. Hy Devs! (Firstly.. sorry but my english knowledge is not good) I have a little bug. The selling price does not work. I modified the selling price of an item (80005-80007). Example: Buy this item 20.000.000, its oke. BUT i set sell price same. Just give 4.000.000. (This item is only a mistake if it costs millions.) What is wrong? Thank you all answer! Have a great day!
  4. Description: Drag and item(E.G: 27992) on NPC(9003) and receive another item Features You can add items easy It's a short quest It shows what you receive Ingame preview: Download: https://mega.nz/#!DxhDlaIL!ObiUgwydvpdcoLlz78Sdix9cllOiX3YgNhC_PJFNCGA Scan result(URL): VirusTotal
  5. I have a little bug on selling items to vendors. Images below explain everything: The real price is in the second image. Does someone know what is going on?
  6. I was never too familliar with LUA even if it seems easy. So I wanted to ask the experts a few questions. I have this function: game.drop_item_with_ownership(item_vnum) In the system the dropped item stays on the ground for 3 minuets, while character ownership ends after the first minute. Therefore the item stays on the ground without an owner for 2 minutes and then it dissapears. How do I make the ownership for this item only last forever (until it dissapears)? Another question I have is about the chance for the item to drop. Let's say I need the item to have 20% chance of dr
  7. I'm having trouble with the item 30270 (dragonsoul gem). So here is the issue: The item cannot be dropped until after the char has become qualified (complete the Alchemist mission). I don't know what's wrong. I checked the source 1000 times and my quest is normal. I saw that this was commented in item_manager.cpp: if (pkChr->GetLevel() >= 30 && (GetDropPerKillPct(50, 100, iDeltaPercent, "ds_drop") >= number(1, iRandRange))) { const static DWORD dragon_soul_gemstone = 30270; if ((item = CreateItem(dragon_soul_gemstone, 1, 0, true))) { vec_item.push_back(item); } }
  8. Hello. On pure SF and Source I'm learning to create a metin2 server. I'm not creating a mega project just for my teachings ... maybe in a couple of years I'll be able to make some project I noticed that there are, for example, Enchant item and Enchant item +. Enchant item adds to the standard 5 bonus items (strong against humans + 10%). Enchant item + adds improved bonuses (strong against people + 18%) or (average damage up to 120%) in the item. Is it possible to do this on the server? For each advice I will be very happy, I would very much like to make a variety of bonus
  9. Hey Community, can someone Tell me how to entcryp item_proto new? I have actually Client and Game source but no working dump proto source can anyone Tell me how to entcryp Item proto ? I have Client and Game source for Help?
  10. Hello, I have a strange problem, I have 10 bonus (5 normal, 5 rare), EVERYTHING works, really EVERYTHING, but the item_attr_rare-table used only lv5, when I switched, item get only max bonus only 4.000 HP, 1.000 SP, 12 STR/INT/DEX/CON works Syserr is empty. item_attr (normal) is fully worked, no problems. maybe this helps: I copied item_attr and named it item_attr_rare. Maybe the structure is broken. When I change MAX_HP body to 4, ingame switched 2.000 HP, when I changed body 3, ingame switched 1.000 HP (only this) Can someone help, please?
  11. How can I check if a player has an item in inventory? Something like: when 40002.inventory begin quest_happens end
  12. Hey guys. Is there any tool to convert the .txt files to SQL files again?
  13. Hello, Can help me ... and I want to reduce the time of items that dropping monsters from that source. They lie too long on the ground ... And when I throw an item down, it will last forever. How do I change this? I'm sorry for my bad English
  14. hello i need someone to unpack these for me https://mega.nz/#!E8kmFbLC!Psp_OtZD58j1fB4PcVG1drrlzhuyKCRDO2u1HEzotWE thanks for advance
  15. Hello, I'm trying to add item using this: I extracted locale, item and icon Inserted icon file into icon and gr2 file into item/weapon Added this codes etc. into locale Added codes into DB but when I try to "summon" it using /i 480, there is error: "#480 item not exist by that vnum" Do you know how to repair it? Thank you.
  16. Hello, I am trying to add new items, but I can't run MtDataMgr, after I select item_proto.txt and names, it crashs. Do you know how to fix it? Or do you have another software to unpack 40k files? Thank you. Regards.
  17. Hi Devs! I need, how to remove item all members, in group? Thanks!
  18. Hello guys, i have problem, when i buy some item from itemshop and put it to inventory all is ok, but when i teleport sometimes item disapper. I have this problem too in privateshops and sometimes too when i upgrade item so after upgrade disapper. Can somebody help me? I need to fix it. Thank you.
  19. Item falling into inventory HELP Me :/ char_battle.cpp
  20. Hello devs and merry christmas Today Im looking for a small tut kinda like the Non-tradable items effect system (on this board) but a little different. I want to make the item's slot red when somebody adds it into the trade window you know make it unusable for the rest of the trade because its already in the trade and I want to do that with the private shop building as well with the items that the player already put on the shop window for sale. Just like the official effect. If there is a tut like this please share the link here thank you so much guys
  21. Hi! I have a problem. I can not sell items in shop. I use Test Client 40k. Another client working. Thanks, and sorry for bad english.
  22. Hey guys I have a problem my ITEM_RING items are going in the positions for ITEM_UNIQUE instead left or right of the belt part. I checked my GamtType and python parts and it's all good. Can someone help me please?
  23. Hello. I have problem. How i can change Item max lenght? I change in item_length.h ItemData.h dump_proto.cpp But still i haven't enouth space, like : http://scr.hu/0ews/q2ng4 Do you have any idea where else I should change?
  24. Hello guys I have a problem I don't know how to get costume weapon items to have bonus. I searched any potential function in the source but no luck so can somebody help me please? Thanks in advance
  25. Hello devs I believe the title says everything I want to prevent GMs to buy items from normal players' shops but I want to use the function IsGM() and not the GetGmLevel() Thanks in advance
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