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Found 14 results

  1. hey guys, this post goes out to everyone, who always wanted to create their own animations! I have created a Rig-System for every metin character, which allows you to animate more realisticly. to make it clear, i am going to show you what i mean. So, what does it do? how does it work? Basically it gives you the oppertunity to animate any metin character in any way you want. You always thought about flying characters, or swimming? no problem at all! With this system you will be able to create professional animation within minutes. you don't even need any kind of 3d knowled
  2. Hey guys, Recently I've been trying to import the skeletons and RIG's from Gr2 files to 3DsMax 07, but some of them are currupted and i dont know how to fix them without destroing the mesh. Is there anyone here that have the skeletons fixed that could send it to me? And, on the other side i have the skeletons fixed but i can only open them on 3DsMax 2018, the thing is that the Gr2 exporter is not working properly (maybe i'm not putting the correct files the correct folder). Can anyone help? Thx!
  3. Hello! My problem is "simple" im convert some Tera 3D for my metin , all animation work fine and the 3D too but.... they cant Move for some reason , the run\walk animaton play but i cant really move also try to add server and client part of the "mob_proto" is also solid if i set the main msm like this : AttachingBoneName "Dummy_root" Im using 3D max 7 and Granny export can please help me Granny whith "Bone" names In game 3D Ps:sorry for my english im italian
  4. Hi guys,i have an armor with error gr2: GRANNY: r:/granny/rt/granny_tri_topology.cpp(268): Illegal value for FromBytesPerIndex (0) gr2 model is: https://mega.nz/#!q1RF2JQB!85Og3BHBSSEQJHjvqFUxLKpARUlkT0XP4WHAuIQ5fqo virus total: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/f55e608061f8d007e63860f9d2555a090fc54785e29346c924993ff5d5819263/detection someone?
  5. I am trying to make my own armors for server using blender, i couldn't find any gr2 exporter for it and after some research it seems like it can only be done in 3ds max 7, which is (for me) awkward in use and very complicated, also i wasn't able to find a way to export SKINNED models form blender to 3ds 2007, it seems like it is possible with version 2012 but in this version i wasn't able to export gr2... is there any way to import models from blender to 3ds or any working plugins to export models form 3ds 2012 to gr2? if none of them are possible, maybe anyone of you have a tutoria
  6. Hello, is there a way to import granny2 files like Player Models into 3ds max WITH Animation and ready rigged skeletton? I'm tired of rigging -.-...
  7. Hi everyone i am make a npc but this npc no run no walk but play animation just no run no walk stay be a where sorry for my English this is a my problem video http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=yLkkedvKONgso thank for read my problem i m hope you help me thanks again skype: [email protected]
  8. Hello i want to make armor.But I do not know where to buy the skeletons.Help me. Hallo, ich möchte Rüstung zu machen.Aber Skelette nicht wissen, wo zu bekommen.Hilfe bitte
  9. Title says everything I believe so I'm looking for scale not nessecary the full system just a conversion from msm to scale in the binary. I'm not looking for both of them just one of them... I will ignore all messeges trying to sell me the models (this is just rediculous I'm not paying for 2 files) Thanks in advance
  10. Hey devs I'm looking for the new Sash models (green and blue) just the models for msm based Sash systems. Thank you
  11. Hi Guys, Im looking for the 2 new Sashes (Green and White one) for a non-item-scale system. Anyone has those? PN me with skype or price. EDIT: FOUND #Solved
  12. Hey guys has anybody tools for editing gr2 files in 3ds max? All links are down.. i need grnreader.exe all links are down please someone
  13. Hey guys, I've got a really weird problem for you today... INTRODUCTION: Basically, in this last few weeks I've been involved into some 3D modeling/animation exporting for metin2. Using 3dsmax 7, granny exporter and you know what else you need to have... I'd like to let you understand that I do this kind of stuff since 2012, so I know what I'm doing with granny and 3ds max for metin2. Now that the introduction is clear for everyone, let's go to the main problem. PROBLEM: I've created loads of 3D animated models, some from tera, some from myself, some from metin2 with new animations made by



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