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  1. Hi metin2dev family! My name is Ahmet. I share you game news. Game news released in 2016. www.bolumsonucanavari.com www.multiplayer.com.tr 1.1. example 1.2. example 1.3. example 1.4. example 1.5. example
  2. Base Project: Updated source, cryptopp, boost, libmysql, libdevil etc. All you have to do: Then compile it. Enabled latest c++ features: File: https://mega.nz/file/asMRFYyT#uVmLpWzI2FonUZVpkJhs13eOHLVMk0Nng6Orw2XiHQM Password: black
  3. Hello, who can help me with the md5 verification for the client from game src. Is it possible to read the code md5 and the client name from a text file? without recompiling the whole game source again? I found only this but is wihout md5: void CInputProcessor::Version(LPCHARACTER ch, const char* c_pData) { if (!ch) { return; } TPacketCGClientVersion * p = (TPacketCGClientVersion *) c_pData; if (strcmp(p->filename, "LANCHER.exe") && ch->GetGMLevel() != GM_IMPLEMENTOR) { DBManager::instance().Query("INSERT INTO log.wait_hack SET login='%s'
  4. Hello devs Today I would like to present you a new solution that can make you feel more safe with your GMs. This is my first release and it's very simple to do, I'm just posting it here for the newbies and those who don't know how to start searching and other shit like that WHAT IS THIS SYSTEM? This system is a number of preventions for GameMaster characters about certain interractions with normal players in the game. The functions you are about to see are blocking GMs from: Trading items with normal players (and the opposite) Invite normal players to parties (and the
  5. Hi Folks! I've been searching everywhere on the internet, the old and original serverfiles by RAIN. The first release, most classic one. I already found a lot of different ones, with plenty backdoors and bugs which wouldn't exist on the original one. If anyone have the VDI files, please UPLOAD THEM AND POST THE LINK HERE. I bet a lot of people will be thankful for that! Thanks a lot...
  6. Greetings my Dear Dev Members! I have been compiling my Source (Game) and i got this error: I have searched for it, and i didn't found anything
  7. Hello! I was trying to add one system from turkish forum and i have a problem when compiling source of game (server). Sysser: cmd_general.cpp:1: error: stray '\357' in program cmd_general.cpp:1: error: stray '\273' in program cmd_general.cpp:1: error: stray '\277' in program cmd_general.cpp:1: error: stray '#' in program cmd_general.cpp:1: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before string constant In file included from /usr/include/md5.h:3, from cmd_general.cpp:3: /usr/include/sys/md5.h:40: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type co
  8. Numele serverului: Ransom2 Canale deschise: 4 Nivel maxim: 120 Puncte status: 90 Site-ul serverului: http://ransom2.org Forumul serverului: http://board.ransom2.org Inregistrare: http://ransom2.org/reg.php Client: http://ransom2.org/download.php Rata experienta: Setata din mobi Rata yang: Setata din mobi Rata obiecte: Setata din mobi Rata fierarului: Difera de la item la item Detalii despre server: Un server pvm hard. Detalii despre evenimente: Evenimente zilnice. Prezentare full screen : http://ransom2.org/prezentare.php Echipa jocului: Elijah - Admini
  9. Hello, I'm having a problem. I had been making a private server for 2 days on Hamachi and so I bought a VPS, i installed the most basic full server files I found on Mpcforum.pl onto the vps, and then chucked in my db and sf from the previous hamachi edition. Libs are all there etc. and now I stumbled upon a problem. Syserr: SYSERR: Nov 18 22:05:37 :: socket_connect: HOST localhost:15000, could not connect.SYSERR: Nov 18 22:05:40 :: socket_connect: HOST localhost:15000, could not connect. II think I have to unblock ports right? but how ?
  10. Hi guys! I have a problem with a game source , if you can help me. After copiling the game and wanting to use it , i have this error : Oh , and db to.... Some ideas?
  11. What is the cause of this error what do you know
  12. Hello M2Dev, I have this problem... I can't compile the game source. My files are 40k, well. I have this file " stdint.h " in my folder "include". Thanks.
  13. Hi. another is there anyone who can help me?
  14. Hello, I have a little problem while running the game, can anyone help me? This is what've got: singleton.h script file:
  15. Hi dev, when i try compile a game core. I have this error. Boost version 1.62, i try 1.64, 1.65 (beta), 1.43. And none works... Help please, thanks in advance.
  16. Hello, i have problem recently with compiling the quest file. Please if u can help me a bit, let me know your suggestions.
  17. Hey, I have a problem I tried to install the offline shop on my server every things work fine until I start doing the src/game part I tried every things I could to fix it until i give up to ask your help. Because I don't understand why it's not working, everything work fine in the compilation until it start linking the game then This happen : If someone could help me It would be nice...
  18. hello every one i need some info for HOTBACKUP i have this word in my conf.txt but i don't understand what do you mean or what is the benefit of them some one explain please
  19. Good Evening, 0330 18:32:02716 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0330 18:32:02716 :: File "uiInventory.py", line 557, in OnUpdate 0330 18:32:02716 :: AttributeError 0330 18:32:02716 :: : 0330 18:32:02716 :: 'int' object has no attribute 'DisableSlotCoverImage' 0330 18:32:02716 :: Code: def OnUpdate(self): # self.RefreshBagSlotWindow() for i in xrange(player.INVENTORY_PAGE_SIZE): GlobalSlot = self.__InventoryLocalSlotPosToGlobalSlotPos(i) if player.GetItemLook(GlobalSlot): self.wndItem.EnableSlotCoverImage(i)
  20. Hey guys i installed the SSS and i dont know what is wrong but when i login all players are warriors lvl 0 without names and i have this syserr in channel 1 SYSERR: Nov 5 14:44:27.112682 :: GetServerLocation: location error name mapindex 0 0 x 0 empire 3 SYSERR: Nov 5 14:44:27.113866 :: GetServerLocation: location error name mapindex 0 0 x 0 empire 3 SYSERR: Nov 5 14:44:27.114680 :: GetServerLocation: location error name mapindex 0 0 x 0 empire 3 SYSERR: Nov 5 14:44:27.115485 :: GetServerLocation: location error name mapindex 0 0 x 0 empire 3 SYSERR: Nov 5 14:44:27.116204 :: GetServer
  21. Hey guys, actually i am working on my own kind of MMORPG in UE4. Until now i did quite well, and much things are allready working. But since i am quite not a richman, i would need some help for getting Textures / Designs / Servers and so on. Thats why i ask you for becoming a Sponsor of it. Of course Sponsors do get a Procentual / fixxed Money after game goes towards Stores / Online. Also you could bring your own Ideas and so create a more than just amazing Game with me (: You can (of course) have a look at how it looks ingame. Dev Client is provided. kind regards, Micha
  22. Hi guys, I am trying to make my own server on VPS freebsd well what did i did. I need to make new navicat user so i do mysql -u root -p But it says mysql.sock error idk why any helps? i cant continue with installing without this step please. Thanks I am making server with this tutorial PART1 PART 2
  23. As you see that my fish event quests and the game flag is defined as balik_event how to i change that? And balik_event_drop is a list of drops for example "4" where is that list of items? If someone could help me I would be appreciated! P.S - where says "fishevent" it was me i change but it didnt work....
  24. hello i have a problem with the server sysser that I get this error SYSERR: Nov 24 17:05:16.354096 :: Analyze: login phase does not handle this packet! header 3 SYSERR: Nov 24 17:05:16.354135 :: Process: SEQUENCE 293a8280 mismatch 0xca != 0x2f header 3 SYSERR: Nov 24 17:05:16.354147 :: Process: SEQUENCE_LOG [UNKNOWN]------------- [109 : 0xaf] [003 : 0xca] can you give me a hand? Use file as the 40k files
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