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Found 25 results

  1. Hey M2DEV! Today I will show you how to fix one unpleasant error related to the auto attack. When you attack a monster automatically and for example want to move away from the monster, what do you do? Probably you will turn off the auto attack and try to move away from the monster using the WASD keys? Yes, but it won't work because the target doesn't reset when you try to disable the auto-attack. Before fix: https://imgur.com/iipNEpg After fix: https://imgur.com/MmTd6GH Open file: UserInterface\PythonPlayer.h Make "__ClearAutoAttackTargetActorID();" public!
  2. Hi, First of all, I am sorry if I did post in the wrong topic, also, I am sorry if I can't really explain everything clearly, english isn't my best language. Second of all, the error that was presented to us is the " desc buffer mem_size overflow " error, basically, it occurse AT SOME POINT if you do SOMETHING SPECIFIC, the error appears in the game chat, the thing is that we are trying to figure out what makes that error occure. From what I've read and sent to the tehnician, the problem could be anything, what I know is that it can't be the guild " UPLOAD " problem as that function is d
  3. Are there any initiatives like this around? I think that this project is dead due to the ban of its founder... Regards
  4. Hey! I search how to fix m2bob? Thanks!!
  5. Hi there devs, A few months ago I've made a solution for the well-known problems with the character select/logging out which is: once you are about to change character, the stats (ht, st, playtime, etc...) and parts (armor/head) don't update properly: you have to do it twice to see the correct values/items when a character is logging out from the game near to your character you can see a fast equipment change (the character is unequipping everything from him/herself) Explanation for the problems The usual coding video The fix GL for th
  6. Hey guys i have a bug on my server that multiplicates the blend potions and dds on taskbar, i need help solving. I tried to do this but i dont understand -> https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/metin2-pserver-guides-strategies/4189245-release-double-affect-bugfix.html
  7. Hello guys i actually added special storage system but it is full of bugs without anything in sysser so i expect it's not fault of mine but that code sucks. Can anyone explain me how to exactly fix that system ? I can offer payment for fixing that. -> i can't throw anything from storage -> when i pick up a skill book it shows on a random place -> i can't move items in there or out of there. -> i can't separate any items
  8. Hi I have done two core in the first channel and I log in the game and go to another map and send a message to the other player closes core 2 Help me
  9. Hey Guys, i have a question. How i can fix the DMG Hacke from Serverside? I mean this Damage Hack: Thanks for help.
  10. When the item is placed on the market, the bonus attr change. I work on 4 stone systems. what is the solution? help please Note : There are 4 stone systems.
  11. Hello, someone know about the old change-bug with 1-5 bonus by equip-item i already fix 1-5 bonus, but how can i fix 6/7 bonus adder/changer? with this fix is 6/7 not fixed. thank you. question2: limittype8 or 9 (i dont know anymore) give the item a time-value. the time is running only when the item is equip like EXP-Ring, thieves gloves, costume, costume-mount, dragon-soul etc. how can i add the limittype8 function for items like pet/mounts = (type18/questitem)? question3: how can i add +-10 lvl for the skill-function. example: sura lvl 15 cannot debuff
  12. Hello. Hi everone i just came accros a problem when i try to sell item that is more than 1000, my frind lookt at the items in shop they see that is only 232.can some help out with this problem. I change in offlineshop_config.cpp: ITEM_MAX_COUNT = 200, to ITEM_MAX_COUNT = 1000, And on navicat in offline_shop_item: `count` tinyint(3) to `count` int(3)
  13. hey my English is poor so I am using a translator. if there's something wrong I'm sorry white one as I get this stupid alarm [warning]off? thanks
  14. Hello guys, I can't really explain this bug, so please watch the video for me. Please help me.
  15. Hello everyone can any one please help me to fix this problem the sash cannot be wear and the costume weapon wear in the sash slot :/
  16. Hello everyone can any one please help me to fix this problem the sash cannot be wear and the costume weapon wear in the sash slot :/
  17. Hello all When i try combine 85011 NEW sash, nothing happend, i edit my source on clientside( to effect ), my client side( to put sash to the window ) and acce.txt ( to get new sash) but when i try combine, i click accept, and i get this: "Drag the items into the window." Sorry for my bad english
  18. hello i use source code maxmi4.1 i have problem with shop and i buy anything and sell it i don't get the yang Can anyone help me for that have a good day
  19. hi there, I add some new mounts in my server. But some are to fast and i get rollback, others are to slow. I have search for some fix for one weak and i cant find anything. Some friend told me i need to make new msa for mounts. But i cant find any MSA Maker. Can any one help me please? i have trie all type of Accumulation. None work! Accumulation 0.00 -589.625915 0.00 Accumulation 0.00 -300.00 0.00 i add mount folder name in navicat, i remove folder name, i add folter to data\monters, give 777 .... none work too.... W
  20. Heelo metin2dev community. I ve been looking everywhere to find how i can make my offlineshop on the server to be able to walk through it. Like the offlineshops big servers have where players can just walk through them without getting stuck. I really need this pls help Thanks !
  21. hello i got a little problem with skill animations after adding sash buff skills Animation doesnt work i try to fix it 3-4x times with adding sash again again and again so i tired.. i really need your helps i see so many ppl with this bug btw i think this problem comes from client side there is my client project up please :))
  22. Hello, how i can remove this line? Thanks for help
  23. Hello community I 'm starting this topic for all the devs who have discovered the Maxmi 4.1 Sf + Client and want to work with them but are encountering bugs or have already fix them. Share your knowledge and your questions freely. I'm working with those SF for about 3 months now i have translated and modified them somehow but still encountering some major bugs. But i 've also solved some If anyone has a question about how fixing a bug or has already fixed a bug please share it with us. Let's debug those SF they might be (somehow) shit but think about this: they are the first SF with wolfman
  24. Hi there, I am using the 2089M gamefile on my server, and my problem atm. is the skillhack"shield": When I configure root/playersettingmodule.py to use use Sura's Blade-Buffs on Magic-Sura, the animation is shown, but the skill won't activate, same for combat skills, they don't do any damage and after 1-2 Minutes - kick. I was told that there's a skillhack-Fix on the 2089M Game-file. Is there a way to bypass that? Because I want to try some "new PvP-System" in which classes can use all of their skills.
  25. I tried to compile db/src , but gives me an error . <command-line>: warning: missing terminating " character version.cpp:11: error: missing terminating " character version.cpp: In function 'void WriteVersion()': version.cpp:11: error: expected primary-expression before ')' token compile CsvReader.cpp gmake: *** [.obj/version.o] Error 1 gmake: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs.... Why ?
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