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Found 54 results

  1. Hi, First of all, I am sorry if I did post in the wrong topic, also, I am sorry if I can't really explain everything clearly, english isn't my best language. Second of all, the error that was presented to us is the " desc buffer mem_size overflow " error, basically, it occurse AT SOME POINT if you do SOMETHING SPECIFIC, the error appears in the game chat, the thing is that we are trying to figure out what makes that error occure. From what I've read and sent to the tehnician, the problem could be anything, what I know is that it can't be the guild " UPLOAD " problem as that function is disabled. Can anyone tell me what to look out for first, what are the most common causes so I can try them all and see if it appears? Thanks in advance!
  2. There is a bug about the stealth of the assassin with buffs actived. If the players near the assassin that is using the stealth move the camera zoom , the effects become visible again. here the fix of this problem source : myself Sameone could need to add #include "../UserInterface/Locale_inc.h" at the beginning of the file source/EterBase/StdAfx.h to include the defines in Locale_inc.h
  3. Are there any initiatives like this around? I think that this project is dead due to the ban of its founder... Regards
  4. Hello devs. Here is my fix of lua color string. Look at screens. Here is the problem: And here is fixed screen: How to fix? Open uitip.py and find self.__AppendText(curTime, text) (must by Class TipBoard, not BigBoard) Repleace to: After go to last line of Class TipBoard and paste: Its all. Nothing hard. Fix by Blend.
  5. Bug: Find in Client/UserInterface/PythonPlayerInputMouse.cpp: if (pkInstMain->NEW_GetDistanceFromDestPixelPosition(kPPosPickedItem)<20.0f) Change: float distance = 20.0f; if (pkInstMain->IsMountingHorse() || pkInstMain->IsNewMount()) distance = 110.0f; if (pkInstMain->NEW_GetDistanceFromDestPixelPosition(kPPosPickedItem) < distance)
  6. This release contain a new function which reading the locale_string.txt on channel booting. The default ymir's reading function is one of the best example of bad practice (open a .txt file as binary to reading text?). There the difference between my func and the ymir's func (in the image) TO USE FIX MUST HAVE C++11 DOWNLOAD
  7. Hey! I search how to fix m2bob? Thanks!!
  8. Hi there devs, A few months ago I've made a solution for the well-known problems with the character select/logging out which is: once you are about to change character, the stats (ht, st, playtime, etc...) and parts (armor/head) don't update properly: you have to do it twice to see the correct values/items when a character is logging out from the game near to your character you can see a fast equipment change (the character is unequipping everything from him/herself) Explanation for the problems The usual coding video The fix GL for the setup and if you have further question(s), remark(s), or anything that you want to ask or suggest, feel free to post it here, or send it in PM. If you get error(s) please upload the affected (and edited) file(s) to http://pastebin.com/ and link it in your post, to make my work easier and probably I will be able to help you only in one post, so please spare me from asking basic requests like "Could you upload...". Thank you Have a nice day, ~masodikbela
  9. Helia01


    Hey M2DEV today i will show you my pu.. oops. My program. This tool will allow you to fix your: ItemList file. before: 1 ETC icon/item/money.tga d:/ymir work/item/etc/money.gr2 10 WEAPON icon/item/00010.tga d:/ymir work/item/weapon/00010.gr2 11 WEAPON icon/item/00010.tga d:/ymir work/item/weapon/00010.gr2 71243 ETC icon/item/71243.tga 71243 ETC icon/item/71243.tga 71243 ETC icon/item/71243.tga 71243 ETC icon/item/71243.tga 71243 ETC icon/item/71243.tga 76051 ETC icon/item/72321.tga 76052 ETC season1/icon/item/72701.tga 76053 ETC icon/item/70002.tga 76054 ETC icon/item/71011.tga 53576 ETC icon/item/53501.tga 53577 ETC icon/item/53501.tga after: 1 ETC icon/item/money.tga d:/ymir work/item/etc/money.gr2 10 WEAPON icon/item/00010.tga d:/ymir work/item/weapon/00010.gr2 11 WEAPON icon/item/00010.tga d:/ymir work/item/weapon/00010.gr2 53576 ETC icon/item/53501.tga 53577 ETC icon/item/53501.tga 71243 ETC icon/item/71243.tga 76051 ETC icon/item/72321.tga 76052 ETC season1/icon/item/72701.tga 76053 ETC icon/item/70002.tga 76054 ETC icon/item/71011.tga DOWNLOAD ver. VT Q: What's new in version A: 1. Now tool use drag and drop. 2. Support other files (struct: int[tab]..some) like item_desc.txt and etc... 3. Now you can drag and drop and fix over more 1 file at a time. 4. Duplicate count is displayed now Old version here.
  10. I think someone still haven't seen this error in game source file or someone fix it but not share on metin2dev.org. What's ever Open your cmd_general.cpp and search this ACMD(do_shutdown) change with this ; ACMD(do_shutdown) { if (!ch->IsGM()) return; if (NULL == ch) { sys_err("Accept shutdown command from %s.", ch->GetName()); } TPacketGGShutdown p; p.bHeader = HEADER_GG_SHUTDOWN; P2P_MANAGER::instance().Send(&p, sizeof(TPacketGGShutdown)); Shutdown(10); } Best Regards Ellie
  11. Hey guys i have a bug on my server that multiplicates the blend potions and dds on taskbar, i need help solving. I tried to do this but i dont understand -> https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/metin2-pserver-guides-strategies/4189245-release-double-affect-bugfix.html
  12. Dungeon.cpp Fix Dungeon count monsters: struct FCountMonster { int n; FCountMonster() : n(0) {}; void operator()(LPENTITY ent) { if (ent->IsType(ENTITY_CHARACTER)) { LPCHARACTER ch = (LPCHARACTER) ent; if (ch->IsMonster() || ch->IsStone())//FIX n++; } } }; (Function was keeping also NPC, it could make you ugly problems). Fix Dungeon using more memory than right, with notice on all entities: namespace { struct FNotice { FNotice(const char * psz) : m_psz(psz) { } void operator() (LPENTITY ent) { if (ent->IsType(ENTITY_CHARACTER)) { LPCHARACTER ch = (LPCHARACTER) ent; if (ch->IsPC()) //FIX ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_NOTICE, "%s", m_psz); } } const char * m_psz; }; } (Notice was be triggered for every char entity) Just 2 Korean errors that I want to share with you. I hope that it'll be useful Regards Hex.
  13. Hello guys i actually added special storage system but it is full of bugs without anything in sysser so i expect it's not fault of mine but that code sucks. Can anyone explain me how to exactly fix that system ? I can offer payment for fixing that. -> i can't throw anything from storage -> when i pick up a skill book it shows on a random place -> i can't move items in there or out of there. -> i can't separate any items
  14. I noticed it while i was writing some kind of blocking system. If you add an user as a friend, a dialog goes to him and put each other to friendlist. but if you remove him from your friendlist, it is only deleted from you. In the block system, you can never block if you are on the other's friends list. Therefore the blocking system has lost its functions. Wanna describe it with pictures: First, we're adding an user to friendlist. He continues to be on the friends list even I deleted him from friends. After you make this fix, it will be deleted from the friends list when he is teleported. https://paste.tc/IIFneWuHum
  15. Here you got some bugfixes from me. Stack Potts etc directly in Belt Inventory, before putting them to Inventory Stack items you drop for Other guys in your party: Fix for the Drops Pet makes if they kill an Monster Pets run towards your dropped items and pick them up for you:
  16. Hi, I'm looking for some small fixes if anyone has found them online. I've done a fresh start with clean SF, Client and sources and the downside of that is that it took me back to 2014 where 40k came up. I've fixed some things but some others, well... no fix to be found (by me at least) so I'm looking for: a fix to the HP bug where a character dies and stats show for example -1890/10430 (where should be 0/10430) a fix to the HP bug where a character wears an armor with 2000 HP and when they take it of, the HP stat does not update properly (shows 7000/5000) the new logout method (where logout gets canceled if the client receives a packet or sends one during the countdown - except walking of course) a fix where the buffer has targeted a monster or an enemy and performs a buff (other clients see the skill's effect hitting the enemy, but the shaman gets the buff - everyone should see the effect hit the buffer) any other bug that could be in the source that you know and I haven't thought. Note that I'm using a latest release of 2017 source so fixes such as dice, sectree or SQL injections are covered, as well as some small counter-cheat measures. Thank you so much for your time.
  17. An annoying bug which need a fix. #PythonApplicationProcedure.cpp //Search this function: void CPythonApplication::__MinimizeFullScreenWindow(HWND hWnd, DWORD dwWidth, DWORD dwHeight) { ChangeDisplaySettings(0, 0); SetWindowPos(hWnd, 0, 0, 0, dwWidth, dwHeight, SWP_SHOWWINDOW); ShowWindow(hWnd, SW_MINIMIZE); } //Add after: void CPythonApplication::__ResetCameraWhenMinimize() { CCameraManager& rkCmrMgr=CCameraManager::Instance(); CCamera* pkCmrCur=rkCmrMgr.GetCurrentCamera(); if (pkCmrCur) { pkCmrCur->EndDrag(); } SetCursorNum(NORMAL); if ( CURSOR_MODE_HARDWARE == GetCursorMode()) SetCursorVisible(TRUE); } //Search: if (m_isWindowFullScreenEnable) { __MinimizeFullScreenWindow(hWnd, m_dwWidth, m_dwHeight); } //Replace with: if (m_isWindowFullScreenEnable) { __MinimizeFullScreenWindow(hWnd, m_dwWidth, m_dwHeight); __ResetCameraWhenMinimize(); } else { __ResetCameraWhenMinimize(); } #PythonApplication.h //Search: void __MinimizeFullScreenWindow(HWND hWnd, DWORD dwWidth, DWORD dwHeight); //Add after: void __ResetCameraWhenMinimize();
  18. Hello, let's start! 1- char_item.cpp Find for double ;; Yeah Monkeys, surprised? ahah 2- On bool CHARACTER::EquipItem(LPITEM item, int iCandidateCell) Find: if (iWearCell < 0) return false; Add below: //FIX BLOCK MARRIAGE ITEMS WHILE RIDING if (iWearCell == WEAR_BODY && IsRiding() && (item->GetVnum() >= 11901 && item->GetVnum() <= 11914)) //Marriage Armors { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("?????????????????????????????")); return false; } if (iWearCell == WEAR_WEAPON && IsRiding() && (item->GetVnum() == 50201)) //Marriage Weapon { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("?????????????????????????????")); return false; } 3- SMALL PREVENTS ON questlua_global.cpp int _clear_server_timer(lua_State* L) { CQuestManager & q = CQuestManager::instance(); const char * name = lua_tostring(L, 1); DWORD arg = (DWORD) lua_tonumber(L, 2); if (name && arg) q.ClearServerTimer(name, arg); else sys_err("LUA PREVENT: Wrong argument on ClearServerTimer!"); return 0; } int _char_log(lua_State * L) { CQuestManager& q = CQuestManager::instance(); LPCHARACTER ch = q.GetCurrentCharacterPtr(); DWORD what = 0; const char* how = ""; const char* hint = ""; if (lua_isnumber(L, 1)) what = (DWORD)lua_tonumber(L, 1); if (lua_isstring(L, 2)) how = lua_tostring(L, 2); if (lua_tostring(L, 3)) hint = lua_tostring(L, 3); if (ch) LogManager::instance().CharLog(ch, what, how, hint); else sys_err("LUA PREVENT: !ch on _char_log!"); return 0; } 4- FIX ISSUE ON WAR: Find: battle_is_attackable on battle.cpp Must be like this: if (victim->IsDead() || victim->IsObserverMode()) return false; if (ch->IsStun() || ch->IsDead() || ch->IsObserverMode()) return false; Hope it'll be useful. Regards Hex
  19. Hi I have done two core in the first channel and I log in the game and go to another map and send a message to the other player closes core 2 Help me
  20. Hey Guys, i have a question. How i can fix the DMG Hacke from Serverside? I mean this Damage Hack: Thanks for help.
  21. Hey devs! One word: Works! Follow the steps: 1.) Open "db/src/Main.cpp" file and write this to the top of the file, under to the includes: // NOTXT_STARTUP_BEGIN BOOL g_noTXT = false; // NOTXT_STARTUP_END 2.) Search for this: "int iDisableHotBackup;" and put under this: // NOTXT_STARTUP_BEGIN int iNoTXT; if (CConfig::instance().GetValue("NO_TXT", &iNoTXT)) { if (iNoTXT) { sys_log(0, "CONFIG: NO_TXT"); g_noTXT = true; } } // NOTXT_STARTUP_END 3.) Save&Close. Now open "db/src/ClientManager.h" and replace: bool InitializeMobTable(); bool InitializeItemTable();With: // NOTXT_STARTUP_BEGIN bool InitializeMobTableTXT(); bool InitializeItemTableTXT(); bool InitializeMobTableSQL(); bool InitializeItemTableSQL(); // NOTXT_STARTUP_END 4.) Save&Close. Then open "db/src/ClientManagerBoot.cpp" and put this the top of the file: // NOTXT_STARTUP_BEGIN extern int g_noTXT; // NOTXT_STARTUP_END 5.) Replace this: bool CClientManager::InitializeMobTable()With this: bool CClientManager::InitializeMobTableTXT()And repeat it with ItemProto(::InitializeItemTable) 6.) Search for this: "bool CClientManager::InitializeTables()" and replace this: if (!InitializeMobTable()) { sys_err("InitializeMobTable FAILED"); return false; } if (!MirrorMobTableIntoDB()) { sys_err("MirrorMobTableIntoDB FAILED"); return false; } if (!InitializeItemTable()) { sys_err("InitializeItemTable FAILED"); return false; } if (!MirrorItemTableIntoDB()) { sys_err("MirrorItemTableIntoDB FAILED"); return false; }With this: // NOTXT_STARTUP_BEGIN if (g_noTXT) // item and mob proto { if (!InitializeMobTableSQL()) { sys_err("InitializeMobTableSQL FAILED"); return false; } if (!InitializeItemTableSQL()) { sys_err("InitializeItemTableSQL FAILED"); return false; } } else { if (!InitializeMobTableTXT()) { sys_err("InitializeMobTableTXT FAILED"); return false; } if (!MirrorMobTableIntoDB()) { sys_err("MirrorMobTableIntoDB FAILED"); return false; } if (!InitializeItemTableTXT()) { sys_err("InitializeItemTableTXT FAILED"); return false; } if (!MirrorItemTableIntoDB()) { sys_err("MirrorItemTableIntoDB FAILED"); return false; } } // NOTXT_STARTUP_END7.) And last put these functions into the file: 7+1.) New item_proto_table.sql: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `item_proto`; CREATE TABLE `item_proto` ( `vnum` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `vnum_range` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `name` varbinary(200) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'Noname ', `locale_name` varbinary(24) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'Noname ', `type` tinyint(2) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `subtype` tinyint(2) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `weight` tinyint(3) DEFAULT '0', `size` tinyint(3) DEFAULT '0', `antiflag` int(11) DEFAULT '0', `flag` int(11) DEFAULT '0', `wearflag` int(11) DEFAULT '0', `immuneflag` set('PARA','CURSE','STUN','SLEEP','SLOW','POISON','TERROR') CHARACTER SET big5 NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `gold` int(11) DEFAULT '0', `shop_buy_price` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `refined_vnum` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `refine_set` smallint(11) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `refine_set2` smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `magic_pct` tinyint(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `limittype0` tinyint(4) DEFAULT '0', `limitvalue0` int(11) DEFAULT '0', `limittype1` tinyint(4) DEFAULT '0', `limitvalue1` int(11) DEFAULT '0', `applytype0` tinyint(4) DEFAULT '0', `applyvalue0` int(11) DEFAULT '0', `applytype1` tinyint(4) DEFAULT '0', `applyvalue1` int(11) DEFAULT '0', `applytype2` tinyint(4) DEFAULT '0', `applyvalue2` int(11) DEFAULT '0', `value0` int(11) DEFAULT '0', `value1` int(11) DEFAULT '0', `value2` int(11) DEFAULT '0', `value3` int(11) DEFAULT '0', `value4` int(11) DEFAULT '0', `value5` int(11) DEFAULT '0', `socket0` tinyint(4) DEFAULT '-1', `socket1` tinyint(4) DEFAULT '-1', `socket2` tinyint(4) DEFAULT '-1', `socket3` tinyint(4) DEFAULT '-1', `socket4` tinyint(4) DEFAULT '-1', `socket5` tinyint(4) DEFAULT '-1', `specular` tinyint(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `socket_pct` tinyint(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `addon_type` smallint(6) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', PRIMARY KEY (`vnum`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 COLLATE=latin1_bin; But you can modify your item_proto with "Design table" option in navicat, just make the vnum_range column to the second column after the vnum, as you can see in the query. conf.txt: NO_TXT = 1 0: TXT1: SQL Special thanks to: - iMer, Zonni for the snippets ^^ Changelog: - "0" If you find any errors or problems just post a message into this thread. I tested on win. I hope you like it. With regards, P3NG3R.
  22. When the item is placed on the market, the bonus attr change. I work on 4 stone systems. what is the solution? help please Note : There are 4 stone systems.
  23. Hello, I'd like to share a fix for "Phase Game does not handle this header (header: 81, last: 45, 81)". Let's start First of all I'd like to begin from adding some debug info in client, in order to be sure that this fix is necessary (check spoiler below). Compile your game client and try to catch an error with header. Check out client syserr.txt. There should be more info (we've added it with previous changes). If you'll have there something like this: Means that this fix is for you At this point we'll start with fix (if you didn't have "!Recv(sizeof(BLA), &BLA)" in syserr.txt I don't sure that this fix is for you). GAME SOURCE: game/src/packet.h game/src/questpc.cpp CLIENT SOURCE: UserInterface\Packet.h UserInterface\PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGame.cpp That's it. As you can see we've just deleted TEMP_BUFFER from server function and put all data in packet body. Let me know if you'll have problems with compiling (I could forget to add something in this TUT). And sorry if my English isn't good enough for you Regards.
  24. Hello everyone, you probably noticed that when the structure mob proto are not correct then the client loads almost until the end and then hangs?Recently saw this error, it is time to correct this deficiency. Make the test structure is very simple. search if ((zObj.GetSize() % sizeof(TMobTable)) != 0) { TraceError("CPythonNonPlayer::LoadNonPlayerData: invalid size %u check data format.", zObj.GetSize()); return false; } edit this if ((zObj.GetSize() % sizeof(TMobTable)) != 0) { TraceError("CPythonNonPlayer::LoadNonPlayerData: invalid size: %u check data format", zObj.GetSize()); MessageBox(NULL, "Invalid size TMobTable...", "FatalError", MB_ICONWARNING); exit(0); // close this F*CKING game :3 } Now the structure is checked immediately before character selection. p.s Check/Rate my program Converter <3
  25. open introselect.py Search: self.destGauge = [ float(valueHTH) / 380, float(valueINT) / 380, float(valueSTR) / 380, float(valueDEX) / 380 ] Change: self.destGauge = [ float(valueHTH) / 90, # max stat float(valueINT) / 90, # max stat float(valueSTR) / 90, # max stat float(valueDEX) / 90 # max stat ] open introcreate.py Search: float(self.stat[0])/float(statSummary), float(self.stat[1])/float(statSummary), float(self.stat[2])/float(statSummary), float(self.stat[3])/float(statSummary), Change: float(self.stat[0])/90, #max stat float(self.stat[1])/90, #max stat float(self.stat[2])/90, #max stat float(self.stat[3])/90, #max stat http://i.imgur.com/mOcKPC0.png http://i.imgur.com/agkXwuC.png Best Regards Rideas
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