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Found 3 results

  1. Hi devs, I'd like to share a script I developed the other night whilst working on a project, this script is meant to improve the quality of life of Metin2 as often players find it hard to accurately tell the cooldown of skills and end up spamming their keyboards like many of us have. Preview: Without any further ado, let's dig right into coding this bad boy. We start with locale: Now we shall move onto root part: version 1.0 version 2.0 If you encounter any bugs or you have suggestions please let me know! Changes:
  2. Hi there everyone, I'd like to share a small function which will give you a random name whilst creating a new character. This will only include the function and a list of names, so you will have to set the event on your own. Preview: The function which will most likely be put in introCreate.py import os import app #import the above lines if you don't have them already def __randomizeName(self): dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath("introCreate.py")) list = open("%s\\names.list" % dir, "r").read().split("\n") rng = app.GetRandom(0, len(list)-1) randomName = list[rng] self.heroName.SetText("%s" % randomName) ## change variable 'heroName' with your editline's name Also place the attached file to this thread in the main directory of the client. (i.e: where the launcher is) names.list contains 150 names, if you ever need more names let me know so I can up the number or you can add more yourself, but do note you need to put each name as a new line so you won't mess up the function. That's all for now, hope you all have a great day! Cheers. names.list
  3. Hi there, I hope this thread finds you all well. The reason of this thread is mainly the fact I grew tired of having to change the directory and executing a quest with ./qc quest_name.quest every single time, well not every single time, but you know the lines you need to go through while updating quests. Attached to this post you will find a shell script which its sole purpose is to take away that heavy load of you having to type cd /usr/home/share/locale/... && ./qc quest_name.quest every damn time. All you need to do is copy the file provided in /usr/bin and set file's permissions on 777. Now before you go bananas there are a few adjustments needed, so follow my lead. Open the quest file and change the following to reflect the path to your quest folder(i.e: /usr/home/game/share/locale/germany/quest) #!/bin/sh get_locale="arkadia" # locale name goes here get_name="ARKADIA2" # Server name goes here dean_path="/usr/arkadia2" # do not add a forward slash (/) at the end of this variable quest_path="$dean_path/share/locale/$get_locale/quest" Save your progress and now start a SSH session and after logging you will call this script by typing quest and it should look something like this: Now you can go bananas on this! If you have questions or suggestions in regards of the above, leave a reply to this thread as usual. Cheers! quest
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