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  1. Hello guys welcome back again i hope you like them ,if you like them just do Like and comment if you found any problem or mistakes just comment or pm me Regards, Dane<3 Screens: Download:
  2. Can someone help me? Why my costume weapon is like that: Is to up
  3. This is my error https://i.gyazo.com/5a26ce8eeda38fc43a524686fc720239.gif When I go on a mount costume weapons disappear, it appears, disappears and shows up again. And it should not be that way. Somewhere was the improvement to Suits of armor, but I can not find. HELP ME PLS
  4. As you can see in the photo below, I noticed that my costumes and hair costumes are very blurry. I did a little research but I couldn't find anything useful, so I thought asking here. Anyone dealt with similar problems in the past?
  5. Hello There. I publish here this system i hope that this help you a bit with this you can hide your costume if you dont like it here is a gif: (if I forgot something just say it ) (this system is not complete yet you can hide only your costume no hairstyle,sash,weapon) costumewindow.rar (This system is not mine! i just found the source function and made the python codes and quest)
  6. Hello, I have Mount costume system. When I log off while sitting on a mount and then login in, my apply bonuses are x2. There is only 1 bonus in affect, but that mount bonus gives me bonus x2. Quest: Could you help me, please? Thanks.
  7. Hey! I have a big problem! I did the costume weapon system and everything is ok, but I don't see the weapon costume. I'm using sql item_proto. ID RANGE: 6009-6059 Syssers are empty. The modell path is ok. I think this is the clientside (binary) problem, but I can't do it. (Not kind of value3) Please, help me.
  8. Deutsch: Guten Abend zusammen, ich suche für meinen Server die Files für ein Kostüm nämlich die Vampirkostüme [http://metin2wiki.de/index.php/Vampirkostüme] hat da jemand einen Download link bzw. kennt eine Möglichkeit an diese her ran zukommen? Noch einen schönen Abend Dusty English: Good evening everyone, I search for my server the files for a costume namely the Vampire Costume [http://metin2wiki.de/index.php/Vampirkostüme] someone has a download link or knows a possibility to come to this? Have a nice evening
  9. Hello community ! Can anyone explain step by step how insert weapon costumes in your server? i have found some i'm not sure if i am allowed to upload them. The files contains Halloween Weapons that you put in Ymir Folder. But how can i find them in-game ? Anyone has tutorials ? PHP CODE:santhia.eu Halloween Weapon costumes.rar
  10. Hi guys! P1: I have a problem with system costume On all races but no wolfman weapon costume works ,but on wolfman look how it works BTW. this sistem is based on value 3 P2: P.S Problem 1 SOLVED
  11. Hi guys! I'm looking for helmets but all links are expired Maybe you can help me?
  12. Hello guys.. I'm looking for this two costume sets for all characters.. But I can't find them anywhere. If somebody know, where I can download it please comment or write me a message.. Thank you for any answers! o/
  13. Hello, Who can give me this system ? (free).
  14. How do I set up a costume or a hair when I add a point status or skill I have a strange effect How to fix?
  15. Hello everyone can any one please help me to fix this problem the sash cannot be wear and the costume weapon wear in the sash slot :/
  16. Hello everyone can any one please help me to fix this problem the sash cannot be wear and the costume weapon wear in the sash slot :/
  17. Hello guys I have a problem I don't know how to get costume weapon items to have bonus. I searched any potential function in the source but no luck so can somebody help me please? Thanks in advance
  18. Hey guys, do you have this rabbit costume with visible weapon? I don't know why model is bugged but other costumes are working great. This problem appears on all characters, male and female... I need only .gr2 files (don't look at specular ) Regards
  19. Hello guys I have added COSTUME_MOUNT system by Enzi and I have a bug. So when I click the seal it goes normally at it's new slot but the character is not riding the mount. In fact nothing happens... Until a game refresh (teleport, etc...)! Then the character appears normally on the mount, after 5 game refreshes in 1 second... I double-checked my source and I have tried many quests. The last person I asked told me that he had the default (ride.quest) and the new (mount.quest) both compiled in the qc file. Can anybody help me please? This is an image displaying the problem after I click th
  20. Hey guys I need a simple correction to a C++ if statement (I'm a little noob) so here is the line: I want to make it say "if (item2 is not ITEM_COSTUME(COSTUME_BODY) with specular=100 || item2 is not ITEM_COSTUME(COSTUME_HAIR) with specular 100)" I appreciate all effords Thank you
  21. Hello, I need a tutorial for implement costume weapon in source client and server side. I hope you tell me something about subtypes, because i don't know if i need a subtype for any weapon type. King Regards,
  22. Hello friends , i have two problems at weapon costume with subtype .. ( SOLVE ) When i equip the weapon at costume, i lost my weapon atack value from hand .. see the picture.The problem are VISUAL ( CLIENT ) because the damage is working fine. The subtype is 15 , i`m try to test with another subtype from hair and is working . I change in protoreader.cpp the value , but the problem still be there . ( SOLVE ) i can`t atack with skill in mob , "i can't use this weapon" New problem ... The ninja with bow , don`t do damage .. an
  23. Hello friend , i have a problem at weapon costume with subtype .. When i equip the weapon at costume, i lost my weapon atack value from hand .. se the picture.
  24. open game/char.h Add: void CostumeBonusTransfer(DWORD cell1, DWORD cell2); open game/char.cpp Add: void CHARACTER::CostumeBonusTransfer(DWORD cell1, DWORD cell2) { int CostumeTransferBonusItemVnum = 76025; // costume bonus transfer item vnum if ((GetExchange() || IsOpenSafebox() || GetShopOwner()) || IsCubeOpen() || IsDead()) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Alisveris durumunda kostum bonusu aktarilamaz !"); return; } LPITEM costume1 = GetInventoryItem(cell1); LPITEM costume2 = GetInventoryItem(cell2); if (!costume1){ ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Kostum bulunamadi hata !");
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