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  1. Clic There for go on my web ! My YouTube Channel Skype : hamdou5551
  2. Automatic payment and delivery system by: Site: http://mark3dservice.pl/ Skype: marek.mark16
  3. Hi devs, i'm here after long time. I add new things on my web again. More things! Like new maps, bosses and so. I will daily updated this topic. A lot of things aren't on the web yet, i will add it soon. Newest stuff:
  4. STAFF: [GA]IlSanto: Founder [GA]PhiLL: Co-Founder, professional 3D artist, general dev [GM]Equid: Server side scripter, general dev [GM]Anonimous: c++ Programmer and client dev [GM]Passion: GM in game [GM]Nicholas: GM in game LINKS: Website Download Registrazione Wiki Lista aggiornamenti
  5. hey guys, this post goes out to everyone, who always wanted to create their own animations! I have created a Rig-System for every metin character, which allows you to animate more realisticly. to make it clear, i am going to show you what i mean. So, what does it do? how does it work? Basically it gives you the oppertunity to animate any metin character in any way you want. You always thought about flying characters, or swimming? no problem at all! With this system you will be able to create professional animation within minutes. you don't even need any kind of 3d knowled
  6. Hello! My problem is "simple" im convert some Tera 3D for my metin , all animation work fine and the 3D too but.... they cant Move for some reason , the run\walk animaton play but i cant really move also try to add server and client part of the "mob_proto" is also solid if i set the main msm like this : AttachingBoneName "Dummy_root" Im using 3D max 7 and Granny export can please help me Granny whith "Bone" names In game 3D Ps:sorry for my english im italian
  7. Hello ,i share you today a free metinstone for halloween ,enjoy it ! : -Screen : For download it go on : https://ridack3d.jimdo.com/free-stuff/ You can found more stuffs of halloween there :
  8. Hello ,i share you today a free metin ball for the world cup 2018 from : ridack3d.jimdo.com -Screen : -Video : For download it go on : https://ridack3d.jimdo.com/free-stuff/
  9. Hello , today i share you a new playershop design for st valentin. Screen : Download
  10. Hello ,i share you today a free 3d wing effect from : ridack3d.jimdo.com -Screen : -Video : -You can found more on : https://ridack3d.jimdo.com/effect/ My Skype : hamdou5551 For download it go on : https://ridack3d.jimdo.com/free-stuff/
  11. Hello ,i share you today a free 3D Animated effect from : ridack3d.jimdo.com -Screen : -Video : (sorry for bad quality of color) For download it go on : https://ridack3d.jimdo.com/free-stuff/
  12. Hello , i share you today a Dragon Weapon Set Download : http://ridack.jimdo.com/free-stuff/
  13. Hello ,i share you today a nice monster with effect from : ridack3d.jimdo.com -Screen : For download it go in : https://ridack3d.jimdo.com/free-stuff/
  14. Hi guys, I'm searching someone who can create 4 costumes for my server. I want a costumes for Bagjanamu,Jotun Thrym,Nemere,Razador like official costume of Azrael. Sorry for my bad english. If you want more explanations contact me on skype: markx202
  15. Hi guys! I'm looking for helmets but all links are expired Maybe you can help me?
  16. Hey guys, We're looking for a 3D modeller and animator for our Metin2 private server. You can find more info on our Facebook page: https://facebook.com/certes2 If you're interested, send me a private message here! Thanks in advance!
  17. Hello ,i share you today a free pet from : ridack3d.jimdo.com -Screen : -For download it go in : https://ridack3d.jimdo.com/free-stuff/
  18. Hello ,i share you today a free sura armor from : ridack3d.jimdo.com -Screen : For download it go in : https://ridack3d.jimdo.com/free-stuff/
  19. Hi, im looking for a website like https://sketchfab.com/ or a script to load 3d model (granny), i cant found anything to load 3d granny models. Is there any app or something to show 3d granny models (html, js, ...)??? Or any converter (gr2 to another format) and this other format to upload in a website like sketchfab? I hope someone can help me, thanks.
  20. Hello guys, I am looking for someone who can animate and model, I am ready to pay a few hundred €, just contact me on skype 'kain.dev' or here
  21. Hello guys, For some time now I have been trying to edit some newer granny models, and I failed with everything I tryed. Blender, 3dmax 2008-2015, Nexus buddy 2. Nexus buddy 2 not working for me for some reason. First I converted the gr files to ms and smd with grnreader98, witch is great isn`t it? Well not sure since... with ms (MaxScript) there is a little problem... I can load it into 3dsmax if it is (I assume) a small model... like I can import a standard horse, witch isn`t granny 2.8 or anything, its the original horse that metin2 always had, but I`m going for n
  22. 2x wait and run animation. Enjoy it. Mount from "Tera". Screen: Download: http://kuc.cz/626wno
  23. Hello it is a long time i have not share something, today i will share you a npc from my web Home - Site de ridack3d ! Download link : http://ridack3d.jimdo.com/free-stuff/
  24. Hello, today I release two new weapons for you. I have created this by myself. If you want more models, then visit Keyto-Shop.com Currently is a 30% discount on all models. Screenshots: Download:CLICK FOR DOWNLOAD
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