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  1. Today in the Mob Target System sometimes in Player i can see (?) Button, if i click in player the button (?) is hide, only show on Mobs, but if i enter on mount and click fast on player i can see the (?) button, but... if i click... crash cliente and no syserr.
  2. hello i have a small problem with the target drop info system. Here's the problem: If I target a monster that has a drop entry and then target a monster that has no drop entry, the scroll window remains. When I don't target a monster with drop before, all is fine. Here a Screenshot: And my Sysrr: https://pastebin.com/iqTSJ2h4 Ui.py: https://pastebin.com/2wJFWKZC uitarget.py : https://pastebin.com/6ZCt2wS3 I would be pleased about each assistance and thank you already to each helper!
  3. Hey guys, i have a problem with the 6th skill... have the effects but not dmg... I checked everything... db/skill_proto.. client/skilltable.txt/skilldesc.txt.. skillpower.txt in game.. and don't work... skill 1/5 & 7/8 work fine o.O... skill_proto.sql INSERT INTO `skill_proto` VALUES ('6', 'Volontà di vivere', '1', '1', '1', '0', 'HP', '-(3*atk+(atk+1.5*str)*k)*1.07', '300+150*k', '', '', '60', '-(3*atk+(atk+1.5*str)*k)*1.07', '', 'ATTACK,USE_MELEE_DAMAGE', '', 'NONE', '', '', '', '', '', '', '300+150*k', '0', '0', 'MELEE', '5', '1', '0', '0'); INSERT INTO
  4. Hi, I have implemented the Target Info System, everything is fine, I have only this annoying visual bug. If I open the info with a monster with no drop, it is all okay, but if I open a monster with 5/6 items that has the "scroll down thing" and then i click again on a monster with no drop I have this visual bug. Anyone know how I can fix it? Thank you
  5. Hi. Can anyone give me a tip on this? That's what I want to do. In my server: https://gyazo.com/c346dd7bbb3c914178cce152375b4bc4 Other server: https://gyazo.com/331f5a46cfc51392d686cde37bfb8188 Look at the metinstone or models. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, i have problem with this system, after open shop battle zone, I have a display bug, which displays the price in combat points in all the other shops, as well as the area with the points that I can use
  7. Hello, I am having a small(but frustrating) bug in which the quest scrolls don't appear on the left side of the screen, even though they work on the character window and the icons exist so they aren't accusing anything on syserr. I am using marty's revised colored quest scrolls by the way. Here is a screen: Anyone has any ideas? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, I have bug when i try to pickup items or yang. Anyone knows this? It sometimes picking up but sometimes not picking up. No syserr (server), no syserr (client), no client log(debug mode). I didn't add any new system. It's stock martysama v4.9.65 with acce update (by martysama). Thank you everyone. Sorry for my bad english.
  9. Hello, I been having an issue where some players get disconnected when pulling big groups of mobs especially in demon tower 11f after a short time they disconnect, there's no errors anywhere. Any info on dealing with this would be appreciated, thanks
  10. Version of Files : XXX Hello, 1. Description of the problem / Question : Today i tested to implement elemental bonuses but if i set the bonuses in Proto i got this: but if i set by setting bonuses normal i got the right stuff: Thanks,
  11. Version of Files : XXX Hello, please help. I have suffered a lot in searching for good clean files to work on and learn. I want experts to guide me to files. Continue my educational career and enter the field of development in them.
  12. Version of Files : XXX Hello, some days ago I saw these pictures Where I can find these weapons? And which default values they had in the past? I only saw these 10 years ago on p-server but I know they are from official game assets but you cant get them. Thanks, Sincerly, dxseba
  13. Version of Files : XXX Hello, I have such a problem, when I try to place the previous sashes in others, it can not be improved, that in the first 5 slots at the top, I also have other items, e.g. seals, some will improve, etc., etc. I have 4 slots added, scarves as you can see, mount system, dump proto compilation. Sometimes it happens that after removing items, or throwing them on the ground, they return to the inventory after some time. SS: https://prnt.sc/u3oaq7
  14. Hello, I have one problem with mounts. System is mount around you (like horse), and here problem: when i call mount it, with click in print he come on and give bonus (load from item_proto applytype0..), but shouldn't, and when i click ctrl+G to climb on him, it give yet the same bonuses(x2). I want to give bonus only when print in panel slot mount. Have any method for check item in slot with lua? Or what are some ideas to fix this?
  15. Sup bois The other day I implemented the Compare Item Tooltip: And today the Render Target: I already new it would make some kind of problem, but wasn't sure how bad. This is the result when using the ALT key: When using ALT it shows me twice the equipped weapon. My idea would be not show the equipped weapon render and move the render target of the weapon I'm viewing the tooltip beside the equipped weapon tooltip, something like this bad preview: Anyone knows
  16. Hi, I would like to disable the auto attack in duels but I can't understand how to do it. Would any of you know how to show me the steps? Thank you.
  17. Hi guys I have a problem with this Quest Not doing it properly It is not activated correctly Sorry for the dialogue it appeared like this unfortunately, because it is in Arabic, but I do not think that it will cause a problem for you This is a photo of the activation thnx
  18. Version of Files : XXX hi friend, i have i simple question. 1. Description of the problem / Question : in default source, what the affect flag is used for when we have affect type? this question arose when we saw that we have: AFF_STUN( affect flag) and AFFECT_STUN(affect type) 4. Screenshots ? http://prntscr.com/twqpdh Thanks, Sincerly, Marggraf
  19. Hey, i tried to make a script for the P-Server i'm playing on. But i can't Mount/Unmount my horse/pet through commands. I tried //Nothing happens net.SendChatPacket("/ride") net.SendChatPacket("/mount") net.SendChatPacket("/mount_horse") net.SendChatPacket("/use_horse_ride ") //Nothing happens either player.SetSingleDIKKeyState(app.DIK_LCONTROL, 1) player.SetSingleDIKKeyState(app.DIK_H, 1) player.SetSingleDIKKeyState(app.DIK_LCONTROL, 0) player.SetSingleDIKKeyState(app.DIK_H, 0) //Spawns a white horse and i'm lying on the ground ch
  20. Version of Files : XXX [[ Hi / Hello / Hey... ]] 1. Description of the problem / Question : please any one can help me with the dragon soul quest because my drop rate is like 100% each mob drop it and the Dragon eyes power is only 10 i need the drop rate like 50% and the eye limit per day 100 thanx in advance 2. Screenshots ? Thanks, Sincerly, define gemstone 30270 define alchemist 20001 define reward_box 50255 define gemstone_need_count 10 define ge
  21. Version of Files : XXX [[ Hi / Hello / Hey... ]] I have a problem to compile the source game, I tried to add a system buffi and I have some problems that beat me, if someone knows to give me a solution to this ms 1. Description of the problem / Question : - 2. SysErr ( Client / Server ) / SysLog ( Server ) - 3. How to reproduce it ? - 4. Screenshots ? Problem : https://imgur.com/gswCFrM Char.h [Line 1730/1733] : https://imgur.com/KWD1bJU Thanks, Sincerly, Zedu
  22. Version of Files : XXX Hi i have a problem with the short textes, the appendtextline align long textes and all below them, but if the first bonus or the title is shorter it doesnt align GIF here is the part of code def AppendTextLine(self, text, color = FONT_COLOR, centerAlign = True): textLine = ui.TextLine() textLine.SetParent(self) textLine.SetFontName(self.defFontName) textLine.SetPackedFontColor(color) textLine.SetText(text) textLine.SetOutline() textLine.SetFeather(False) textLine.Show() (textWidth, textHe
  23. Hello, i cant log into a game. On loading screen this thing which should be loading isnt loading at all. I can make it till character choosing window SYSSER SYSERR: Aug 14 14:54:22 :: ChildLoop: AsyncSQL: query failed: Unknown column 'prestige' in 'field list' (query: SELECT id,name,job,voice,dir,x,y,z,map_index,exit_x,exit_y,exit_map_index,hp,mp,stamina,random_hp,random_sp,playtime,gold,level,level_step,st,ht,dx,iq,exp,stat_point,skill_point,sub_skill_point,stat_reset_count,part_base,part_hair,part_acce,skill_level,quickslot,skill_group,alignment,prestige,mobile,horse_
  24. Hi, i'm trying to make the metin stones stackable. If i pick up the stone from the ground it stacks normally on the other stone I have in my inventory, but if I split them and then i try to stack I receive the error that i can't use the stone on this item, like it would be a necklace, bracelet etc.. Do you know what should I change to fix this? Thank you
  25. Sup, my bin is saying its a trojan... I don't know what i can do for take that false-positive cause i checked everything and it's 100% legit Take your conclusions here: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/76dc551695f0a5b714421711840407aa28c484143d4668ebbf6f7fac81318991/detection
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