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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, my name is Christian and I am a "Network and Computer Systems Administrator". Computer networks are critical parts of almost every organization. Network and computer systems administrators are responsible for the day-to-day operation of these networks. They organize, install, and support an organization’s computer systems, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), network segments, intranets, and other data communication systems. And also, my duties everyday are: - Determine an organization’s system needs and install network hardware and software - Make needed upgrades and repairs to networks and ensure that systems are operating correctly - Maintain network and computer system security - Evaluate and optimize network or system performance - Add users to a network, and assign and update security permissions on the network - Train users in the proper use of hardware and software - Interpret and solve problems when a user or an automated monitoring system alerts them that a problem exists What i can do for you? Analyze, determine, secure and optimize your Databases(also, the website will run 40% faster)(currently supporting PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle). Optimise your gameserver & core map distribution. Firewall configurations, SSH Hardening and securing from any possible OpenSSH Attacks. Consultation for day-by-day Metin2 issues. Installation of systems(with your provided resources) Modifying/changing little things in Source(game/db/client)(i am not a programmer but i know some things) Install any other Linux/Unix software and configure it for your needs. I can provide OVH SAS Support to integrate, optimize and secure your Metin2/other game server.(this implies configuring OVH API Firewall & Mitigation methods. Monthly maintenance package(maintaining your system up to date and securing it with the latest available information) 20% Discount on Game Hosting services(on BTSTelecom.ro) For custom requests, contact me. Prices will be discussed in private. Media: Discord: Dr3Ame3r#4449 Skype: lucacristianstefan
  2. As there is no contact adress shown on your website and i know for sure you will read this post, i see your website going down for many times every month. If you need money for a better host i can give you some; if you want to sell the web because you are not interested in it anymore i can buy it. In both of the cases is just to keep it working. Write to me.
  3. hello im wondering what are the best specs on a server that are required to run metin2 smoothely for a server with 500 players online also what hosting company is the best and what do you think about this server for example : https://www.ovh.ie/dedicated_servers/advance/adv-limited-edition/
  4. Hey, I just wanted to ask if kimsufi's protection = ovh's basic or pro ddos protection and what are your experiences with kimsufi
  5. Hi Devs, the many requests that I receive in private or I see on the forums, I want to create this list of providers for web hosting and VPS, semi-dedicated and dedicated with the collaboration of the whole community to help in selecting any user who wants to open a Metin2 server. This list is not directed only to beginners, but also to those who have experience and expertise, as they might find something he had not considered before. I will divide the list into two categories: Web Hosting and VPS / semi-dedicated / dedicated. They will be included in the list only the providers and their product ranges adapted to the current requirements for Metin2. VPS - Semi-dedicated - Dedicatied In this category will be treated in service provider VPS, semi-dedicated and dedicated with these requirements: At least 2GB of RAM Anti-DDoS O.S. FreeBSD No one or rare previous closing provision for Metin2 server Datacenter physically in europe For lack of specific bbcode for creating tables in this board, I had to create the table on my website. Full table link Summary for use Below is a grouping of recommended providers depending on the use you want to do. random order. testing purposes (smaller and cheaper): Kimsufi - Dedicated worldstream - Dedicated custom Etherhost - VPS iltizioservice - VPS Metin2 iltizioservice - VPS Low Cost islandofhost - VPS Seflow - VPS production purpose (reliable and powerful): OVH - Dedicated Hosting OVH - Dedicated Game SoYouStart - Dedicated Essential SoYouStart - Dedicated Game Islandofhost - Dedicated worldstream - Dedicated premium hyperfilter - Dedicated voxility - Dedicated Etherhost - VPS iltizioservice - VPS Metin2 Seflow - VPS Blazingfast - VPS Web Hosting In this category will be treated in service provider Web Hosting with these requirements: Anti-DDoS MySQL DB connection ability external For lack of specific bbcode for creating tables in this board, I had to create the table on my website. Full table link This thread exists primarily to collect reports for providers from the community and to review according to their own experiences. I don't write here what I recommend or not recommend because it depends a lot from project to project, in particular the skills of those who will go to administer the machines, budget and seriousness of the project. If you want help in choosing you can contact me privately freely, specifying your situation and needs. N.B. In response to this thread you are allowed ONLY reports of other providers if they meet the above requirements, or user reviews only after personal experience dates back less than 2 years ago. personal opinions based on theory, criticism, advice should be sent via PM to the author of the topic. All replies not allowed according the above instructions will be reported as offtopic. I invite moderators to keep clean the discussion to avoid spam problems, off-topic. Thanks for collaboration.
  6. We are here to present you, the definitive solution for your DoS/DDoS issues. The following services are available: Dedicated Servers Colocation Remote Services Web hosting Domain Registration & ID Protection IP Transit Services (Datacenter Level protection for customers with 100+ servers). All the services are protected against all sorts of DoS/DDoS attacks/botnets currently known, in case of any new attack or threats, our engineering team is capable of working, identifying and providing you with a solution. Access our website through this url below, and check our products & services : http://www.hyperfilter.com In case of any doubts or queries, you can also contact us through our live chat, the e-mail at : sales@hyperfilter.com or by sending us a ticket, in the contact area of the website.
  7. Mind Rapist

    KMS Hosting

    Hey today I was looking at the Hosting section in here and I noticed that all the posts are for Eterhost. Eterhost is good I've been a customer ok? But I searched a little deeper and I found an even better service that is cheaper and has a very stronger DDoS protection on VPS and websites. I totally recommend KMS Hosting for their services on hosting a Metin2 server and your website of course I had a server, many haters and not once got DDoS attack! You can find VPS servers from 3.50 euro (0.5 GB of RAM, 30 GB of HDD and 1 CPU core) to the maximum of 8 GB of RAM, 500 GB of HDD and 4 CPU cores with just 25 euro/month! Their payment policy is really fair for the both sides and as I said before I totally recommend them for you guys that are ready to host a server somewhere. Also if there is going to be a maintenance you will get noticed 2-3 days before this happens via e-mail. So I hope I helped some people who need some tough protection against DDoS and don't have much money to spend Kind regards ~ Mind Rapist
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