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Found 442 results

  1. Hi, Here i publish my edit of the public Render Target System. I hate it, when people earn money with public systems. https://mega.nz/file/TREH0KQD#3wx1zo5pSxLPQ0tmU41cJjpGzuKsN3bLBKQCawBv250 Original Thread https://metin2.dev/board/index.php?/topic/20550-rlsrendertarget/&tab=comments#comment-111384 https://gyazo.com/f1529844682e872a6c580c27b2daa289 have a look at my comments at UiToolTip.py Bug Fix: UiToolTip-Fix.txt
  2. Hi, folks! With this guide you will be able to combine textlines with images, like rubinum does. Usage is simple: emojiTextLine.SetText("|Eemoji/key_ctrl|e + |Eemoji/key_x|e + |Eemoji/key_rclick|e - Direct sell") The files are located in the icon pack, so basically the code will load from icon/{GIVEN_PATH}.tga - in the sample the path for the X is: icon/emoji/key_x.tga Here are the images from rubinum client:  Howto: Have fun Sorry for arab players , for sure they have also developers, so let's go guys, finish it If you have problem, maybe I made a mistake in the guide of missed out something, just leave a comment below. PS.: Sometimes the code tag of the board puts an extra invisible character mostly the end of the lines, if your IDE cries for syntax error, but it seems correct, check that part of the file with notepad++, it will show a ?(question mark) where the problem is.
  3. Hi everyone. The time has come, and sorry for this late. What is this? Check the base version on this video: Necessary functions: It doesn't hurt to know: Need a bit of knowledge of programming, especially for implementing the python parts. You need to see the whole python core of metin2 how it works to understand what, why and how. Regarding to 1. and 2. this release is not for beginners. It has been tested on test and a live server too, small problems what appeared has been fixed. MouseWheel is not included, but public on the internet. Special thank to @masodikbela for testing and @Tatsumaru for the gui elements(wider tab buttons). Download PS.: If I missed something out from the guide feel free to let me know.
  4. We are now hiring a professional developer who can write quests and who can write system using c++ language and phyton. Please contact us to discuss more information on discord. DarkPassage#0001
  5. https://github.com/blackdragonx61/ShopExRenewal Anyway now you can sell shop items with sockets and attrs at shopex. New price types. New sorting options Every Item can have different price type. price_type: 1:Gold 2:Second Coin 3:Item 4:EXP sort: Asc,Desc,Vnum,Price,Name,Type
  6. https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Metin2-Typing-Information--Whisper-
  7. Yo' folks! Here is a small gui extension from the official v20.4.0 binary, which is kinda trash, but can be useful for some guis to point out some stuffs. Webzen finally started to use their old codes, this is one of they have never used before. Preview: Animation is not binary sided, it's via python, the testScript.py is attached, the injection is on you, there are many examples how to test a script, there are also many loaders to it. Have fun, Download
  8. Hi guys. First of all, I also know this system is public already, but I was boring, so I had to reverse something, so here it is: Quiver System.7z If you have extra systems which might ignore the quivers, you must to extend them by yourself. Just couple of them from the official: acce, costume bonus transfer, change look, skillbook combination, sealbind and so on. Anything is wrong in the guide or missing something let me know, hit a comment below.
  9. What's the issue? SYSERR: Aug 22 18:36:42.624296 :: ReadEtcDropItemFile: No such an item (name: Èò»ö ´ó±â+) SYSERR: Aug 22 18:36:42.624379 :: Boot: cannot load ETCDropItem: locale/germany/etc_drop_item.txt Some people fixed it long time ago by replacing the column name from item_proto (which is korean) with vnum. If you want to do it like this and don't want the source change (from below) or you don't have the source code of your game core, you can use a update query and copy the vnum to name just if the vnum from item_proto exists inside of mob_proto.drop_item by a specific mob. UPDATE player.item_proto SET name = vnum WHERE vnum IN (SELECT drop_item FROM player.mob_proto WHERE drop_item >= 10); # Affected rows: 83 # Time: 35.919ms How can i know where the items are dropped? So, the structure of etc_drop_item.txt is based on dropping a item with a probability from a specific mob where that mob have the item vnum attached in column mob_drop -> drop_item. SELECT DISTINCT locale_name, vnum, drop_item FROM player.mob_proto where drop_item >= 10; locale_name vnum drop_item Wolf 102 30028 Alpha Wolf 103 30069 Alpha Blue Wolf 105 30027 Grey Wolf 106 30070 How-To-Fix Default structure: item_proto.name prob 늑대발톱 2.0 늑대발톱+ 2.0 늑대털 2.0 멧돼지의 어금니 2.0 With the fix you can use both of methods: item_proto.[name or vnum] prob 30028 2.0 30069 2.0 30027 2.0 멧돼지의 어금니 2.0 Repository: [hide] https://github.com/Vegas007/Metin2-Fix-Read-Etc-Drop-Item [/hide]
  10. Hello. Here is function for level 20 when create guild. Guild.cpp Search Search "VALUES('%s', %u, 1000, 1, 0, 0, '\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0')", Change with "VALUES('%s', %u, 1000, 20, 0, 0, '\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0')", Search m_data.level = 0; Change with m_data.level = 20; Thanks to @Vanilla for ladder point fix Guild_war.cpp if (test_server || quest::CQuestManager::instance().GetEventFlag("guild_war_test") != 0) return GetLadderPoint() > 0;
  11. It's very simple, I suppose some must already have FIX but most do not. When you give Guild War Under Map if an Observer from your guild enters War and the enemy kills it, the counter will count it causing you to lose the war if they are many observers., although it can only kill you once, it continues to be an advantage. Search in battle.cpp bool battle_is_attackable(LPCHARACTER ch, LPCHARACTER victim) { if (victim->IsDead()) return false; after this add: if (victim->IsObserverMode()) return false; Now its fixed.
  12. Cheque system full ~ like official The tutorial was remade and uploaded to github Monetary unit: Won - Not compatible with long long gold - Max won 999 (like official) - Added support for OfflineShop(great) Download: https://github.com/WLsj24/Cheque-System Best regards.
  13. EN: In developing my antihack protection, I discovered the simplest method of blocking Prodamage de la lalaker1 :ymapplause: Special thanks to smon.
  14. http://www.girlshare.ro/3769945370.4 VIRUS TOTAL: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/be881098b2032fedef7ae18f62660ace31db44971177df120c922264ca01afc0/detection
  15. Hello. Bugg solver 100% char.cpp search void CHARACTER::ResetPoint(int iLv) Replase with void CHARACTER::ResetPoint(int iLv) { BYTE bJob = GetJob(); PointChange(POINT_LEVEL, iLv - GetLevel()); SetRealPoint(POINT_ST, JobInitialPoints[bJob].st); SetPoint(POINT_ST, GetRealPoint(POINT_ST)); SetRealPoint(POINT_HT, JobInitialPoints[bJob].ht); SetPoint(POINT_HT, GetRealPoint(POINT_HT)); SetRealPoint(POINT_DX, JobInitialPoints[bJob].dx); SetPoint(POINT_DX, GetRealPoint(POINT_DX)); SetRealPoint(POINT_IQ, JobInitialPoints[bJob].iq); SetPoint(POINT_IQ, GetRealPoint(POINT_IQ)); PointChange(POINT_STAT, ((MINMAX(1, iLv, 99) - 1) * 3) + GetPoint(POINT_LEVEL_STEP) - GetPoint(POINT_STAT)); ComputePoints(); PointsPacket(); ComputePoints(); LogManager::instance().CharLog(this, 0, "RESET_POINT", ""); }
  16. I am selling a few of my systems here. More will be added from time to time. HWID Bansystem: Captcha System: Item Preview System: PayPal Cash-In Script: mob.get_level() Function with Quest: spawn_mob_in_map() Function with Quest: Refine Choose System Pickup System: Donate via E-Mail: Guildwar Limit System: Exp to long long: GM Restriction System: Better Trade Logs: Payment via PayPal, BTC (-10%) or Amazon Giftcards If you are interested, you can contact me here in the forum.
  17. Hello M2Dev, Battle Pass (9.06.2019) Description: (Click) Lucky Box - My version inspired from official servers 19.1 Update. (9.06.2019) Description: (Click) CONTACT: ● DISCORD: ZeNu#9145 ● SKYPE: devil.devil997 ● Private Message
  18. Hey guys, It was really a long ago I did any activity on a forum so I decided to release a small but usefull class. This can be used to place functions you want to run on every frame for a period of time with a progress on a "timeline". This can be used for example to roll the yang up or down when changing it (a normal way and not creating threads or wtf others doing) or anything else when you animating something in code. So add this 2 files (download link at the end of this post) to your project and go to PythonApplication.cpp and find the Process function. Add this line after like OnUIUpdate();: Timeline::GetInstance()->DoEvents(); You can add functions like (it's an example for the mentioned yang stuff): auto currentGold = rkPlayer.GetStatus(POINT_GOLD); auto goldChange = PointChange.value - currentGold; Timeline::GetInstance()->AddFunction(0.5f, [currentGold, goldChange](float p) { CPythonPlayer& rkPlayer = CPythonPlayer::Instance(); rkPlayer.SetStatus(POINT_GOLD, currentGold + (goldChange * p)); }, [currentGold, goldChange]() { CPythonPlayer& rkPlayer = CPythonPlayer::Instance(); rkPlayer.SetStatus(POINT_GOLD, currentGold + goldChange); } ); Download: https://distraught.hu/download/m2dev/Timeline.rar Good luck! ----------------------- Oh and if you can't compile it because the compiler does not find ModernSingleton then here it is: template<typename T> struct ModernSingleton { static T* GetInstance() { static T _instance; return &_instance; } }; (just add it to like singleton.h)
  19. Hey, I don't want to waste your time, so let's start, it's gonna be short. src\Client EterBase\Timer.cpp | Find function: CTimer::GetElapsedMillisecond() Find this inside the function above: return 16 + (m_index & 1); Make it look like this: return 3 + (m_index & 3); EterBase\Timer.cpp | Find function: CTimer::Advance() Find this inside the function above: m_dwCurrentTime += 16 + (m_index & 1); Make it look like this: m_dwCurrentTime += 3 + (m_index & 3); GameLib\GameType.cpp | Find this (top of the file): extern float g_fGameFPS = 60.0f; Make it look like this: extern float g_fGameFPS = 250.0f; EterPythonLib\PythonWindow.cpp | Find function: CAniImageBox::CAniImageBox(PyObject * ppyObject) Find this inside the function above: m_byDelay(4), Make it look like this: m_byDelay(13), GameLib\MapOutdoorWater.cpp | Find function: CMapOutdoor::RenderWater() Find this inside the function above: STATEMANAGER.SetTexture(0, m_WaterInstances[((ELTimer_GetMSec() / 70) % 30)].GetTexturePointer()->GetD3DTexture()); Make it look like this: STATEMANAGER.SetTexture(0, m_WaterInstances[((ELTimer_GetMSec() / 30) % 30)].GetTexturePointer()->GetD3DTexture()); Since we don't want E/Q/R/F/T/G keys to be messed up, UserInterface\PythonApplication.cpp | Find these variables at the top of the file: float c_fDefaultCameraRotateSpeed = 1.5f; float c_fDefaultCameraPitchSpeed = 1.5f; float c_fDefaultCameraZoomSpeed = 0.05f; Make them look like this (you can tweak them more, these values aren't strict, just seems about right to me): float c_fDefaultCameraRotateSpeed = 0.5f; float c_fDefaultCameraPitchSpeed = 0.2f; float c_fDefaultCameraZoomSpeed = 0.007f; Client\pack\root\uitaskbar.py Find: if.constInfo.IN_GAME_SHOP_ENABLE: After: self.rampageGauge1.OnMouseOverIn = ui.__mem_func__(self.__RampageGauge_OverIn) Add: self.rampageGauge1.SetDelay(13) After: self.rampageGauge2.OnMouseLeftButtonUp = ui.__mem_func__(self.__RampageGauge_Click) Add: self.rampageGauge2.SetDelay(13) Scroll a little bit down, and then.. After: self.hpGauge = self.GetChild("HPGauge") Add: self.hpGauge.SetDelay(13) After: self.mpGauge = self.GetChild("SPGauge") Add: self.mpGauge.SetDelay(13) After: self.stGauge = self.GetChild("STGauge") Add: self.stGauge.SetDelay(13) Fast armor shining fix / UserInterface\PythonApplication.cpp (thanks @Nirray) Search on top of the file: double g_specularSpd=0.007f; Replace it with: double g_specularSpd=0.0017f; Python part simpler version by @VegaS™ That's all, compile your binary, pack your root and you are done. If you have any questions, feel free to ask it, or if you find an error, typo, anything inside this tutorial, don't hesitate to tell me, and I'll fix it ASAP. Credits goes to kespımuro and me for ghetto-fixing the rotation buttons. Cheers, xHeaven
  20. Fix for changing default settings during the first run of the game and blocking settings lower than 800x600. https://github.com/Alerinos/M2-Fix-Config
  21. Hello. I saw this stuff on this and on another board also with bugs or it was incomplete, and I made it to myself. Feel free to use it with your brain. Good to know about this: The name of those items which have attributes will be golden. The skillbook and skillforget items will show the name of skill also. If the item isn't yours than the ownership color will be red instead of yellow. * Készségkönyv = Skillbook(id:50300) * Feledés könyve = Skillforget book(id:70037) PS.: If you have problems with the implementation: start to upgrade your programming knowledges and don't disturb me in private message, I won't answer. Thank you for understanding. https://mega.nz/#!KAh3DQqL!yQQX9o4N8sTsS7Woa4W07C8t5jwp0TV5xg7MHLSFz5Y
  22. https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Metin2-Skill-CoolTime-Update Based idea: https://puu.sh/FMqJb/715b86e1b3.png https://streamable.com/1g6nz7 You can add control for specific skill ids ----------- Not tested very well. Let me know, if you found a bug.
  23. Version of Files : XXX Hey yo, I'm injecting python modules via c++ api and after executing it my games crashes (client shuts down). My VS uses python 2.7 libs int GetInstanceType(long vid) { PyObject* args = PyTuple_New(1); PyTuple_SetItem(args, 0, PyInt_FromLong(vid)); PyObject* ret = PyObject_Call(PyObject_GetAttrString(PyImport_ImportModule("chr"), "GetInstanceType"), args, NULL); int result = PyInt_AsLong(ret); Py_DECREF(ret); Py_XDECREF(args); return result; }
  24. https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Metin2-Sort-Inventory-Items/tree/master/V2
  25. Hello. Demo: Mega.nz
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