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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys! I'd like to introduce my anti-cheat system which has been running for some time with a few customers - now I'd like to expand it to different countries as well The codebase is pretty clean, it's regulary tested for performance and stability, so it's guaranteed you won't have issues with the system after integrating it. The most important things to mention: I'm constantly updating the anticheat, so every time a hack updates, I'll take care of it. The monthly price obviously includes every update. I'm also updating my detection methods if cheat authors aren't yet active If someone finds a method to bypass my anticheat, I'll take care of the update. Nothing external website dependecy, it's completely independent from any of my domain. Even licensing works in a way which does NOT require my confirmal, but still very secure. This is why it's a monthly paid service. I'm taking support & update tasks very seriously. [TLDR;] What does HackTrap provide? Protection against all current major cheat providers, obviously including m2bob & lalaker (continously updating detection methods!) SDK to integrate server-client communication between the anticheat and the server, so it's ensured that anticheat MUST be running. Some generic protection against unknown cheats & unwanted hacktools. Forbid launching the game directly without using patcher. Advanced logging in case if any issue happens, so I'm able to investigate any case. Independent from ANY EXTERNAL website. Advanced licensing system, which prevents other servers from stealing your anticheat/license. Completely anonymous telemetry data about your players (OS version, country, most often tried hacks) (GDPR-Wise, NOTHING personal is stored!) Considering to add any customer-requested features What isn't HackTrap trying to be? A world-grade perfect anticheat protection against literally every hacker and more. If you want so, try to buy EAC, HackShield and others. Pricing: Each server is priced individually, if you're interested, please DM me. Price is paid MONTHLY, but you can obviously choose to pay more than a single month, so you have to pay less frequently. If requested, a trial month is available. Why the monthly price? Because as I mentioned - I'm constantly updating the anticheat. As soon as there's any public method which is able to bypass my anticheat, I'll take care of it. So, you're actually paying for the support & updates, which I'm monthly spending on my product. Where to contact me? If you're looking for a price estimation, I'll need you to fill a form first, so I know a few important details. You can find it here: https://forms.gle/FWcsCjXN4moXGceh7 Discord: Unc3nZureD#9313 Or you can just PM me here, on forum. Feel free to ask any question. Thanks for reading!
  2. Some References Name Country Beyond to Metin2 Spain Zorai2 Spain Zodiaco2 Spain Metin2 Gaia Spain Regen2 Spain Forgotten World 2 Romania Metin2Mester Palestine MT2DW Saudi Arabia Nemesis2 Germany ILeria2 Germany NorthenLongju Italy MilasMt2 Turkey TekMetin2 Turkey M2-Hero Turkey Metin2Farm Turkey Osmanlı2 Turkey EremkaMt2 Turkey CenosMt2 Turkey MarkMt2 Turkey ElvanMt2 Turkey M2-Jones Turkey YenidenMetin2 Turkey Mester2 Turkey SportMt2 Turkey Metin2 Vip Turkey FonsMt2 Turkey WsMt2 Turkey OlivaMt2 Turkey WinterMt2 Turkey LovaMt2 Turkey EditsizPvp Turkey MiaMt2 Turkey GezegenMt2 Turkey 2016Mt2 Turkey MetinŞah Turkey HisarMt2 Turkey EkinoksMt2 Turkey RinaMt2 Turkey HanedanMt2 Turkey VogueMt2 Turkey MetinHard2 Turkey Protections New bot verify (not pm) Install in 3 minutes How to install svside?
  3. Hi everyone! I'm looking for a great anticheat. I want to bypass lalaker's hacks and m2bob mostly. I've seen some services, but i'm not 100% sure that they are great. I need references, and a little description about your anticheat. My anticheat now is the older (free) version of the ultimate anticheat by "M2BobFix" or idk what is his name, but that anticheat is just trash. It detects normal files, like video card driver like it's a hack. Sooooo, send me a pm if you want to earn some cash with your service. Thanks in advance. Have a nice day.
  4. Hi devs! With my friend: @masodikbela we started the releasing & developing of a final & stable all-round anticheat. Yes, it's based on an old project which I started alone, but this time we're writing a much better organized, cleaner and better tested code. It's still in development and I won't release any pre-version as I don't want to release anything unstable. But meanwhile it's under development I'm going to release a series of videos about it's features. Part 1 is done, it's about an interesting new feature: Heartbeats. Click here for the video, or watch it below [1080p]: A few interesting thing about it: Default sending interval is 5sec. If it isn't going to arrive in 1min, the the server bans player for another 1min. If server receives the wrong heartbeat packet, then it's going to instantly disconnect and temp-ban. Key-pairs are NOT pre-defined. They are dynamic and can (and will) change in nearly every second (no, it's not related to the time of the client nor the server). There's only ONE key each time which is acceptable by the server. We're using a special algorithm/formula to generate the numbers on both client & server side. Neither code generation or packet sending generates such amount of load which would a little-bit throttle the CPU. It is going to produce similar SQL logs: Further videos are going to be available in posts right here Press Follow if you'd like to see newer posts too! Ask us if you've got questions, probably any of us are going to answer
  5. Hello devs ! Can someone help me to prevent DLL injection on my binary? I want to block SendAttackToTarget & Prodamage by lalaker1. Thank you.
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