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  • An update of the marketplace rules is planned
    Upcoming revision of the rules

    Will not change

  • Marketplace Rules

  • Last Update: 22 March 2021
  • Nobody is supposed to ignore the law... What is not explicitly prohibited is not especially tolerated...
  • Introduction

    Metin2 Dev is a platform where you share your knowledge about Metin2, games improvements and systems development.

    We can not allow a member to join the community only to sell his product. We want the community to gain something from a member before he can sell something. We want a win win situation between the community and a seller.

    You can sell things on Metin2 Dev if you follow these terms. The following rules must be strictly respected in order for a member to publish his paid service. Failure to comply with the sales and service rules on Metin2 Dev will result in the deletion of your topic without any justification.

  • Responsibility

    Do not forget, Metin2 Dev can not be considered responsible for any of your transactions. We provide filtering to avoid any scammers or resellers and to feature only trustable sellers on the forum, but we do not provide any guarantees concerning your transactions with members on or outside the forum.

    Legal relationships are established exclusively between the parties involved in the trade. This means that the seller has successfully passed our filters which place certain requirements on the accuracy of the information they provide.

  • Rules

    You are not allowed to post more than one thread per section inside the Marketplace platform.

    Reverse engineering is not considered a scam, can be freely published or sold only from official binaries.

    You are not allowed to sell things created and sold by other sellers.

  • What do you need to do to be considered as an active member of Metin2 Dev?

    You can either provide your help to members in the adequate section. Share things, might it be scripts, maps, 3d models, 2d graphics, quests or systems... Publish something new for the Metin2 Dev community!

    We will take into account the last 6 months before the publication of your topic and if you ever come to not fulfill the conditions, your topic can be archived. If you are no longer active over the last 6 months, your topic will be archived. We are not boring, a minimum of activity is required so that we can, among other things, verify your reliability.

  • Exceptions

    1. Well-known member, known reputation
    2. A member who coins a seller, the first condition must be fulfilled


    • A buyer, even if backed by another, must still be active.
    • No particular restriction unless it's either leak or resells
  • Copyright Policy / Transparency Policy

    If you are using content shared for free on the forums, the name of the original devs and any additional credits must be clearly kept and notified. Preferably note what are the updates / upgrades / enhancements you did on the code.

    You must specify the terms of customer service and support: duration, price, and so on... and you abide by answers to any of your clients unless a said customer is doing harmful things toward you, in that case, proofs can be asked.

  • Reviews

    Product reviews are intended for customers of the seller. In order to write a review, you will be asked for a comment, a rating out of 5 stars. Members can rate your review to indicate whether it was helpful or not. The seller can also respond to customers who leave reviews.

    In order to protect our sellers and customers, both positive and negative review can be verified with the customer or the seller by asking for proof of purchase or sale. A review is not allowed if you are not a customer of the seller.

  • Comments

    Product comments are the seller's ability to announce updates or answer questions from future customers. The seller is not authorized to bump his product page except for announcements or updates. Comments are not intended to leave a review.

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